Fast rising Canadian cruiserweight Ryan Rozicki looking to channel his inner Jack Dempsey Saturday headlining in Sydney, Nova Scotia!

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Professional boxing is set to return to the Centre 200 in Sydney, Nova Scotia this Saturday with a bang when Centre 200 Promotions will stage an exciting gala headlined by fast rising cruiserweight Ryan Rozicki. caught up with the exciting and fast-rising boxer-puncher who is quickly becoming one of eastern Canada’s most exciting prospects.

FF: Thanks for taking the time Ryan, can you tell us how you got involved in boxing as a youngster?

RR: As a youngster I was involved in a lot of street brawls and trouble with the law so my father took me to a local boxing gym at the age of 15. I fell in love with the sport and it definitely saved my life.

FF: Who are some of the fighters you looked up to and enjoyed watching?

RR: Some of my favourite fighters are Jack Dempsey (I love Dempsey’s style and mindset)… Rocky Marciano for his tremendous determination and power… Sugar Ray Robinson is definitely my favourite boxer to watch for his great skill, and Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti is also one of my favourites.

FF: Can you tell us a little bit about your amateur career?

RR: My amateur career was short but I had a lot of wars with most of the top guys in Canada. I faced almost all the recent Canadian champions at super heavyweight while I was only weighing in at 201. I finished with 22 bouts, all but one of my wins by KO and my only losses were to Canadian champions or Olympians. I have never been off my feet as an amateur or a pro. I was also put on the 2015 Canadian national team where I defeated Canadian champion Dawson Gibson and lost a very close decision to Simon Kean. I ended my amateur career with a close war with the three-time Canadian champ Paul Rasmussen in a fight that I tore my bicep and ended up with 28 stitches over my eye at the Olympic qualifiers in Montreal.

FF: How would you describe your style as a fighter for those fans who might not have seen you fight yet?

RR: I would definitely describe my style as a puncher/boxer. I’m known for my thunder in ether hand… especially to the body. As a pro I haven’t had an opponent make it past the third round so that says a lot about my power. Power aside… I can definitely box and I have a very underrated jab. To fans who have yet to see me fight you can expect to see an old school throwback boxer straight out of the 1950s. I study a lot of techniques from the old time fighters.

FF: You are quickly becoming one of Eastern Canada’s most popular fighters… what is it like being a main event fighter in front of big local crowds?

RR: The support I’m getting here in Cape Breton and all around Eastern Canada has been unbelievable! Fighting main events so early into my career has been almost overwhelming for me but it’s definitely a great feeling being at home to give all my fans something to remember. I really hope I can join the Cape Breton legends some day like Tyron Gardener, Blair Richardson, Rocky MacDugall and many more.

FF: Anything else you’d like to say about what the fans can expect to see in the fight May 19?

RR: The fans can expect an action packed fight from me every time I step in the ring. Out of my 22 amateur fights I won 14 of them and as a pro all my fights have been knockout of the night. You’re ether going to see a great knockout or a display of technical power punching as long as it lasts in like something you would see back in the 1950s!

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