Prospect Profile: Meet Helmand ‘Savage Prince’ Alekozai

Photo: Ivan Montiel

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Born on January 23, 1993 in Toronto, Canada. Helmand lived in Mississauga until he was 9 years old and then moved to the Czech Republic due to his father’s work. Always loved playing sports, but his real passion was fighting. He started boxing for fun at the age of 7 in his uncles basement and continued to build an interest from then on. Him and his older brother would put on their gloves and mouthpiece and spar a couple of rounds many times a week and it was very competitive and fun. At the age of 12, Helmand stepped into his first boxing gym called, SK Boxing Praha, a respected gym well known for creating skilled and trained fighters. His first trainer was Marek Simak, a former Czech Champion and titleholder. Helmand‘s first was at the age of 13 and it resulted in a win. Boxing became his passion and consumed most of his everyday life. His next trainer would be undefeated professional boxer, Adam Hubinger who really began to teach Helmand valuable skills and training techniques that would help him grow as a fighter. This trainer-boxer relationship would last many years resulting in Helmand becoming a much more polished and disciplined fighter in the end able to fluidly move from one style to another and adapt to any circumstance presented. His favorite fighters are Floyd Mayweather Jr and Prince Naseem Hamed.

IM: Please tell us about yourself…

HA: My name is Helmand ‘Savage Prince’ Alekozai I was born in Canada raised in Chez Republic but I am originally from Afghanistan. My fight record is 5 wins 0 losses with 2 KO wins my most recent victory took place in London, England at The Historic York Hall where living legends like Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank and Lennox Lewis have all fought and have had tremendous boxing careers. I sure hope to make big noise in the super lightweight division. I am looking forward to my next fight hoping it takes place in Canada. I am dedicated I’ve been very dedicated especially since I turned professional. My mind is set 100 percent boxing. I’ve fought in Chez Republic, Canada, I brought many of my family and friends to see me fight in England. I am excited to become an international boxing star!

IM: Well you sure look like a boxing star with your flashy outfit, quick hands and fancy footwork. You remind me somewhat of the slick fighter in Naseem “Prince” Hamed.

HA: The Prince was my boxing idol growing up, I sure hope to meet Naseem in the near future! I have had over 150 amateur fights. In regards to my amateur because of my talent I did not take my amateur fights too serious. As soon as I turned professional I refuse to lose. I train like an animal, I have fast hands and to have quick hands I have to throw punches in bunches.

IM: Good to hear that your taking your boxing career seriously since some young blood like yourself seem to be only fighting part time. To be dedicated is what makes world champions, who knows maybe you will get a world title shot in the near future.

HA: When I arrived in Canada I was 18 years old an amateur planning to go to the Olympics unfortunately that plan did not work out. I was planning to go to the Olympics to represent Afghanistan but there was a last minute cancellation. After that bad outcome I began focusing on my personal training and stopped boxing which is a problem. I began training people how to box. Now my focus is 100 percent boxing. As much as boxing is who we are it’s not! A lot of fans get that confused it’s not who we are yes it’s what we do, it’s a full time job! Boxing fans have to work 9 to 5. I train mornings, afternoons and evenings. When I am home I am a different person. When a fighter mixes both worlds a fighter fall apart. I am fortunate to have good support.

IM: I like the fact that your dedicated 100 percent into boxing plus you’re a fan of boxing which some boxers do not do some boxers don’t follow the sport of boxing that’s something I don’t understand. You have also travelled a lot therefore I assume going elsewhere to fight does not affect you in any way?

HA: Well when I was starting off I was on the Chez Republic national team but I was on the B team since I did not have a Chez Republic passport however I still was able to travel. I have travelled to Germany, Poland, Macedonia for many boxing tournaments. Travelling is a very good experience especially in hostel territory having the crowd rooting for their hometown fighter. I actually enjoy the crowd rooting for their hometown fighters, it just reminds me how much harder I have to work. Fighting at home is also good I just can’t wait to fight in my hometown once again!

IM: It’s funny because I just thought of Felix “Tito” Trinidad and how many times boxing fans rooted against him while the Puerto Rican star fought in the US yet Tito always found a way to win. Trinidad would go down early yet he would always get back up to win showing the heart of a true champion. I believe it works both way either you have the crowd against you or the crowd with you. The crowd rooting for you can also give you that positive vibe!

HA: My most recent fight against Gyula Tallosi there was too much going on prior to the fight. Lots of stress, the warm up was very chaotic I have lots of support in England. In my most recent fight I went for the KO in that first round. I was thinking I have to hit my opponent more times than he hits me. I just couldn’t lose in front of my fans. My game plan worked I was able to knockdown my opponent many times. I am just glad I was able to get another win in front of my UK fans. I gave myself a 5 out of 10 performance simply because I felt sick prior to that fight. I was fighting the cold prior to that fight. The stress was simply from having to sell tickets. Also not knowing who my opponent was until the last minute. The glove issue, gloves were changed 3 times prior to that fight. The warm up room was very small. That’s boxing fighters don’t always get what they want. At the end of the day it don’t matter because I trained hard therefore if something goes wrong on the day of the fight and if I were to lose boxing fans won’t know what happened behind closed doors. If I lost that’s all boxing fans would remember. I just have to suck it up and push through adversity, that’s why boxing is the toughest sport. In boxing if a fighters loses too many times boxing fans will not continue to support. It’s not like other sports where teams lose yet fans still support their teams.

IM: Exactly when a boxer is world champion everybody is around yet when boxers get old fight too long and eventually lose most boxing fans, managers, promoters aren’t around only the few loyal fans it’s sad but true. I just wish you all the best with your boxing career maybe once you have 15 wins you can get a big shot who knows maybe a fight in the US.

HA: That’s my goal for the moment to get 15 wins that way I can fight a top prospect or champion. I’d love to fight anybody at 135 or even 140!

IM: I love the fact that your willing to fight not just for money but also the best in your division.

HA: I want to be recognized around the world. I want to step into the lion’s den fight another lion! I believe anybody that’s better than me will make me a better fighter. The only way I will lose is if a fighter kills me. I cannot lose especially since I have a country behind me. I actually have 3 countries behind me! Canada, Chez Republic and Afghanistan. My dream is to fight a world champion a top guy in my division!

IM: You mentioned losing to a better fighter well that’s what happened to Lennox Lewis. Lennox Lewis avenged both losses and retired the last undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

HA: I believe I have an exciting style of fighting therefore if I ever lose boxing fans will still want to see me fight. That being said I don’t plan to lose all I think of is to win! I am quick, I can absorb punches and give punches!

IM: I most definitely love that style of fighting! I enjoy watching flashy fighters. I believe most boxing fans enjoy your style of fighting. Keep us posted on your next fight. How can fight fans follow you on social media?

HA: I appreciate the support, fight fans can follow me @savageprinceoffical on Instagram I’ll most definitely keep you post on my next fight which is looking to take place in Canada!

Keep up with Helmand ‘Savage Prince’ Alekozai on his Official Website as well as his Facebook Page.



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