Catching up with frequent Canadian visitor Alex Dilmaghani!

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Alex Dilmaghani (14-1, 4 KOs) is a 25 year old super featherweight prospect based out of the UK who most recently won a unanimous decision over Mexican Miguel Angel Gonzalez back in April at The Danforth Music Hall Theatre. On the evening of April 20th Alex Dilmaghani who was brought to fight in Toronto by Lee Baxter a very well and respected Canadian Boxing Promoter, Alex Dilmaghani not only won by unanimous decision but this Iranian born fighter looked sharp all night long with his counter punches and tight defense catching the entire crowds attention as he delivered the sweet science here is what FightFan’s Ivan Montiel and Alex Dilmaghani discussed as this fighter gets prepared to deliver another boxing lesson to his upcoming opponent on July 21st!

IM: Alex Dilmaghani thanks for checking in with once again I would like to congratulate you on a spectacular performance over Miguel Angel Gonzalez. I understand you have an upcoming fight taking place in Toronto, Ontario Canada on July 21st therefore tell us how’s training gone so far any injuries? Are you 100% ready?

AD: Yes I am always ready I am ready to fight now I am always mentally and physically prepared to fight. Injuries are part of the sport but lucky I tend not have injuries I just train hard. I still have plenty of time till July 21st but I am here and ready to fight right now.

IM: Now your next opponent is a question mark TBA with that being said how you train for an opponent you know nothing about

AD: Well I am a versatile fighter I always work constantly on my game I am very persistent I work all around on everything I believe I can fight forward and backwards do everything inside the ring and well that shows every time I fight. I can box and I can fight I can do both in which I believe that will stand me in good for my future. In boxing one sometimes has to adapt and if one can do it all then it`s always a good thing.

IM: Yes we all noticed your boxing skills the last time you fought here in Toronto you looked very impressive you must have learned a lot from training in Mexico with Hall of Fame trainer Nacho Beristain.

AD: Thanks Ivan I appreciate the positive words especially coming from a boxing reporter who knows a lot about boxing.

IM: Thanks Alex I appreciate those kind words as well but what else can I say I noticed a talented boxer last time around. Now tell us how it was training with Nacho Beristain at The Romanza and do you still travel to Mexico from time to time

AD: Training with Don Nacho Beristain was fantastic this guy is one of the rarest he is one of the greatest boxing teachers. I learned a lot from Beristain not just the technic but also the mentality plus when one is around Beristain one is around great fighters like Juan Manuel Marquez and Jhonny Gonzalez one sees how these type of fighters train how technically good they are how they put their punches together and what it takes to become a world champion. It was great having had the opportunity to train in The Romanza very tough sparring. I`ve spared many world champions and held my own therefore when that occurs I know exactly what it takes to become a world champion. Don Nacho and Juan Manuel Marquez said I will one day become a world champion everybody I trained with said it not only inside but also outside the ring. Everybody at The Romanza noticed how I trained hard my strong mentality it`s many things that make a world champion and when world champions compliment you it`s a very good thing. I no longer live in Mexico however I might be going back to The Romanza to train I just took that opportunity to train with Don Nacho Beristain and I loved living in Mexico.

IM: Now you mentioned both Juan Manuel Marquez and Jhonny Gonzalez did you spar with them?

AD: Yes I was sparring Juan Manuel Marquez for his last two fights against Manny Pacquiao. I loved sparring with both Marquez and Jhonny Gonzalez! I`ve also spared with Gilberto “flaco “Gonzalez and Juan Carlos Salgado who stopped Jorge Linares so many good fighter in Mexico that I spared it sure was really good work.

IM: Now that`s good experience which I believe will help in your future of boxing.

AD: 100% sparring those type of fighters is unbelievable it`s experience that money can`t buy it`s fantastic and I learned a lot.

IM: You`ve fought in the UK, Mexico and now you’re fighting in Canada how does that travelling feel

AD: Well Boxing is a great sport which has taken me to see many places I love meeting new people for me a venue is a venue it doesn`t matter where I fight I am always comfortable inside a ring. I want to be fighting in The United States sometime soon. I am looking to fighting back in Toronto I am always ready to fight whenever wherever!

IM: I am glad to hear that since not too many fighters want to travel now in days. Now you mentioned The United States therefore is there any guys in your division that you would love to fight

AD: No guys in particular all the greatest fighters fight in The United States of America therefore I am looking to fight a world champion. I am not that far from a world title therefore every fight is important which is why I train very hard every day and that`s for one goal and that goal is to become a world champion. There are many good fighters in my division obviously the best one being Vasly Lomanchenko but then of course there are other good fighters like Gervontaa Davis, Jezreel Corrales, Miguel Berchelt and many more therefore I would like to fight them all that way I can test myself. I want to start off by fighting WBA super featherweight champion from Panama a southpaw like myself Jezreel Corrales. I believe every fighter should fight the best in their division because that`s what boxing is about. I chase my dream! Again there`s no specific names all I know is I want to become a world champion I want to fight on the biggest boxing events to have the biggest audiences and to fight great fights and obviously I love the money as well.

IM: I love the way you think the best versus the best that`s exactly the way boxing should be it`s unfortunate that some fighters won`t risk to fight the best in their division instead all they want is the money.

AD: I am also a big fan of boxing I am a student of boxing as you know by now. I am a fan of Alexis Arguello, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie Pep, Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore, Jack Johnson there are so many fighters I’ve read books on seen fight footage of and it’s like you said some fighters for money back then it was a different kind of boxing era. Fighter now match make promoters really don’t promote they get their fighters to sell their tickets a lot of boxing sure has changed boxing changes within eras which is to be expected.

IM: You just sounded like Iron Mike Tyson who also knows a lot about the history of boxing. I respect that a fighter that is willing to fight whomever a fighter that doesn’t just fight for money.

AD: Thanks Ivan I appreciate that yes Mike Tyson also studied boxing films when he was a youngster with Cus D’Amato I’ve also read Mike Tyson’s book what a great read. Of course I have to fight for money which is a big motivation for me because if there was no money in boxing I just wouldn’t fight but yes I am a big fan of boxing and fight for money.

IM: Yes I understand fighters need to fight for money but the fact that your also willing to fight the best is a very good thing to have.

AD: Exactly I want a great legacy in boxing that’s my biggest motivation.

IM: Now your 25 years of age a southpaw which means you’re still young and being a southpaw means you will give lots of opponent’s trouble. Now let your fans know how they can follow you on social media.

AD: Thanks for the kind words Ivan much appreciated. My fans can follow me on Instagram @Alex_Dilmaghani



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