Errol Spence Jr. batters and stops a brave Kell Brook in eleven rounds!

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Rising American welterweight star Errol Spence Jr. (22-0, 19 KOs) captured the IBF world welterweight crown with an impressive and hard fought eleventh round stoppage over Kell Brook (36-2, 25 KOs) moments ago in Sheffield, England. It was a great fight full of back and forth action but the younger American ultimately proved too fast and accurate and he damaged Brook’s eye late in the fight forcing the stoppage in Round 11. (Note: It was later confirmed he suffered another broken eye socket, this time the opposite eye that damaged in his last fight vs. Golovkin)

Brook had his moments early in the fight as he used his agility and angles to frustrate Spence. He utilized a lot of grabbing and holding to throw off the younger fighter’s rhythm, but any time there was space Spence got the better of the action.

Brook appeared to be ahead going into the middle of the fight but Spence flipped a switch and changed gears getting the better of Brook in Rounds 7 and 8.

Late in the fight Brook’s eye began to swell badly.

In Round 10 Spence turned up the heat and dropped Brook. It looked like it was the beginning of the end but the hometown Englishman showed grit to come storming back and made it one of the best rounds of the year to date.

In Round 11 Spence continued to smell blood and upped the pace. He battered Brook along the ropes until the defending champion suddenly elected to take a knee. He was favouring his swollen eye and while he got up around the count of ten, his corner was on the apron with the towel and the referee waived the fight off. The time was 1:47.

The victory saw Spence capture Brook’s IBF title.

Post fight Brook stated he felt his eye was badly damaged in Round 7. He bravely fought on for a few more rounds but mentioned in Round 11 a punch from Spence suddenly caused him to lose vision in the eye in question and he elected to retire fearing long term injury.

Spence said Brook was an awkward opponent and very strong. He gave himself a B- saying he thought he could have been sharper on both defense and offense. He mentioned his immediate goal is to unify the welterweight titles and mentioned Keith Thurman and Manny Pacquiao by name.






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