Artur Beterbiev and GYM contractual dispute brewing

Photo: Pierre Lavoie / Way Productions

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News broke Monday that big punching Canadian based light heavyweight Artur Beterbiev (11-0, 11 KOs) is now enveloped in a contract dispute with his promoter Groupe Yvon Michel. Beterbiev was last seen in the ring in December 2016 where he scored a first round stoppage of Isidro Ranoni Prieto and appears to be on the fast track to a world title currently ranked IBF #2,  WBA #3 WBO #3, WBC #6 and THE RING #5.

Beterbiev posted the following on his social media account Monday:

My dear friends, fans and supporters! As many of you have already heard, my lawyer has filed this morning (a demand for declaratory judgment asking the superior court in Montreal to confirm that my promotional agreement with Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM) is effectively terminated / expired. I have nothing personal against Yvon Michel and everything is fine on my end. I keep training hard to get back in the ring and become world champion asap. That has always been, and will always be, my sole focus and goal in my professional career. Thanks for your support! My dear friends and fans! How many of you know, today my lawyer filed a suit in the supreme court of Montreal on the recognition of my contract with the Canadian promoutional company G.Y.M. void. While I have no personal claims to Yvon Michel. I keep training hard, to get back in the ring and become world champion. It’s always been my sole purpose in professional boxing and will remain so. Thank you all for your support!


For their part, G.Y.M, who have brought Beterbiev along at a well strategized and measured pace, disagreed saying the following on their Facebook page:


Group Yvon Michel (GYM) confirms that they have received a document, filed in court by Artur Beterbiev to obtain a declaratory judgment on the termination of his contract with gym.

” It is with great disappointment that we have learned this new, by usher this afternoon. However, I am little surprised since Artur had already informed of his intention, verbally first and then through his lawyer subsequently “, said the president of gym, Yvon Michel.

Gym refutes vigorously and intends to contest the arguments claiming the termination of the contract and has already handed over the relevant documents in the hands of the lawyers.

“no matter its recriminations for the moment, we consider artur always member of gym and his proposal playoff championship fight ibf against German Enrico Koelling is still valid”, added mr. Michel.

After 11 fights only, Artur Beterbiev vs is currently ranked the best aspiring world according to the IBF #2, #3, WBA WBO #3 the WBC #6 AND THE RING #5. He got scholarships totally uncommon and is a single victory of a battle of world championship.

Four of his fights have been televised in the United States, one on showtime, one on CBS, one on spike tv and one on ESPN. He has also passed the ko to two former world champions, tavoris cloud and Gabriel Campillo.

Gym considers have done an excellent job in the promotion and the direction of the career of Artur Beterbiev vs and perceives this action as not deserved.

These comments will be the only ones who will be published by gym as long as he will not have had other developments on the subject. Thank you for your understanding.


Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.



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