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Tim Bradley Saved By The Final Bell in an Absolute WAR With Ruslan Provodnikov!

By Ace Freeman (16-Mar-2013)

Tim Bradley W UD12 Ruslan Provodnikov

Undefeated WBO welterweight champion and Top-10 pound for pound fighter Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley Jr. survived an all-out war against big punching Ruslan Provodnikov moments ago in Carson, CA when he was saved by the final bell after being knocked down in the final seconds of a brutal contest. It was a big victory for Bradley as he fought Provodnikov’s fight the entire way and nearly paid dearly for it on several occasions. Provodnikov came roaring out in the opening round and hurt Bradley very badly. Bradley slunk to the canvass late in the stanza (questionably ruled a slip) and in was in a world of trouble. It carried on to Round 2 where Provodnikov continued to go for broke but Bradley showed tremendous resolve to survive. Remarkably, Bradley came back in Rounds 3 through 5 and started to box the challenger’s socks off. However, late in Round 6 Provodnikov had Bradley out on his feet yet again but couldn’t put him away.

Bradley rebounded once again and boxed well down the stretch. Provodnikov’s eyes were swelling shut late in the fight and despite a big Round 9 from Bradley the gallant opponent just wouldn’t yield and still came back with big punches of his own. It was an all-out war in Carson.

Provodnikov pressed hard in Round 11 and in the final round he went for broke.

Unwisely, Bradley tried to trade to close the show in what was a close fight and he was hurt badly in the final moments. Provodnikov pressed and finally clubbed Bradley down in the last ten seconds.

The consummate warrior, Bradley beat the count and survived the round, and the fight.

Scores were read as 114-113 (x2) and 115-112… all for the defending champion Timothy Bradley.

Despite the impressive and gutsy win controversy ensued as referee Pat Russell clearly missed calling a knockdown against Bradley in Round 1 that would have rendered the fight a draw on the two of three scorecards.

The win moved Bradley to 29-0 (12 KOs) while Provodnikov drops to 22-1 (15 KOs) suffering his first pro loss.

The defeat was a tough pill to swallow for famed trainer Freddie Roach, who was looking to avenge an extremely controversial loss to Bradley by his star fighter Manny Pacquiao in early 2012, a bout many feel Pacquiao dominated.

Bradley retained his WBO welterweight title with the victory and shook of nearly a year of inactivity with the thrilling victory.

  • Amazed Bradley was able to weather all that, throwing punches when it looked like he was completely out on his feet. I’d say both benefitted immensely from this fight: Bradley should get a big fight pretty soon, as possible opponents saw him banged all over the place by a 140 pounder, and Ruslan is the kind of fighter boxing fans love, almost pulling off the upset. That was fun to watch.

    P.S. Pac, man, retire. Ruslan shamed you.

    • Dergan23

      lol I don’t know about that Ben… Pacman beat Bradley with relative ease and didn’t have a scratch on him. While Provodnikov hurt Bradly badly a few times, his face ended up looking like a train wreck and he took a horrible beating himself. Just saying.

    • Nicely said. And bradley is just moving on with that controversial win over Manny and now he barely beats a guy not even ranked…

    • hehehehh

      bradley showed a lot of heart, his heart was never questioned, but he didnt fight smartly.

  • what???? bradley won in this fight??? ive watched the full fight and damn that russian guy is a beast.. poor bradley he will never ever get the respect in boxing.

  • tymikeson

    since marquez wont fight pacman againts see pacman against rusland first (which would be huge fun) with the winner to face bradley again.

    • tymikeson

      *again, lets see pacman…

  • I wonder what hospital bradley is at ? haha

  • truth

    it wouldnt be surprising if thats the reason
    pacquaio got knocked out in his last fight
    i mean marquez fought him 4 times and never
    came close to dropping him. then he knocks him out
    maybe this russian tyson softened pacquaio up
    in sparring

  • toi

    i thought he will prove something? again failed miserably… sorry

  • ruslan was a great slugger, the training camp was good!!! freddie was great trainer.. the only problem is the referee and judges….. another shameful fight of wheelchairweight

  • hehehehh

    Bradley went full retard with the Russian

    One does not simply brawl with a big puncher

  • bugabee

    bradley has a stinking luck by having a stupid ref and judges.