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PHOTOS — Referee Pat Russell’s “Slip” Up Costs Ruslan Provodnikov a Well Deserved Draw With Timothy Bradley!

By Dr. Ed de la Vega DDS (18-Mar-2013)

Our good friend Dr. Ed de la Vega from Philboxing.com takes an in depth (frame by frame) look at the missed first-round knockdown from Timothy Bradley’s recent thrilling and controversial decision win over Ruslan Provodnikov!

Photos: Dr. Ed de la Vega, DDS

Last Saturday, at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA, WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley received an early St Patrick’s Day gift… and he wasn’t even Irish! In the middle of the very first round, Ruslan Provodnikov, the Russian slugger who used to spar with Manny Pacquiao, hit Tim Bradley with a left hook that sent the champion to his hands and knees. Bradley grabbed the Russian’s waist as he went down. Strangely, referee Pat Russell, who was supposedly watching closely, missed the punch that knocked Bradley down. It was amazing Russell ruled the way he did when Bradley was clearly out of his wits and had no balance upon getting up. Unfortunately, Russell either missed it or blew the call and the fight went on…. with Bradley winning a close decision. A Tragic result for Provodnikov because all three judges scored the opening round 10-9 for him. Had it been credited as a 10-8 round; (as it should have been scored had that legitimate knockdown been ruled as such) subtracting a single point from Bradley would have dropped two of the official scorecards from 114-113 to 113-113 and the fight WOULD have been ruled a majority draw! Ha! That’s boxing!


  • tko

    there should an immediate rematch

  • round 2 should have also been scored 10-8, bradley was all over the place and even had to lean on the ropes to keep himself up. boxing rules states that when a boxer needed to keep the ropes to keep himself up – it should be called a knockdown. the rationale being, without the ropes to support him he would have went down.

    • rich

      boxing commissions don’t have enough knowledge on how to score a fight.

    • Bradley was all over the place riding bicycle?

  • benpmalabuyoc

    You know what they call the look on Bradley’s eyes when he gets up from that “SLIP”? It’s called stupid look. The fight should have been stopped in the second round. Bradley is already out of his senses. For his next fight, I suggest Stevie Wonder to be the referee.


    • Snake Pit

      Idiot mind! as idiot as Rey Orcullo!!

  • bstunt

    Weird how Freddy roach knew they were losing, but all these online boxing geniuses thought Ruslan was winning. -_- Yea Ruslan got the dramatic knockdowns and Bradley didn’t knock him down, but Bradley clearly outboxed him. FFS, give Bradley a break, he fought his ass to the end, HE DIDN’T QUIT, HE DIDN’T COWER IN HIS CORNER AND CALL IT A DAY, HE FOUGHT, HE GOT KNOCKDOWN, HE GOT UP AND FOUGHT AND GAVE EVERYONE A GOOD FIGHT AND A POSSIBLE FOTY, WTF DO YOU PEOPLE WANT??? I’m not a fan of Bradley beating Pacquiao, I saw that fight, and it was clear that Pacquiao won, we all need to move on from that! I truly believe A DRAW would’ve been nice, but keep in mind politics comes into play, he’s the champion, and most of the time, they give it to the champion just to create more controversy and milk the public for a possible rematch. Also, keep in mind, this is boxing, and this is nothing new.

    • rich

      yeah you’re right. he outboxed ruslan, in some rounds only like 3,4,5,7,8,9. but ruslan overpowered bradley. Bradley’s head was always in the air and his feet was also out.

    • The Answer is because of the Translator of provodnikov in ring side … ahahahaha


    to all boxing committies worldwide, its now time to evaluate are you doing to the erring boxing officials, its quite time to change to help the our boxer now and for the future of boxing. maybe give sanctions or totally banned erring officials such as the refs and judges, you there know whats right and true… educate the new and retire the old. lets make boxing clean so that boxers were be very proud of there wins…LETS CHANGE THE IMAGE OF BOXING. GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!

  • I thought Pat did a good job as he often does as the third man in the ring, Even if you gave Ruslan the knockdown early Bradley outpointed him the majority of the rounds and on my scorecard would still of lost a close decision. I was pulling for Ruslan but maybe he has himself to blame for leaving it too late to really put the pressure on Bradley.I thought in all honesty Bradley made the fight hard as he engaged when he could of boxed , which in the end made the audiece watching the winners.A bit like Pacquiao fighting for the stoppage over Marquez recklessly coming in more to please his critics !!!..Anyways when all is said and done they could do it again, and makes alot of fights at this weight more interesting now!!…Ruslan..Pacman…Marquez..Bradley…not to forget the upcoming Guerrero/Mayweather fight which in my opinion is a tough one for Mayweather to come through with the W still intact!!
    David Treharne

    • nick879

      ” Even if you gave Ruslan the knockdown early Bradley outpointed him
      the majority of the rounds and on my scorecard would still of lost a
      close decision.”

      But your scorecard doesn’t determine the winner of the fight. The official cards do. Not sure if you’re missing it, but as is pointed out above the mistake Russell clearly made missing that knockdown did win Bradley the fight. Period.

      If that knockdown is counted… it would have been a majority draw. Period.

      I thought Bradley was winning but the two knockdowns (one that counted and one that should have) made it a much closer fight than you’re suggesting.

      I think a draw would have been a fair result and it’s just unfortunate a mistake swung it Bradley’s way.

      Don’t get me wrong though, Ruessell is human and I’m sure it was an honest mistake. But it was a mistake and it did swing the fight Bradley’s way.

  • jedj

    a rematch is the answer
    its the only way to settle this

    • Rematch with different Judges and referee?

    • davey

      after this fight bradley is done
      he took wayyy too many shots

  • That’s why he is using the so-called bicycle i mean boxing skills in most of his fights because he knows that he has a soft chin.

    • terriP

      Soft Chin??? did you watch the fight????

      Bradley may be a lot of things but the guy took a hellacious beating and got back up both times he was FINALLY knocked down by huge blows. He even took some bombs from Pacquiao and never went down.

      Question Bradley if you want, but don’t question his chin and heart. He’s proven that much and then some.

    • eilegz

      bradley has heart, but im not sure he has the skills and the brains to fight elite competition.

      bradley been rocked so many times in his career, not sure for how long he is gonna be up before getting ktfo ala amir khan.

  • ilovepipit

    Next should be Pacman vs Bradley 2, Rios vs Marquez, and provodnikov vs Alvarado.

    • eilegz

      if pacman went with such a killer instinct like he did with marquez, he will kill bradley in 2 or 3 rounds..
      and marquez will kill rios, make rios corner throw the towel because rios wont quit..
      alvarado is overrated and provodnikov is a monster that will rip off his head, period.

    • I agreed, i second the motion… hahaha…
      Rios vs. Bradley or Bradley vs. Marquez..
      Pacman is Busy for the Election

  • rich

    Rd 1- Provodnikov (10) – Bradley (8)
    referee is not the one who is judging for the score cards so being a judge you must believe what you saw. remember you are the judge not the referee…
    Rd 2 – P (10)/20 – B (9)/17
    Rd 3 to 5 – P(9)/47 – B (10)/47
    Rd 6 – P (10)/57 – B (9)/56
    Rd 7 to 9 – P (9)/84 – B (10)/86
    Rd 10 – P (10)/94 – B (9)/95
    Rd 11 – P (10)/104 – B (9)/104
    Rd 12 – P (10)/114 – B (8)/112

    final score should be P (114) – B (112)
    if the judge didn’t score a 10-8 in Rd 1. then it will be P(114) – B (113).
    check out round 10 and 11. how come that it’s for bradley? check what happen to bradley’s head. His feet is also out everytime Provodnikov punch this guy.

    HBO must change Harold lederman as unofficial judge. his score cards is incorrect. a wide margin?

    • eilegz

      well that is kinda incorrect, the referee is the third man in the ring, he calls the knockdowns, slips, fouls and whatnot.

      for example, referee didnt see a foul and decided to let the action continue, judge cant just take out a point in that round from the one doing the foul even if it was obvious to him and all the crowd.. if the referee didnt call it, its not valid, same as kds, slips, etc etc etc..

    • But sometime Judges get ideas from what is the referee’s Call.. :)

  • eilegz

    bradley didnt have his legs after that knockdown, he recovered and fought like a warrior, toe to toe..

    shouldnt have done that tho, should have boxed more…

  • sanchjez

    they should bring back 15 round fights