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Marquez Speaks: Exclusive Post Fight Presser Video

By Ace Freeman (09-Dec-2012)

FightFan.com’s Ace Freeman is now live on location in Las Vegas bringing you the best video coverage on the web. Check out our exclusive video of the post fight press conference where Juan Manuel Marquez spoke out after his dramatic sixth round KO victory over Manny Pacquiao!

Video by Ace Freeman

  • Treva

    It’s odd that everyone wanted the Pac-Mayweather fight or the Pac-Bradley rematch, but the 4th fight with Marquez, which many thought was one too many, happened to produce such a historical moment in the sport!

    I still think Pacquiao -Mayweather should  happen.  Manny was at his blistering best before walking onto a great right hand.  The result could have been very different if the fight went on.  That’s not sour grapes by the way, because I was chuffed that Marquez won.  I just still think Pacqiao-Mayweather will be another one for the ages and HAS to happen to continue this blessing of the sport.  The Three Kings (Four if you include Bradley)!

    • Why would it be different? Marquez was in complete control. Just like Martinez in his rematch with Williams this was no lucky punch, this was planned by one of the smartest boxers of all time. 

      The first knockdown proves that this wasn’t lucky, even when Marquez was hurt he could still shake Pacquiao (round 3). 

      The only excuse Pacquiao has would be the storm that hit the Phillipines, that he heard of right before the fight. This might have distracted him, making Marquez’ plan work even better. 

      In my mind, the only time Pacquiao won against Marquez was in 2008, he cannot be called the winner of the first because Marquez was simply unlucky in the first round because he didn’t know Pacquiao and would have won had he been more careful. And in my mind, there is now way of scoring the third fight for Pacquiao, the closest possible would be a draw, but I had Marquez waaaay ahead in that one.