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Sensational Drian Francisco Batters a Gallant Javier Gallo in a Fight of the Year Candidate!

By Ace Freeman (17-Nov-2012)

Drian Francisco TKO 5 Javier Gallo

It was a grand coming out party for the Philippines’ Drian Francisco, a monster punching super bantamweight, earlier this evening in Los Angeles in a jaw dropping fight seen on the Viloria-Marquez undercard on Wealth TV. In a barn burner of a preliminary bout, Francisco got everything he could handle from Tijuana’s Gallo who jumped all over the Filipino in the opening round putting it on his man like white on rice. Gallo’s pressure was relentless and he was going for the kill in Round 1, but the sharp punching Francisco countered well off the back foot with hard knockout caliber punches. Gallo ate some hellacious punches that would have knocked most men out and somehow managed to continue pressing forward at an insane pace. Equally remarkable was Francisco’s ability to withstand Gallo’s tenacious output. Both men hammered away at an inhuman rate in the first three rounds which thrilled the local crowd in attendance.

Francisco’s blows were so hard everyone watching seemed to feel Gallo would go down at any moment, but the Mexican continued to take everything the Filipino dished out.

Finally in Round 4 the tide seemed to turn and it looked like Gallo’s terminator showing was going to break Francisco down who started to show signs of wearing. Gallo showed no signs of slowing down and he won the fourth round convincingly.

In Round 5 both men picked up where the left off but suddenly Francisco stormed back and for the first time in the bout began to walk Gallo back.

The crowd was going insane as the five round war began to intensify. Suddenly the ultra durable Gallo showed signs of breaking and Francisco smelled blood. He began to throw haymakers in succession until a big left hand punished Gallo into the ropes at the end of the round. Perhaps betrayed by his own ability to take punches without going down, the referee wisely stepped in and saved Gallo from himself, giving Francisco the sensational stoppage win.

The victory improved the big punching Filipino to 24-1-1 (19 KOs) while Gallo slips to 18-6 (10 KOs).

FightFan.com’s good friend Dr. Ed de la Vega was working Francisco’s corner as cutman and did the translation for the post fight interview.

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19 Responses to “Sensational Drian Francisco Batters a Gallant Javier Gallo in a Fight of the Year Candidate!”

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  1. sioux1104 Says:

    Congrats Drian!!! Way to go but I’m optimistic you can be a champ soon. Just keep working hard!

  2. Manuel Pacheco Says:

    nice win by francisco but i was expecting something totally different. first off, he fought a late substitute who was like 4-5 inches shorter than him. also, francisco tends to poop out in the later rounds. the only thing he’s got is a heavy punch but other than that, he didn’t impress me much. until he fights and beats a top ten contender than i will be more impressed but for me he’s just an overrated slugger with little skills.

  3. Ace Freeman Says:

    I was pretty impressed… I know Gallo wasn’t very good in the big picture but he came in like a bat out of hell and threw an inhuman amount of punches.

    Francisco did really well countering in between that fire storm, and just when it looked like he got worn down he came roaring back in the fifth to score the stoppage.

    He has a long way to go to prove he’s a top level fighter, but he proved tonight he’s certainly an exciting one with a lot of heart. And big power too.

    He’ll get a lot of TV time in the future because he has a very action packed fan friendly style.

    That fight was great, I really thought Gallo turned the tide and was getting to him but then he seemed to flip a switch in the 5th to score the win.

    Great fight on a great card.

  4. Glen Villanueva Says:

    He beat up an unknown Mexican Farmer they’d just pulled out of Marijuana Plantation from Tijuana. Let’s see how he would fare with a real boxer next time.

  5. Boypakwin Says:

    glen villanueva…gallo is a boxer not a farmer..understood

  6. Denzel Boksingero Says:

    No Filipino boxer impresses you, Manuel Fatchiko. Sad day for you, today. Brian Villoria also knocked out Galo. 

  7. Mar Lansangan Says:

     so put Adrien “The Big Mouth” Broner on him….if you don.t know this “Golden Fist”Francisco cause he’s just new kid on the block a Filipino and a real deal….few more months and you’d become his real hater….

  8. Esenguson Says:

    and to think the hell that he went through before this fight… congratulations, drian. hope your handlers can get you bigger fights

  9. Jun Separa Says:

    it is a good thing regondoux had a second thought, it would have been him ending his career in boxing never will he ever going to fight donaire! go! go! go! drian francisco! regondoux was save by gallo !!

  10. Alvin Says:

     He was a champ if I’m not mistaken. Can anybody confirm?

  11. Boythebarbaric Says:

    yeah he was… ian nterim WBA champ… but lost to a thai boxer…

  12. Ashfaq Ahmed Says:

    brian knocked out Tyson Marquez, not galo..

  13. James the Great Says:

     That’s true Jun, takot si Rigondoux kay Drian. Delikado daw sya at hindi crowd getter, baka daw malugi. But the bottomline is fear that Drian might beat him, and that is very possible.

  14. Robert Soler Says:

     hehehe eversince u are the pinoy (boxer) hater….peace be with u.

  15. penasco1 Says:

    denzel, viloria impressed the hell out of me, but not francisco. the only thing francisco has is a punch but other than that, he gasses out at about the 3rd or 4th rounds, he has little defense and basically he’s a wild slugger. and who is the guy who said that he would have beaten rigondeaux? lol…that’s crazy. rigondeaux would have toyed with him and then KO’d him whenever he wanted to. look, i’m not saying francisco can’t win a world title but it’s going to have to be a matchup where he has all the advantages like height and reach because right now any of the super bantamweight champions would beat him convincingly.

  16. penasco1 Says:

    robert, WRONG! i am not the “pinoy hater” but i just don’t think francisco is anything special. i’ve seen his kind come and go. all they’ve got is a punch with little else. what happened to francisco when he went to thailand and lost his title to an unknown thai? this javier gallo guy was a late opponent who probably wasn’t in any shape to fight for ten rounds and besides, he was a tiny little fellow. look, i’m not saying francisco isn’t good because at this level, all boxers are good but i just don’t see anything special about him yet. only time will tell i guess!

  17. penasco1 Says:

    a great future matchup against francisco would be either victor terrazas or californian chris avalos. these two fights would be great and would tell us how good or how far francisco needs to go before he’s anywhere ready for a world title shot.

  18. Graydog_26 Says:

    what fight are you referring to? gallo was the slugger drian was counterpunching till rnd 5. he has good timing but still has some flaws.

  19. noelb Says:

    nice win drian. . .keep it up. . .

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