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Brian Viloria Batters Hernan Marquez in an Absolute War!

By Ace Freeman (17-Nov-2012)

Brian Viloria TKO10 Hernan Marquez

Photo: Dr. Ed de la Vega, DDS / Philboxing.com

Multi-division world champion Brian Viloria unified the WBO and WBA world flyweight titles in impressive fashion Saturday night, battering a gallant Hernan ‘Tyson’ Marquez at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in Los Angeles, CA on route to a thrilling tenth round stoppage.

It was who Marquez came storming out of the gate in the opening stanza looking for the early stoppage but ate a huge right hand counter on the button from Viloria that put him on the seat of his pants. It was high drama as Viloria took command and started to dictate the action. The ‘Hawaiian Punch’ boxed beautifully in the opening rounds and placed his hard punches in bunches to jump out to an early lead.

In Round 5 Marquez rallied and landed a huge combo that stunned Viloria. Smelling blood, Marquez went for broke and had Viloria nearly out on his feet. He pummeled the Filipino fighter all around the ring and just when it looked like it was about to be stopped Viloria exploded with a combination of his own. Marquez seemed to have emptied his tank in the sequence and was stunned Viloria came back to life. A sudden right hand from the Filipino then put Marquez down in what capped one of the best rounds of 2012 to date.

Marquez survived the round and both fighters went back to work in the sixth.

The pace somewhat slowed in the middle rounds as Viloria elected to box behind a stiff jab. Marquez was a bit more reluctant to engage and as a result found himself in a hole on the scorecards through the middle rounds.

The Mexican fighter dug deep and found a second wind in the championship rounds as he continued to step on the gas. Viloria looked the more tired of the two late in the bout but he remained poised and boxed well.

In one final push Marquez charged at his man in the tenth. Shades of Round 5 as it looked like Viloria was in trouble… until he (once again) exploded out of nowhere with a bomb of a counter left hook that floored the Mexican hard.

Marquez beat the count but his trainer Robert Garcia wisely threw in the towel to save his fighter from further punishment giving Viloria the thrilling tenth round TKO win.

Viloria moves to an impressive 32-3 (19 KOs) with the victory and unifies the WBO and WBA flyweight belts while Marquez drops to 33-3 (25 KOs).

Photo: Dr. Ed de la Vega, DDS / Philboxing.com

  • Multo_sa_paningin

    mabuhay ang mga FILIPINO!

    • Lambanog2

      Thats Pilipino hearts and courage!!! fight to the end!!! no question about it!! Mabuhay ka lahing Pilipino!!!

  • “In one final push Marquez charged at his man in the eleventh”? Rounded ended in 10th. Also why use a very old pic of Viloria?

    • FightFan.com Staff

      Thanks, was multi tasking and fixed the error. New photo coming soon, just have patience. ;)

    • Bob

       I guess he meant 11th hour – meaning close the to end of the round.

  • mayweather sucks

    mabuhay viloria!!!

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  • Ron

    Congrats Brian!

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  • Thebarbertm

    brian somewhat moves like pacman in this fight

  • nlvallarta

    Congrats Brian

  • engrdens

    congratulation Brian “the Hawaiian Punch” Viloria 

  • Dong

    Elite vs Elite, Best vs Best. Filipino fighters are stronger than Mexicans

    • dong, lol…not so fast tiger. one fight does not define mexico’s superiority over philippines in boxing. a great win for viloria but “filipino fighers stronger than mexicans” is going a little too far, son.

    • Well, name someone from Mexico any better than Filipino Boxers?

    • ha ha ha…slow it down Glen on Pacheco. Yeah pinoys has great fighters on its list but with due respect to fat ass Pacheco, mexico has lots to offer. Its in the record bruh. However, it needs only 1 pinoy great fighter to dust all of mexico’s LMAO…

    • well toughguy, you sure do bragging rights tonight. enjoy it. by the way, filipinos still trail mexican boxers in every category in the sport. 170 world champions to 36. 42 hall of famers to 4. even with tonight’s losses, mexico still has 13 current world champions to your 4. but hey, congrats on a great win by your boy viloria. he was fantastic tonight and i salute him for a great victory.

    • jose marcos a peralta

      well..that’s the fact..no argument about that .mexico is leading us statistically in high number. what we ..filipinos enjoying now is the golden years of filipino boxers..( 3 top pound for pound boxers soon) filipino vs mexico is doing us good ..not only with our beloved countries but to boxing in general

    • penasco1

      jose, yes, and i think philippine boxing is on the ascend. and yes, these are the best moments in philippine boxing history. we can all look forward to many great future fights.

    • Daang_Tuwid2

      Agree Mr. pacheco, but, we have the ONLY eight division champion..and mexico can only manage 4, make it 6 if you will embrace de la hoya as mexican :-)

    • penasco1

      daang, you’re right but you can also say that mexico has the only world champion, julio cesar chavez sr. who has 27 world title successful defenses which is an all-time best. furthermore, he was also in 37 world championship fight which is also an all-time best. we can go on and on and on so what is your point? one more thing, if you’re counting brian viloria as “filipino” born in the u.s.a., you can also count de la hoya who is mexican but born in the u.s.a..agree?

    • Numbers never lie Mr. Pacheco…all Mexican fighters fight the way you want a boxer to fight…much respect…see you in 3 weeks when the Philippines and Mexico go at it again. (Pac vs Marquez followed by Donaire vs Arce). Getting to be a really good rivalry. 

    • penasco1

      michael, yes, the best rivalry in boxing is now mexico-philippines. puerto rican boxing is in the dumps so we can now nail the coffin on that rivalry.

    • absolutely agree Mr. Pacheco. no matter what trash we dump on each other, truth of the matter pinoys also admire mexican great fighters ha ha ha…it just so happen boxing is a race driven sports. Kudos to JMM my fav mexican warrior.

    • glen, are you kidding me? just because you’ve got three or four really good fighters and now you think the philippines is ahead of mexico in boxing? are you crazy or what? enjoy this victory. viloria was great tonight but remember, this is only one fight. i will admit though that filipino fighters are very courageous and tough. again, congrats!

    • Floorsapart2011

      all i can say is, race doesnt matter, lets just enjoy great fights!!

      came from a filipino.

    • hammerhead

      here we are again mr. pacheco. you’re crying again! a whiner and a loser. why would you not just accept the truth that Filipino’s today are winning convincingly against their mexican opponents. the truth shall set you free!

    • This coming December, another ass whipping will be delivered by pinoy fighters to your gallant but fading warriors ha ha ha…Pinoy dominance over mexican fighters continues ha ha ha…Swallow that bitter pill fat ass Poocheco ROLF!!! HA HA HA…

    • Easy toughguy. No need for insulting and name calling, we are all fans of boxing and any boxer, no matter the race, deserve our respect, its their life on the line in that ring…from a fellow Pinoy. 

    • Ramir Merilles

      I am a filipino and I agree with you Sr. Pacheco… Anyway thanks for the respect on the Hawaiian Punch.. I respect also all the courageous Mexican Fighter out there.. 

    • Kdatsboygym

      @ Manuel Pacheco…the only way the only thing that your BAISANO can win the World title if the mexican fought with other nationalities…but not against the FILIPINO great fighters! simply because the FILIPINO great fighters is a LEGENDs Killer! its ok for your country Mexico to produce even 1M world champ..as long as they keep fighting SAFE and AVOIDED the only country in the world that can KILL mexican Legends! and that is the PHILIPPINES!

  • Congratz Brian! You showed the heart & courage of a true Filipino! You made the country proud once again! Sna nman mpansin n rn ng Gov’t ang accomplisment mo at my parade pgdlaw mo d2 s Pinas!

  • Ace Freeman

    What a great card on Wealth TV.

    Between Viloria’s big win and Drain Francisco’s fight… I am physically and emotionally drained just from watching!

    That’s how good those two fights were… and on the same card! The co-main event was great as well.

    Congrats to the Hawaiian Punch!

  • Golemaw

    na imbag laeng ta ngabak ka lakay brian! congats!

  • Larryboy_2010

    look like brian viloria and el metodico melindo will fight soon the very best of filipinos basta huwag lang gayahin ang mga pinoy na nagchampion na panandalian lang dahil sa kawalan ng disiplina sa sarili………….GOD BLESS US ALL

  • Viloria is more exciting to watch than Donaire…..

    • You have a point but both just have different styles…for boxing purists Donaire is great to watch but in terms of sheer tenacity and fighting heart Viloria is really a special fighter…

  • Totoantequera

    Congratulation for a very impressive win Brian!! You’re a great  fighter, I hope that a clash between you and Mellindo will not happen,, Mr. Michael Aldeguer should find another belt division for his protege, I pitty Mellindo,, am sure that what had happened to A.J. Banal will happen to Milan.

  • sioux1104

    The fight card was far better than the Broner-De Marco card but sadly, it wasn’t shown on bigger TV networks. Drian Francisco will surely be a champion someday with his good trainer and conditioning coach Justin Fortune. He just have to work more harder. The Roman Gonzales fight was very entertaining even though it didn’t end in KO as most people expected. Brian Villoria vs Marquez is good, good fight. I thought Brian would lose at some points in the fight but he always came back firing. One thing that Brian has improved evidently is… not much of his stamina but his fighting HEART.

    • Iandorz

      oooppps! no its not his heart, stamina is a big thing. when Brian fought with  Tamara and Omar Nino you can see that Brian is so exhausted. Since Brian change his attitude in training and no parties no more beers then he get it back to the right track..

  • Polaltillo

           The smaller boxer known as Tyson has finally find his match in Filipino-American Brian Villoria. I remember one time before he was about to fight another Filipino Rodel Mayol but was found by the the Mayol’s camp cheating on weight. The fight with Mayol was cancelled but the fight pushed through with with Richie Mepranum as his opponent. Of course Tyson won against an unprepared opponent. This time his handlers can not do what they want because his opponent is an American. If there is no cheating in that weighing in against Rodel Mayol and the fight pushed through we do not know if Tyson Marquez is still WBA champion. 

  • brian villoria-Tw0(2) major belts, japanese guy one major belt cant even knock out jaro ha ha ha, but villoria punishes and Destroyed the mexican tyson,,, to heck with ring magazine belt,,, villoria is the recognized peoples champion, unified champion and not to afraid to fight anyone, ha ha ha the japanese guy wants only to fight in japan, maybe he has a chance to beat the true flyweight champion(BRIAN VILLORIA) if the bOUT WILL BE HELD IN JAPAN ONLY AND THE REFEREE AND JUDGES ARE JAPANESE ha ha ha ha,,,


    the ring magzine P4 P ratings in the FLYWEIGHT DIVISION must be change BRIAN VILLORIA should be the ring mgazine champion, because of his impressive win by KO, and he holds the WBA AND WBO championship belts, the japanese guy do not deserve to be the ring magazine champion, 47 years in the making the unified recognized champion in the flyweight division.BRIAN VILLORIA.


  • over the internet. You actually understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important.