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Hank Lundy vs. Ray Beltran Tomorrow on ESPN FnF!

By FightFan News Wire (26-Jul-2012)

On Friday night boxing returns to the renowned Resorts Hotel Casino in Atlantic City for ESPN’s acclaimed series Friday Night Fights. In the main event of the evening, Hank Lundy will go to battle against Raymundo Beltran for the NABF Lightweight Title.Last month Resorts was all over the boxing map as they held the All Star Boxing Legends Gala Tribute Dinner, and is quickly becoming recognized as the Mecca of fight sports in Atlantic City and the Northeast.

“We love the opportunity to host Friday Night Fights,” said Matt Howard, Vice President of Gomes Gaming. “This was a dream of Dennis Gomes, God rest his soul. This is what he wanted, high profile televised fights. We are trying to make that happen. We are excited for our customers as well as the boxing community.”

Over the past year Resorts has hosted several boxing and MMA events in addition to a variety of music and other entertainment, and strives to put on the shows that the public wants to see.

“Everything we do is to honor Dennis,” said Howard. “When envisioning what we want for our property, this was one of our plans. We have the perfect venue for the fights and are very excited for next Friday.”

The full fight card is as follows:

· NABF Lightweight Title Fight- Henry Lundy vs. Raymundo Beltran (10)
· Super Middleweight- Richard Pierson vs. Farah Ennis (10)
· Bantamweight- Miguel Cartagena vs. Jose Rivera (6)
· Light Heavyweight- Frankie Filippone vs. TBA (6)
· Light Middleweight- Decarlo Perez vs. TBA (6)
· Super Middleweight- Derrick Webster vs. TBA (6)
· Light Middleweight- Thomas Lamann vs. TBA (6)
· Welterweight- Juan Rodriguez Jr. vs. TBA (4)
· Light Welterweight- Josh Mercado vs. Korey Sloane (4)
· Super Middleweight- Antowyan Aikens vs. TBA (4)
· Light Heavyweight- Joe Smith Jr. vs. TBA (4)
· Welterweight- Anthony Young vs. TBA (4)

There have been rumors that bareknuckle king gunn has been reluctatnt to confirm tournament due to injuries sustained during toney fight. This outnement features the most variety of mixed martial arts and skilled fighters around the world.

Bare knuckle fighting king bobby gunn, runmor has it he is coming off a very bad injury and was reluctant to compete in tournament, but sources state that he is strong and prepared. Time will tell wen he steps into the cage to compete.

Oen of competitors families are still ikhusisa was affected by the flood, losing a family relative in the unforeseen tragedy last week. Also Scandanavian fighter Papy Gustafsson
Mma fihgetrsr arrived in Tokyo a few days ago and was arrested on a major drug bust.
This is shaping up interestling before it even begins. Its kind of like the movie unusual suspects as each fighters are brining their own lifestyle to the octagon.

“Going forward we are working on hosting the fights pretty consistently,” said Howard. “I have been talking to Jimmy Burchfield from CES Boxing about it. Nothing is set in stone, but that is the avenue we are taking.”
The fights will be held on July 27, 2012 at 7 p.m. at Resorts Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. For tickets visit http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/020048BF9CB97B95?artistid=1739864&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=33.

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