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Quotable: Ace Freeman on Re-Watching Pacquiao-Bradley

By Ace Freeman (16-Jun-2012)

How did you score it the 2nd time?

Share your thoughts in our comment section!

  • Gakiis47

    The fight was competitive but wasn’t close. The most Bradley could have won was 3 rounds and that is being very generous. This was also nothing like any of those Marquez vs Pac trilogy. But as what a humble Pacquiao had said, we have to accept the decision however faulty and move on from it. Let us just hope that judges perform better in the future.

    • BookemDano!

      Let’s just hope these judges are banned from the boxing world. All three are dishonest, incompetent, and most of all morally corrupt. 

  • Bigkat

    I had scored the fight 9 rounds to 3 for Manny.  That judgement was, indeed, a complete farce; a disgrace and discredit to the fighters, the fans, and the sport overall.  In watching Jim Lampley’s Fight Game series last night, after Lee/Chavez, he posed the question to Duane Ford as to how he arrived at his particular score.  I didn’t feel like he really answered the question, and the answers he did give seemed illogical. What a complete shame!

  • tymikeson

    all i know is that manny will be a monster in the return fight.   after losing to morales he destroyed him twice (although to morales credit, he was past his prime at that point, but was never stopped before, or since)

  • Specia lhit

    Bradley was backing up and not committing on his punches, its a shame! I’m with everybody, I don’t think bradley deserves a rematch and bookemdano is right they need to ban these judges. Its done until the next big event.

  • Special hit

    Thank you Ace Freeman for this site, fine job!

  • Nlmetra

    After watching the fight for the second time and this time there were all seven of my friends with a paper and a pen to score each round. The results were unanimous for Manny. Three guys had it 9 to 3 for Manny and four had it 8 to 4 for Manny. It was a competitive fight alright but not that close. Bradley didn’t hurt Manny but he did try to slow him down at the end. 
    We suspect the judges didn’t like Manny delaying the fight as if he was the king of boxing. And that he had to prove he was the champ to dominate as a champ. Not the other way around of the challenger beating the champ which Bradley did not do.    

  • tymikeson

    apparently bradley has been quoted as saying that a rematch will be unlikely and that manny will probably fight a 4th fight against juan manuel marquez.  i dont buy into that, i thihnk he wants to rip bradleys head off now.

    • Hehehe

      thats what bradley wants.. but for fans its useless, i would like to see pacquiao knock his ass but later maybe, first take care of other business..

      mayweather and maybe marquez (tho marquez is also another useless fight)

  • Tonyrunners

    ace your a punk ass bitch! i thought you didn’t believe in robberies? you didn’t think p williams vs lara was a robbery! you have refused to sdmitt certain fights were robberies that clearly were! now you come out writing this pure shit! just like you and your fake as site! i wanted to see your opinion on this and just as i knew you would, you did! you should go blow jim lamprey and have it televised via pay per view!

    • Dre, I might not agree with you but there’s no need to come in here name calling. You want to do that, take it to youtube or a forum where that kind of childishness is commonplace.

      As I’ve told you before, it’s pretty simple. When fights are close, IE 7 to 5 with close rounds, it’s not a robbery. It’s a close fight. Those happen all the time and the opinion on them is largely split among media and fans alike.

      In a fight such as this one, where it’s CLEAR one fighter won 9 or 10 rounds, THAT is a robbery.

      I NEVER said I don’t believe in robberies… I said I don’t believe in cheapening the term robbery by using that world every time there’s a close fight. If that was the case (according to your logic) there would be a robbery every week.

      In this case, 98% of the boxing world agrees how one sided the fight was and that it was a farce.

      In this case – in my opinion – the term “robbery” fits like a glove.

      Pretty simple, and again, my opinion.

      As it’s clear you don’t like my opinion or this site, it’s pretty easy for you not to come here any longer. Especially if you’re going to come in here acting like an angry teenager calling names over the internet. Please take it some place else.

  • Inok

    Ace his the nail on the head.  The scoring boils down to those two points mentioned above. 

    For the people putting up ridiculous posts just talking smack, this forum isn’t here for one sided conversation or hate.  If you have something to say, make a valid point, or a valid argument.  People may or may not agree, but just talking sh!t doesn’t help your cause, it only makes you look stupid and takes away your credibility.  Don’t waste your time.

  • fix fight

    Let’s fix the fight again. This boxing should be a shame after this fight on ppv. Boxing should  be dead.

  • fix fight

    3 to 1 odd on pacquaio and at the end, 5/1 on pacquiao ……. A joke for Las Vega to make money. boxing should be dead after this fight… Please people uses your head for once. 3 million dollar on pacquaio and Las Vega made a lot of money on this fight.

  • fix fight

    Come on people, This fight was fix from the start…

  • I’m curious to hear how more of you reading this thought the fight looked in your second viewing?

    – – –

    Another interesting facet in all of this is the post fight reaction from the fighters.

    Manny was very quick to accept the result despite not being pleased with it. Seeing him speak up close after the fight, he seemed very satisfied with the fact he and the fans know he won. I would almost go so far as to say he shrugged it off.

    Since then he’s said very little in the press, and went straight to deal with disaster victims in the Philippines upon returning home, bypassing his official welcome home parade.

    Bradley has really amped up his interviews in the last week and is going on and on defending the fact he thinks he won.

    I don’t blame him in light of the blowback… but when you take a step back and look at the big picture the winner is the one doing a lot of complaining while the loser has said very little.

    Just thought that was some interesting contrast.

  • Kjjosephs

    I have great boxing knowledge and have watched thousands of fights.
    For Me Tim Bradley deserves more credit, and i had him winning the fight by 7 rounds to 5.  I do not understand why the Boxing world saw Pacman as such a clear winner? Fair enough i agree it could have went either way, but its all about what u look for in a fight.

    • HardKnox

      ^ Look for? man what did u see? I thought ace hit the nail on the head with the quote above. Pac outlanded Bradley in every round but one so the question for u is what six rounds (where bradley landed less) did u give to tim and why? cause it certainly wasn’t because he did damage in them. thats the tough part for this fight. If u know the criteria for scoring rounds and u are giving tim rounds where he was both outlanded and on the receiving end of the harder more effective punches your doing it wrong. that just isn’t how u score a fight

    • Kjjosephs

      I hear what your saying brother, i just think Bradley outboxed him,made him miss alot etc there were times where i thought pacman hurt him in say the early rounds if i am correct? But Manny was not doing enough in my view .
      Punch stats suggest otherwise but who actually does these punch stats?
      I was also surprised to see punch stats suggest Manny landed more jabs than Bradley i dnt really remember him throwing and landing Jabs.  
      To sum up, i do think it was a close fight and can see why people have Manny as the winner but this was no robbery.

    • Interesting to hear from one of the few who had Bradley ahead but I’ve got to respectfully disagree with that take Joseph. There are two reasons why Bradley wasn’t winning multiple rounds by boxing and those were the fact that he wasn’t landing anything that was significant (IE hurting or stopping Manny from advancing) and he was largely backing off. All of that while being out-landed through just about every round.

      The other problem with that take is that you talk about Bradley making Manny miss when it was significantly the other way around. Bradley threw more punches and landed considerably less. It was Manny who was making Bradley miss the vast majority of the fight showing very good defense in his own right.

      If boxing is defined as hitting without getting hit, Manny landed more punches and made Bradley miss more often throughout the entire contest. That’s on top of clearly landing the harder more effective punches and coming forward the whole way.

      I don’t doubt there were a couple rounds (with Bradley out-landed and landing nothing of significance himself) Tim could have been given but to suggest there were seven is beyond a stretch.

      The bottom line is that when Bradley tried to come forward he was unable to engage and was sent reeling off balance by Manny’s effective shots and when he backed up he was significantly out-landed.

      I couldn’t disagree more that this was a close fight in any way for those very simple reasons. The problem with anyone trying to claim this fight was close is that there were not many rounds that were difficult to score. Manny was landing more blows, connecting with the cleaner more effective punches the entire way, all the while being the aggressor.  When we look at the criteria for scoring rounds with the ten point must system it was a fairly easy fight to score in my view.

    • I thought it was funny to hear Duane Ford talk about the fight on episode 2 of The Fight Game with Jim Lampley.’

      He used the fact that professional fights are not judged the same as amateur fights as a defense for the judges’ scoring in favour of Bradley.

      However, Bradley’s pitter pat punches are the kind that are more likely to be rewarded in the amateurs than in the pro’s, because they did no damage and were largely ineffective.

    • Ceddybaby

      I am in 100% agreement…..I had Bradley 7 rounds to 5 also…Pacquiao fans can see what they want to see…..

    • Rex18

      The problem with guys like u is that you tip your cards when you talk like that. by saying “Pacquiao fans” its clear you’re not one and as a result pretty easy to deduce that bias has lead u to the minority scorecard you are now touting. Because it’s clear from looking around the boxing world it’s not just Pac fans who saw the fight one way its an overwhelming majority of fans and media. Look at HBO’s facebook poll from last Saturday and the polls within the media. There’s a reason your scorecard is in a minoirty pal

    • Kjjosephs

      Hello Mate.  How did u view that fight?  did u think Pacman dominated?
      I like Pacman, i watched the fight again this morning, and again the rounds were very close in my opinion but yet again i had Bradley the winner i much preferred his work. To me Manny landed a few good power shots early doors but missed so much. His own defence was good hands held high etc , but Bradley just like  Marquez showed again that Manny can be outboxed. Keep turning him anti clock wise and he runs out of ideas,he can not get off.  By the way i am a huge Floyd Money Mayweather fan and i hope they still fight as i know what will hapen. lol

    • Rex18

      I had it 9 rounds to 3 and didn’t think it was at all close i thought ace freeman did a good job in the post below of noting that Manny actually showed better D than Bradley by making him miss so much with the fact Bradley throw more punches but landed way less. Boxing is about hitting and not getting hit and Manny landed way more punches and was hit less and he was agressor the whole fight. I think that if you scored the fight for Bradley you don’t know how to score that is my thoughts. It was nothing like the Marquez fight because Marquez made it close while landing affective counter punches and big shots Bradley barely landed any powerful punches in the whole fight. It just was not a close fight sorry bro

  • Ceddybaby

    Point A and B or not “Black” and “White”. Punch stats are never exact or correct, just and estimation. I Thought Pacquiao threw more punches and landed less.. Puch stats say: Brandley threw more punches but landed less. It is obvious everyone don’t count the same. There is more criteria than A and B the judges have to consider and that is the Black and White….

    • Rex18

      I don’t know about u but the fight was pretty easy to see who was landing more and better punches and it was clearly Pac. The whole world saw it so for you to go against the vastly popular opinion and defy the stats is pretty funny. 

      There is now unitesd states senators talking about how that fight will lead to potential legistlation within America to try and curb corruption in boxing. And also I just saw this on Ring website that the WBO review had five top independant world judges all score the fight for pacquiao in their official review of the fight this week:

      face it baby you are out to lunch on this one. 

  • Gakiis47

    All 5 judges sent by the WBO to review the fight had it unanimously for Pacquoao. Too bad this cant be used to overturn the decision.

  • Kjjosephs

    Well i look forward to the rematch, i can see Bradley winning again. lol

  • Nlmetra

    Ya its too bad for Bradley that he’s not truly recognized as a champ. After WBO got 5 International judges to review the fight they unanimously agreed that Manny won. WBO won’t overturn the decision but agreed to have a rematch. Which could be also construed the fight is questionable. So Bradley looks like a paper champ but not truly recognized. 
    Manny should just not fight for any WBO sanctioned fights anymore.      

  • Gavhiei
    • I saw that a few days ago when it first came up, and the first thing that stood out is that it did a good job of showing HBO’s bias.

      With that said, if anyone scored the fight for Tim Bradley (and the person who made that video did not, they scored the fight for Pacquiao)… they are more biased and or off base than HBO was.

      HBO is always biased and leading viewers astray with their commentary,
      it’s nothing new and it wasn’t specific to this fight or Manny.

      The bottom line is that it was closer to Lederman’s card (HBO) than it was anyone who gave seven rounds to Bradley.

      At the end of the day, it doesn’t change the fact this was a horrific decision.

  • tony t

    ace had paul williams beating lara that night! he didn’t believe that the fight was a robbery? now he’s doing all of this for a the bradleyvs packman decision? this fight wasn’t a blow out! yes i think pac won, but nowhere as clear as lara punished paul williams! get your head right ace!