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Miguel Cotto’s Revenge: Post fight comments from NYC!

By FightFan.com Staff (04-Dec-2011)

Don’t miss Miguel Cotto’s post fight commentary as he spoke to the media after getting his revenge against longtime nemesis Antonio Margarito who he stopped in ten rounds last night in New York on HBO PPV!

Miguel Cotto: “This was the most satisfying win of my career. I had a lot of motivation based on what happened in the first fight. In both cases the adrenalin was running and I didn’t feel his punches in the ring. But look at my face now and look at what it looked like after our first fight. I’ll let you decide what to think about that.”

“I’m a gentleman and I tried to be a professional through out this entire process. A lot of people might have done a lot worse. I went in the rind and did my job and now I am going to go home for a few weeks to rest and be with my family. After that I will begin thinking about what is next for me.”

Cotto speaks on Margarito Revenge:

Video courtesy of BoricuaBoxing.com

  • scum

    should fight marquez next then pacquiao

  • hehehe

    it would be an even fight, marquez has done great things but not because he did better than cotto against pacquiao, he is going to beat him.

  • The Golden SouthPaw

    A couple of points i want to make. # 1 they (Margarito and Cotto) both used Everlast gloves and not Reyes. By everyone’s account, the Reyes gloves are considered the “puncher’s gloves” AND they usually bust up a fighter more. Now, Cotto; for a guy who didnt seem to take too many shots DOES show wear and tear on his face! So, it’s not fair for him to say, look at my face last time and now… cuz the fact is… he wasnt hit nearly as much and they werent wearing Reyes gloves. Let the loaded gloves issue go away… how about a 3rd fight with Reyes gloves in LA and see how much the Mexican crowd plays into it just like the Puerto Rican crowd played into it in NY… and ..let them wear Reyes gloves and we’ll see how much wear and tear will show on BOTH fighters face next time.. Im just saying

  • hehehe

    thats right, cotto didnt get hit as much as last time, and his face was still a bit busted.

    who knows man, i still think cotto was on his way to UD, a lot could happen in 2 – 3 rounds but it just didnt seem like this time

    first time it started happenin since the 5 or 6 i remember right?