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Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez III: Expectations, the swaying power of sentiment and the 10-point must system

By Ace Freeman (13-Nov-2011)

Live on location in Las Vegas, Ace Freeman reflects on Manny Pacquiao’s closely contested victory over Juan Manuel Marquez in their eagerly awaited third fight.

Photo: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Fight night in Vegas, and not all of the violence happened inside the ring. In fact, tensions reached a boiling point in the crowded aftermath in the halls and walkways of the MGM Grand.

It was a polarizing fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez… much like the first two times they danced.

Both men claimed victory but the most aggressive vigor I saw was among the fans exiting and many of my fellow cohorts in the media room.

While I had Manny Pacquiao ahead 115-113 on my scorecard, there was no doubt that on this night the biggest victory belonged to Juan Manuel Marquez, for it was a moral one.

The proud Mexican warrior took Manny Pacquiao to the brink once again. He pushed him like no man has since the last time they clashed in 2008. While Pacquiao went on to dominate bigger and stronger men, Marquez showed once again on this night that he has a style better suited to fighting Manny Pacquiao than anyone in recent years.

But unfortunately for Marquez, a moral victory doesn’t necessarily equate to a coveted “W” in the win column.

Boxing is scored on a ten point must system. Under the system, the judges must give the winner of a round 10 points, and the loser 9 points or fewer. What we witnessed tonight were twelve individual rounds that needed to be added up when they were completed to find a winner.

In my opinion, that winner was Manny Pacquiao.

I concede that it was a very close fight… much like Pacquiao and Marquez’s first two encounters. Like those battles, I have absolutely no problem with anyone seeing tonight’s fight in Marquez’s favour and it is not my intention to convince anyone otherwise.

But a robbery, this fight was not.

Lennox Lewis vs. Evander Holyfield 1 was a robbery. George Foreman vs. Shannon Briggs was a robbery.

Calling what we witnessed tonight a robbery cheapens the term.

I did think Juan Manuel Marquez landed the better quality punches in the fight… but I found them to be few and far between. There simply were not enough of them in succession, or consistently in enough rounds consecutively.

In just about every round it was Manny Pacquiao coming forward, and doing so as the aggressor.

He threw more punches, and (unlike their first two bouts) he landed more as well.

Yes Marquez was brilliant in his counter attack. His science was sweet, but it was by no means the dominant factor in the fight.

There were also several rounds (most notably the first) that were uneventful and could have been scored in either man’s favour if you are looking at them objectively.

That makes for a fight that could have gone either way when all was said and done. Again, much like their first two tilts.

One thing that resonated loudly on this particular night in Sin City was sentiment.

Juan Manuel Marquez was a huge underdog according to the Las Vegas odds-makers.

They weren’t alone. The majority of media outlets and boxing fans had foreseen a telling and resounding Manny Pacquiao victory.

In the immediate aftermath of the fight, I saw and spoke with many (some who were fuming) who seemed to allow that sentiment to resound louder than objectivity.

The act of Marquez being much more competitive than almost everyone thought would be the case seemed to be the dominating story on this night, and it was complimented nicely by the disappointment Manny Pacquiao obviously felt and exuded at not dominating this fight like he (and many) hoped he would.

As Pacquiao has been so dominant in marquee fights in recent years, the expectations placed upon him have mounted. While it was clear on this night he failed to meet the expectations of most fans, pundits and most importantly himself… those same expectations should not be allowed to affect the way a boxing match is scored.

At the end of the day when we look at tonight’s fight as twelve individual rounds, there is only math.

While sentiment and story-lines surrounding these mega-fights often prove more intoxicating than many substances available in these Las Vegas casinos… at the end of this night we saw another competitive bout between two gallant warriors that – when looking at it subjectively – could have been scored for either fighter within the realm of reason.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

Pacquiao-Marquez Post Fight Presser

Video by Ace Freeman

  • OneTonMan

    I think Manny’s thoughts were preoccupied with “Who’s watching my Ferrarri right now?”

  • Anonymous


    Both of your comments are just childish.

    @Ace Freeman

    This website is too biased to Manny Pacquiao.

  • Anonymous

    @ Delfz

    Your argument is weak.

  • Anonymous

    pac won the fight because of ARUM.. Boxing is business. the judges gave it to pacquiao because he the bigger draw in las vegas.

  • hehehe

    floyd and marquez are different kind of counter punchers..

  • Abe Boogie

    This fight was a DRAW!!

  • Anonymous

    (MARQUEZ “WE DID IT, WON” “I DONT KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO TO WIN”) MARQUEZ you fuccking idiot! I bet on you! but u did not come harder, if you wanna win the fight knock him down! your always backpedaling waiting to counter… Thats why you lost! give back my money!!!

  • realist

    All of you sound retarded talking about Pacquiao won now that you’ve had 24 hours to get your storylines together lol this is the dumbest article I’ve ever read Manny clearly lost last night and everyone from amir khan an andre berto to marvin hagler thought so right afterwards..

  • Anonymous

    everyone is entitled to their opinion but the outcome is the same Manny clearly won the fight they just expect something that doesn’t happened that’s why..

    Marquez landed good punches but Pacquiao landed more most of the round :)

  • special hit

    Anonymous Says:


    Wooohh! Your good…..that was a stiff jab.

  • Anonymous


    The difference is that Floyd is much better.

  • A A

    Ace, fantastic article.

  • Neutral

    Marquez was not robbed, Manny deserved the win
    he did his best and played clean.
    go watch the replays on HD, and see that dirty
    tactic of Marquez trying to step on Manny’s foot so
    he can’t get away from the punches.
    count how many times he did it and tell us if its accidental.

    God gave Manny the win, because he gave an honorable
    fight, did not even complain on the tricks being done to him, just did his best and prayed for guidance.

    So please don’t say that Manny did not deserve the win.

    Lets just all say, whichever way the decision went, they deserve it with Marquez or Pacquiao they deserved it.

  • Nicole

    Manny fought Marquez’s fight, Manny was hitting but not hurting Marquez, Watch Marquez’s fights with Casamayor, Katsisidis, Juan Diaz, and Mayweather, His face gets swolen easily, meaning Marquez getting a more swollen face than Pacqquiao does not guarantee Pacquiao really damaged him. Marquez executed a perfect game plan until the 10th round, then gave the last 2 to manny.

  • Nicole

    Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray leonard Had Marquez winning



  • what if the fight did not go with the judges?what would the pip say???what if jmm ko mp?what the pip say???if mp ko jmm???guyz tell me why???

  • Nicole

    In case you don’t believe these 2 LEGENDS, here ids a link on what other FIGHTERS thought of the fight.


    I would rather believe these people than schucks that have not EVER fought a professional bout

  • Nicole


    Stop talking about the what if’s, Think about what has happened and in this case it’s a robbery.

  • @nicole

    tell me?

  • Nicole

    It was a robbery, read the thoughts of the boxing greats about the fight it’s in the links

  • Tipipa

    Marquez have now defeated Pacquiao thrice. whats the point of fighting Pacquiao for the 4th time? Fighting Mayweather again would be a better option. I’m sure Mexicans would support to have this fight done.Marquez can beat Mayweather this time with a good conditioning coach like Heredia.
    Viva Mexico!!!!

  • Nicole

    Mayweather is The Faster version of Marquez, with a better head movment and adaptability. Add that Floyd has a unique way of frustrating his opponents

  • Nicole

    I would like the 4th fight to happen , if not in Mexico, in NEW YORK CITY, THE MECCA OF BOXING. Las Vegas assigns the ref and judges, not the WBO, so Las Vegas is more inclined to the betting favorite.

  • hello everyone try to see this.


    In a 10-point system, the boxer­ who wins a round is given 10 points, and the other ­boxer gets nine points. (10 -9)
    If there was a ­ knockdown in the round (10-8)
    2 knock downs (10-7)
    If a­ judge can’t decide who won the round, it is­ scored 10-10.
    Now if you are the challenger, you must be­ the aggressor (Pacquiao vs Cotto) in very close­ rounds the­ Champion gets the 10. For example if­ Pacquiao would just stay still and Marquez does not­ attack, Pacquiao gets the 10 and Marquez 9. In this­ case Manny (champion) was always aggressive while­ Marquez (challenger) waits for an attack and­ counters.
    Marquez’s body language fooled a lot of­ people. Making people feel that he was the winner or­ at least it was a draw. It may look like he was­ landing more punches but the tricky part here is he­ was on the defensive, luring Pacquiao into his ­tactical traps (remember the challenger must be the one­ who is aggressive to be awarded 10 ). So even if ­Marquez did connect more punches, he gets only 9 for ­ being defensive and Manny gets the 10 for being the ­attacker.
    Pacquiao got more “10”s than ­Marquez. Manny wins.
    Why Manny won? “Manny knows…”

  • omega

    enough of this pac-jmm III, looks like it can’t be settled… a majority draw to me though, watched it again… in my oppinion best judges call is: 114-114 2x and 115-113 on either…

    for pacman: “disappointing performance”;
    for dinamita: “great fight”…
    but no way a robbery…

    with this subpar, lackluster performance from pacman against an opponent dominated by mayweather…

    pacman-mayweather should be a done deal…

    seems an easy fight for floyd but still the odds are riveting and volatile… good for both pacfans and floydfans… best for vegas!

  • Anonymous

    @Nicole Pacquiao and Floyd Jr should be done, I guess Freddy will adjust more the sooner the fight the better for Floyd coz Pacquiao evolve time to time…

    I say Pacquiao vs Floyd in 2012..

    I know Floyd will be the favorite this time because of what had happened. but I am betting on Pacquiao as usual :) I like Pacquiao as the underdog it means more money for me.

    There will always be one kryptonite and the others are just fake, Pacquiao got Marquez as Kryptonite.

    Mayweather I don’t know, but for sure it will be the PACMAN regardless of the PACQUIAO vs Marquez…

    Floyd sign the contract now, you have seen the poor performance of Pacquiao…

    But to be honest Pacquiao box with Marquez, Pacquiao just need to throw a lot more punches while boxing and BOOOM he can perfect it…

  • Anonymous,
    who is being childish with such comment, and who is biased with this website? it’s you!

  • Nicole

    Mayweather has underrated power, he has 62% knockout wins and Pacquiao has 64%, nit much difference there, Floyd took the Best shots of Mosley and Outclassed Him, Pacquiao Ran through Mosley and Mosley was unable to adjust. Floyd may be an arrogant prick, but he is a MASTER BOXER. Compare him as A faster, slicker and smarter version of Marquez.
    Pacquiao Marquez 4 has to happen because this is the first boxing trilogy between prime fighters that did not have a clear closure, Las Vegas already has a lot of politics from the choice of judges, which were not assigned by the WBO but by NSAC, to the way they score rounds.

  • HD

    I watched the fight again, JMM was not robbed. This fight should have been a draw. IF you think either man won you are biased. As for Floyd vs pacman, Floyd jr will out point pacman all night long.

  • leemalone


  • gakiis47

    MichaelDSellers article

    Dear Juan Manuel Marquez,

    First, congratulations on an excellent performance against Manny Pacquiao on November 12. You demonstrated that more than any other fighter, you have figured out the Pacquiao puzzle. You deserve great credit for that. [Desplácese hacia abajo de la letra en español]

    In your post fight interview you said you were robbed, and that you might retire. That’s understandable in the heat of the moment right after the fight, but after you’ve had a chance to reflect on it, I hope you will elect to continue. It is clear you have the skills and physical ability, and Bernard Hopkins has certainly taught us that 38 is not as old as we thought it was. Your performance against Manny reinforces that.

    If you elect to continue fighting, and in particular if you elect to challenge Manny Pacquiao to a fourth fight, I would respectfully suggest that you need to be aware of some realities about judges scoring. Had you been more fully concious and accepting of them this time, you might have won the fight by pushing yourself harder in the later rounds when the fight still hung in the balance. True, by pushing yourself you would be exposing yourself to more risk — even to a possible knockout, but that is always the way of it when you are the challenger attempting to take the belt away from the champion.

    The judges in Nevada are charged to look for a) clean, effective punching, b) effective aggression, c) ring generalship, and d) defense. A study of how US (and most other) judges score over the last 10 years shows that in a close fight, the judges almost always favor the fighter who presses the action and is perceived as the aggressor in the fight. Being the aggressor almost always generates a higher punch output, and even if the punches aren’t completely clean, the judges reward the attacking style which, even if it doesn’t result in clean punches, does expose the aggressor to greater risk than his opponent–something that the judges evidently feel should be rewarded. Your reliance on counterpunching, while it may produce cleaner landed shots, will always put you at a disadvantage with judges in a close fight if you rely heavily on the counterpunching style and do not act as the aggressor.

    To state the equation very clearly: The very act of launching an attack against a composed, skillful opponent whose guard is up is a risky manuever which exposes the attacker. By taking that risk and launching that attack, the attacker gains favor in the eyes of the judges, and even if his punches don’t land as cleanly as your counterpunches, he gets credit for a) forcing the action and being the aggressor, b) taking the risk associated with attacking a skilled, waiting opponent.

    In your first two fights with Manny Pacquiao, while you were oriented toward counterpunching, you also launched offensive attacks and in both of those fights you had a higher volume of punches that Pacquiao; a higher landed punch total; and a higher number of solid, compelling punches. But in those fights — he knocked you down four times. There is no doubt that if you had not been knocked down, you would have won both those fights because all of the other statistics were in your favor.

    But this is not true of your most recent fight. In that fight Pacquiao had a higher volume of attacks; higher volume of punches; higher number of landed punches; higher number of landed powershots. Your counters were effective and in some cases dramatic — but by its very nature, your counterpunch oriented approach will impress the fans (and your trainer, evidently), but unless you create knockdowns it will not impress the judges — at least it won’ t impress them enough to offset the advantages that Pacquiao is gaining from his constantly being the aggressor; constantly exposing himself to risk by launching attacks against a waiting opponent; and in doing so generating an overall impression that he’s moving forward while you’re moving backwards; he’s getting off more punches (hence taking more risk); he’s landing more punches even if they’re not as clean (after all he’s punching a waiting opponent, not an exposed one).

    Also, if I may offer one other piece of advice. In each of these fights, your Hall of Fame trainer Mr. Berestain has repeatedly told you in the corner between rounds that you are winning the fight. By now, given your highly intelligent nature, you must realize that no matter what Mr. Berestain says, you must keep fighting as if you are not ahead. You are the challenger; the underdog; and you are using a counterpunching style that puts you at a disadvantage with judges. You must never assume you are ahead. In the fight on November 12, if you had gone into the “championship rounds” with the attitude that you must win these rounds, the outcome of the fight might have been different.

  • gakiis47

    Maybe, just maybe if the scoring used was the Olympic style scoring, then Marquez would have been declared the winner. Floyd could suggest that if ever he fights Pacman!

    Apart from Olympic style drug testing, why not use the Olympic style scoring system too !lol

  • special hit

    @ gakiis47,

    You just took alot of space fool, get with the program nobody is going to seat here all day just to read your freak’n book. Practice texting would you?
    Just get to the point and move on!

  • gakiis47

    @special hit

    Know your English fool, it’s “sit” not “seat”. Practice your spelling first before asking someone to practice testing. I bet you can’t read as well.

    And yeah Pacman wasn’t at his best this time but a win is still a win. It is written in the record books It is you who has a hard time moving on. I say get your girl Mayweather to fight Pacman. I’m sure after seeing this fight he has regrown his teeny weeny b@lls back.

  • hehehe

    pacman did enough just to win this fight, honestly he was neutralized by marquez style, his timing even seemed off, his punches were not as crisp and pacquiao wouldnt even do many combos..

    but he did land lots of those straight lefts and right hooks, some of those right hooks seemed off thou, not popping marquez head back.

  • hehehe

    vasquez marquez also didnt have closure right? 2-2 lol.

  • suckerpunch

    Pacquiao is an old and washed up fighter, there is no need for 4th fight with Marquez or a fight with Mayweather. Marquez vs Bradley for May 2012.

  • Anonymous

    This video proves that Marquez cheated yet still loss


  • gakiis47

    @ Anonymous

    I just saw the “foot stopper trick” video. I have a firm belief it was intentionally done. That may be one of the game plans of Marquez to negate the balance and power of Pacman. It did not happen only once but numerous times hence it is not accidental. I remember Joshua Clottey had mastered this trick too, knowing the refs will not be looking fighters’ feet at all during a fight. No wonder Pacman felt he was cramping and could not move during the fight, where in fact his lead foot could have just been pinned down by Marquez especially during exchanges.

  • gakiis47

    Now I understand why Pacman’s timing was off! Marquez was stepping on his foot intentionally. No way this was accidental at all. I thought he was just countering beautifully, but a little “step-on-the-foot” trick was needed to get it done. Shame on Marquez.

    @Ace Freeman, is “foot stepping” an old trick in the sport of boxing?

  • ai3live

    i realy agree that Marquez is cheater. i review it my self. and i print screen all his foot stepping to pacmans foot…
    here some photos…

  • Nicole


    Don’t think Marquez was the only one doing the STEPPING

  • suplado


    tentative 1st round for both guys, close round to score, but i gotta give it to manny, who landed and thrown more punches especially the jab, lead left and some straight left hands. marquez threw a few countershots to the body and that’s about it, round 1 for pacquiao 10-9….

    pacquiao still moves forward in round 2 hitting his jabs, but surprisingly, marquez stood his ground and land effective counters to the body and head, sneaking a few left uppercuts in there as well. sometimes even stepping forward to throw some 1-2-3 combos of his own, marquez wins 2nd round….

    round 3, tough round to score, manny started strong in the opening minute landing jabs, 1-2’s, then marquez turned the table and countered effectively again, moving to pacquiao’s right hand side to stay away from the left hand after every counter shot. both guys throw hooks to the body then pacquiao finishes with a flurry. gotta give it to manny just for those last second shots. pacman takes round 3….

    so far, i got the same scorecard as harold lederman after round 3….

    wow, change of view in the 1st minute of the 4th round. marquez moves forward and even traps manny momentarily in the corner and throws combos, while pacquiao counters with 1-2 combo to get out, accidental and minor clash of heads 2 minutes in the round, marquez lunges with his left hook, manny steps back a bit, manny moves forward, lands a couple of jabs and straight to the body, pacquiao lands combos again ending with a looping left hand that barely catches marquez, marquez cruising in this round a bit, finally marquez right-left hook combo to the body, pacquiao keeps moving forward, lands the lead left, marquez counters with a left to the body, they both throw combos and missed, marquez lands a left-right on manny to finish the round. tough round to score. i’m leaning on manny cause marquez cruised quite a bit in this round, pacman round 4….

    marquez breathing heavy in his corner after round 4….

    5th round started slow, until 30 seconds in, marquez throws right and left combos to the body but some where blocked by pacquiao, wow! left uppercut by marquez snaps pacquiao’s head back 1:55 of the round, manny resets after that, marquez throws combos and nothing lands significantly, manny showing better defense than in the previous fights with marquez, manny comes back with a double jab and left straight but misses, enough to keep marquez at bay though, marquez tries to counter with a left upper cut-overhand right combo and lands the upper cut but misses the right, manny keeps the jab pumping, marquez land another left uppercut-overhand right combo, pacquiao steps back, inside the final minute of the round, manny tries to press marquez to no avail, marquez moves well away to the side then counters with a left hook just to keep manny off balanced, 1-2 shot by marquez lands flush on manny 0:43 in the round, manny tries to fight back but misses with his combo, marquez lands another combo to close the round strong, clearly marquez owned the 5th round….

    marquez found his range with the left uppercut consistently landing on pacquiao…
    so far pacquiao leads marquez 3 rounds to 2….

    tentative start for round 6, nothing much happening inside 1 minute, both guys try to re-establish the jab, marquez leads with the left uppercut again but this time was blocked by manny, lands a straight right for marquez, pretty slow round, calm before the storm i suppose, left-right hook to the body lands for marquez, pacquiao moves in, got caught with a right counter shot from marquez – 1:16, marquez throws the left uppercut and misses, pacquiao countered with the vaunted 1-2 combo and lands, pacquiao showing some counterpunching of his own, right hook-left straight lands for pacquiao, marquez turns away to the left handside of manny, final 1 minute both guys reset in the middle of the ring, a couple of lead rights for marquez, pacquiao rushes in and misses, marquez countered with a left hook inside, throws a bit off balanced, marquez shoots another left-right hook combo to the body to end the round. tight round to score, but gotta give it to marquez landing the more accurate shots. round 6 belongs to marquez….

    halfway through the fight, i got it even, 3 rounds a piece….

    what’s missing in manny’s arsenal is the uppercut, i have yet to see him throw even one after 6 rounds, he needs to throw that shot to keep marquez from leading with his own left uppercut and hook to the body, cause marquez has a tendency to lean to his left before throwing that shot and leaves himself open to be countered as well….

    both men trade jabs to begin the 7th round, marquez lands a looping right hand 2:18, manny covers up amidst marquez combo, pacquiao still moving forward, manny misses with the double jab-left straight combo, tries again and misses, marquez showing enough footwork to stay away from manny, pacquiao lands the jab and lead left, halfway through the round marquez lands a left uppercut to the body, manny keeps moving forward though and straight into a marquez left hook, pacquiao very wary of marquez counters and bites to marquez feints, manny rushes in and eats another counter shot 1 minute left in the round, manny lands the lead left, marquez steps back and stays away from the ropes, marquez digs to the body with his left hand 0:39, 1-2-3 combo lands for marquez, lead right lands for marquez, right hook lands for manny, lead left lands for manny countered by marquez jab, 1-2 for manny misses, both guys trade combos to end the round and marquez getting the better of the exchange with his right uppercut. close round again, but again, marquez lands the crisper shots, marquez round 7….

    manny showing head and body movement to begin the 8th, crowd chanting mexico, they trade shots on the inside, marquez digs to the body with the left, pacquiao misses with the lead left, marquez thorws the right and blocked by pacquiao, pacquiao bleeding from the mouth with a cut possibly caused by some of marquez uppercuts while marquez slowly has a swollen right eye possibly from manny’s lead lefts, manny’s left hand lands to the body, pacquiao showing more activity in this round, marquez grabs on 1:35, left uppercut and right hand lands for marquez as manny moves in, pacquiao can’t seem to mount a consistent rally of punches, right hook lands for manny, marquez misses with his double jab, manny showing better defense and footwork in this round, 1 minute left marquez left hook blocked by manny, manny lands the lead left then side steps to his right caught marquez by surprise 0:47, manny presses forward, they trade combos on the inside, left hook by marquez to the body countered by pacquiao’s right hook land almost simultaneously, manny finishes the round with a 1-2, i’ll give manny round 8….

    pacquiao’s cut in the mouth being attended to in his corner to begin round 9….

    and round 9 begins, both men sizing each other up, amidst the chants of mexico from the mgm grand crowd, marquez misses with the left hook-right hand shots, pac lands his overhand left, pac moves in and marquez sides step and got countered with a left to the back of the head 2:20, marquez rushed in and misses, pac lands the lead left again, marquez left-right hook combo got blocked again, pacquiao showing his much improved defense, but then marquez lands a left hook to the body followed by a left uppercut and right straight, beautifully setup shots by marquez backs pacquiao up, marquez moving in and got countered by a pacquiao left, right hook lands for manny, finally an uppercut by manny but misses, right hook again by manny, manny contented to landing one shots at a time, misses again with the left uppercut by manny, marquez lands some combo on the inside, pacquiao back with his lead left, again manny misses with the left uppercut, i guess that’s why he rarely throws them uppercuts, right-left hook by manny glances on marquez, they trade again on the inside, tough round so far, 1 minute again and they exchange leather in close, manny lands more but marquez counters with the right 0:46 stymies pacquiao’s assault, marquez comes back with his own flurry, pacquiao counters with his own, exciting final minute of the round let’s see who edges up front, and they hold for a brief recess, marquez throws 5-6 shots to the head and body of pacquiao, manny comes back with 4 shots of his own, marquez 1-2 slightly parried by pacquiao, marquez left uppercut lands again, manny counters with the right overhand, manny finishes strong with his 1-2 combos, whew! best round so far and even tougher to score, very tough rough indeed, could have gone either way, i’ll just go with pacquiao with the better activity and the strong finish to the round, pacquiao edges marquez in round 9…..

    marquez reminded by his corner to not go in the ropes in between rounds 9 and 10, they seem concerned about marquez fighting manny’s style of fight…..

    marquez begins round 10 with his by now patented left uppercut right hand combo but was partially blocked by pacquiao, manny rushes in and misses, nothing much so far inside 1 minute, both guys missing shots on the inside, fatigue could be setting on them, they trade right hook for pacquiao and right straight for marquez 1:49, pacquiao rushes in and missed again forcing marquez down on his knees, an they trade shots inside both men landing, shootout on the inside again, pacquiao seems to complain about something 1:28, marquez leading in, pacquiao keeps him off with the jab, final minute of the round, manny throws the lead left, marquez shoots to the body with 1-2 hooks, pacquiao rushes again this time found his mark, marquez left hook blocked by manny, and they trade punches with manny getting the better of it, manny finishes strong again to end the round, manny wins round 10 with better activity….

    pacquiao is cut on the right eyebrow after round 10 from a possible headbutt….
    bad cut for manny as it runs across the brow and not alongside it….
    slowmo replay clearly shows it was caused by a butt….

    and we are on to round 11, marquez tees off with the jab that was blocked by manny, slow opening minute so far, manny throws a left to the body, marquez counters with a right to the head, marquez misses with the looping right, pacquiao counters with the left hand and catches marquez, marquuez backs off a bit, right hook- left uppercut combo lands for manny, 1-2 again for manny, manny coming on strong in round 11, another uppercut for manny, halfway through the round manny showing more activity while marquez seems to be cruising and picking his spots, jim lampley just said that nacho told marquez that they are winning the fight, bad advice from a veteran cornerman with still 2 rounds to go and a lot of close rounds to score 1:28, marquez finally shows sign of offense landing a right and a left, but manny counters with his own left-right combo, both men pacing themselves in the final minute of the round probably saving up for the slambang 12th and final round that might determine the outcome of this fight, manny rushes in with a 1-2, marquez misses with his counters, pacquiao lands another 1-2 combo, jab lands for manny, lead left by manny, final 10 seconds and marquez hits manny with the straight right, and the bell rings, other than that right hand at the end of the round for marquez, clearly pacquiao outworked him in that round, pacquiao takes round 11…..

    where almost at the final round, but before that, i gotta take a leak, whew! what a fight, tough to score and watch for every detail as best as i can…..

    and where at the finish line, round 12, crowd singing ole, ole, roach wanted manny to knock marquez out as stated by max kellerman, and round 12 begins, crowd on their feet, manny’s right eye look’s shut, so does marquez, manny leads with the right hook over the top of marquez left hand, marquez feints the left hand, double jab and straight left barely lands for manny, marquez misses with his counter right as well, crowd chanting mexico again inside the 1st minute, they exchange punches, both landing and missing at the same time, lead left for manny and lead right for marquez both cancelling each other out, both guys seem to know what the other is thinking in there, marquez takes the initiative and throws 5 shots combo that landed on pacquiao’s guard 1:40, where almost halfway through the round, manny moves in, marquez tries to hold, lead left by manny lands on marquez, marquez uppercut blocked by pacquiao’s guard, quite a slow 12th round compared to what’s a stake, a minute left to go, still nothing definitive, both guys feinting the rush and baiting the other to move in, let’s see who blinks first cave in, marquez took the initiative but wildly misses, manny showing better defense late in the match, pacquiao just dropped his mouthguard, ref tony weeks calls for time 0:41, crowd boos lustily, that was a quick break from the fight, and we’re on again, manny comes in pounding his gloves, perhaps asking marquez to go toe-to-toe, marquez obliges with a jab and overhand right which were caught by pacquiao’s guard, marquez throws 1-2-3 combo and was blocked again, again pacquiao showing good defense, pacquiao lands a right hook to the body, last 10 seconds, manny lands his 1-2 punch, marquez ducks underneath him, manny got his back on the ropes, circles away and focuses on marquez again, marquez tries to land a late flurry but to no avail, the bell rings, end of the fight. what a painfully tough fight to score. again close round, marquez started early but then both men cruised along in the middle of the round, but then pacquiao finished strong, so what to do? hmmmm, i’ll just give that round to pacquiao for better activity and showing a surprisingly better defense, round 12 goes to manny….

    what an excruciating tough fight to watch and score, i’m glad i’m just a fight fan able to watch such classic fights. so just based on what i’ve saw, i ended up scoring the fight 8 rounds to four, 116-112 in favor of pacquiao. much respect for marquez. pacquiao was pacquiao while marquez was marquez and even more. their tailor-made style mesh well together and brought the best out of each other. even if they fight each other 10 more times, we’ll still end up with controversial decisions each and everytime with the winner only determined by which style you prefer to win. pacquiao may have won this time on the scorecards, but it doesn’t mean that his the better man. in this specific case for both guys, neither of them is the better man. i would like to think that they are equal and they are both great fighters. so it doesn’t matter who really wins between them. what matters most is that we are treated to 36 rounds of fantastic boxing and we should all stop the bitching and whining on who beats who and just be grateful that we are fortunate enough to witness great men giving us great fights no matter who they face in that ring. respect to both fighters and to all who love and enjoy boxing…..


    1 10 9
    2 9 10
    3 10 9
    4 10 9
    5 9 10
    6 9 10
    7 9 10
    8 10 9
    9 10 9
    10 10 9
    11 10 9
    12 10 9

    TOTAL 116 112

  • Nicole

    that is your perspective, meanwhile here are come comments by people you may or may not have heard of.


  • JJJ

    Let’s move on Marquez fans. You can cry all you want it won’t change the results. You can make the case for Marquez all day but it won’t change the scorecards. Pacman landed more, stole rounds with late flurries. Manny won! Accept it!

  • Nicole

    Yeah, let’s move on Pacquiao got the Decision, Marquez WON the FIght.

  • suplado

    bottomline is this, marquez may have landed the more aesthetically looking punches, but manny out-thrown him, outlanded him, outworked him, outhustled him with his aggression in every round, so i had manny winning. but if marquez was able to outland manny despite manny’s aggression, i would have no problem scoring the close rounds and the fight in favor of marquez cause that will show that marquez outboxed pacquiao during the fight, but clealy that isn’t the case here as supported by the compubox numbers….

  • Boolalow

    The reason there were chaos inside the ring with people throwing beer cans was the mexican fans of JMM were expecting a ten fold return of their bet on Marquez and it did not materialized hence the frustration and mob mentality ensued.

  • hanzoh74

    no need for a rematch…..what do u want manny to do?? rematch again and again until hes defeated??

  • hehehe

    whats the point of a rematch, maybe a rematch after he fights mayweather… this is the perfect moment for that fight to happen cuz mayweather might be willing to fight him now.

    if pacquiao goes with the rematch again, if he beats marquez badly, mayweather wont fight him, if its another controversial decision we are back to square 1, just fight mayweather first damn it!