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Enhanced Performance: The NATURAL progression of Manny Pacquiao from Light Flyweight to Welterweight

By Ace Freeman (21-Sep-2011)

Ace Freeman takes an in depth look at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s suspicion surrounding Manny Pacquiao and his physical evolution from light flyweight to welterweight as the two fighters continue to face growing scrutiny from fans and media alike who are longing to see their much anticipated historic showdown.

Let me start out by saying that I have no problem with Floyd Mayweather Jr. insisting Manny Pacquiao be tested for performance enhancing drugs if they are to meet in a super fight in the near future. While I don’t like the way he originally went about it insisting (with no evidence to support his claim) that Pacquiao has used or is currently using PEDs, he is entitled to his opinion and he’s free to think whatever he wants. What I do have a problem with is some of the skewed and false logic he’s been using lately every time the topic is brought up. Most specifically, his repeated notion that Manny Pacquiao is a 105 pound fighter who suddenly grew into a welterweight with Incredible Hulk like punching power. It is my contention that Mayweather and Pacquiao are and always have been (relatively speaking) the same size.

Mayweather on Manny Pacquiao:

FightFan TV

Floyd and Manny through the years:

Floyd Mayweather: “To say a guy goes from 105 pounds to this (welterweight), and it’s all natural … come on, man…”

Manny Pacquiao made his pro debut against Edmund Enting Ignacio in January of 1995. He was 16 years old at the time and weighed in at 106 pounds. At 16 years old Floyd Mayweather Jr. won the 1993 USA National Golden Gloves tournament in the 106 pound division.

At 17 years old Manny Pacquiao climbed in to the ring in May of 1996 against John Medina and weighed 114 pounds. At the same tender age of 17 Mayweather captured a USA National Golden Gloves title again, this time at (you guessed it) 114 pounds.

The biggest difference between Pacquaio and Mayweather early in their careers is that Floyd opted to turn pro at 19 years old (after attending the 1996 Olympics where he won a bronze medal at 125 pounds) as a lightweight in his first professional fight in November of ’96 (where he weighed in at 131 pounds). Mayweather remained at 130 pounds from his pro debut until 2002 when he ventured to lightweight as a 25 year old.

Pacquiao (who as mentioned above) turned professional in the Philippines at 16, remained between 114 pounds and 126 pounds from ages 20 through 25 until he met Erik Morales for the first time in his first foray at 130 pounds.

Thus in their mid 20′s both men were fighting at natural weights for their body type in and around the junior lightweight / lightweight divisions.

At 27 years old Mayweather took his first fight at 140 pounds against Demarcus Corley. Pacquiao made his first jump north of light welterweight when he fought Oscar De la Hoya at 29 years old tipping the scales at 142 pounds in what was officially a sanctioned welterweight contest.

Both men entered and spent their early 30′s as welterweights where we find both of them remaining to this day. Both fighters claim their “walk around weight” to be in the high 140′s and both men admittedly have an easy time making the welterweight limit of 147 pounds.

In his last three fights to date Mayweather has weighed 146, 146 and 146.5 pounds respectively to 145.75, 144.5 qnd 145 for Pacquiao in his last three outings.

As someone who has spent time in each of their training camps for the last six years, I can tell you unequivocally that these men are naturally very close to the same size. Floyd is slightly taller and longer while Manny is thicker with bigger legs.

In no way is this a case where Mayweather is a naturally bigger man while Pacquiao has sculpted and bulked up to walk around at the same weight. They are and always have been very close to the same size naturally.

Further to this point is the above graph compiled by a poster on Philboxing.com’s forum that details Manny Pacquiao’s weight in the ring on fight night vs. the weight division limit he depletes down to when “making weight” 24 hours before the bout. The graph runs from 2006 to 2009 but it serves the purpose of illustrating that Pacquiao has naturally been a light welterweight / welterweight for a good portion of his career despite sucking down to lower weight classes.

Even as far back as his first fight at 130 pounds (when he was 26 years old) in 2005 against Erik Morales, Pacquiao weighed in at 129.5 pounds on Friday afternoon, but entered the ring at 139 pounds 24 hours later on fight night.

To provide context, in his last outing against Shane Mosley he checked in at 149 pounds on HBO’s unofficial scale just prior to entering the ring.

That is a difference of less than ten pounds in seven years, nothing out of the norm for a professional boxer as they age from their 20′s to their 30′s.

When we look at a 25 year old Floyd Mayweather in 2002, we find him entering the ring on HBO’s unofficial scale at 138.5 pounds for his first fight against Jose Luis Castillo. When we fast forward seven years later (as we just did with Pacquiao above) we find Mayweather weighing in the high 140′s on fight night.

What this illustrates is that Manny Pacquiao has been walking around between 138 – 148 pounds once settling in to his adult frame regardless of what weight division he was cutting down throughout his 20s in the earlier stages of his professional boxing career.

There never really was a dramatic and suspicious sudden jump in Pacquiao’s body mass as is indicated at times by Floyd Mayweather and some casual boxing fans.

Floyd Mayweather: “If I was to go to heavyweight right now and compete with the Klitschkos… everyone would say Floyd’s on something. But this man can come from 105 to 154… and they say it’s all natural. Come on man… wake up!”

The other point often repeated by Floyd is that Pacquiao’s knockout power – specifically pointing to his time at and above 140 pounds – is both suspicious and unnatural.

At or above 140 pounds:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has eleven fights: 11-0 (5 KOs)

Manny Pacquiao has six fights: 6-0 (3 KOs)

They share a common knockout victim in Ricky Hatton.

The other two knockouts for Pacquiao were Oscar de la Hoya and Miguel Cotto, both of whom he stopped on their feet after sustained and prolonged beatings.

Miguel Cotto would be the biggest fighter Pacquiao has stopped to date, and while he did not step on HBO’s unofficial scale before his fight with Pacquiao, he was believed to be between 155 and 160 pounds in the ring that night.

Mayweather’s four stoppages (beyond Hatton) above 140 pounds are: Henry Bruseles, Arturo Gatti, Sharmba Mitchell and Victor Ortiz. That would peg Ortiz in Floyd’s recent outing last week as the biggest man he’s ever stopped as ‘Vicious’ Vic clocked in at 164 pounds and Floyd put him down for a full ten count.

Floyd Mayweather: “Sugar Ray Leonard, we knew he was going to be great from his Olympic days. Michael Jordan, we knew from college he was going to be a great professional.Floyd Mayweather, from the beginning of his career in the ’90s, we knew he was going to be a great professional. Now ask yourself, a fighter just don’t get to 25 years old and all of a sudden he becomes great…”

Floyd has presented this argument a few times before but this specific quote was from the video I recorded of him during the post fight presser after the Ortiz fight last weekend.

Again I’m not trying to suggest Floyd isn’t entitled to his opinion, but it felt fairly obvious to me that the major flaw in this line of thinking was that he was in Las Vegas (USA) talking about American athletes in professional sports that receive prime time coverage by major American media outlets.

Is it really a surprise we didn’t hear about a 16 – 22 year old Manny Pacquiao fighting in the Philippines on ESPN’s Sport Center?

We didn’t know anything of Manny Pacquiao at an earlier age because he was fighting regionally in southeast Asia.

While I don’t intend to argue Manny was a prodigy at 16 years old, he was certainly VERY highly regarded at that time by the boxing community in the Philippines. Every one of his early fights were televised and many of them featured my good friend and veteran broadcaster Ronnie Nathanielsz doing commentary. You can watch these fights on Youtube by searching for “No Fear: The Manny Pacquiao Story” which chronicles the first half of Manny’s career. Even in these early fights it is repeatedly mentioned that Pacquiao is a fighter that was then being covered with great interest by major news outlets in the Philippines.

This fact is also underlined for me by two separate conversations I’ve had with men instrumental in Manny Pacquiao’s early career.

I met Rick Staheli with my FightFan.com collegue Joe Bruiser during our first trip to see Manny Pacquiao fight live when he faced Erik Morales for the first time in 2005. A year before the birth of FightFan.com, Joe and I were outside the media center peeking in, trying to see more of the action. We saw a man standing in the entrance way of the Grand Garden Arena and struck up a conversation.

Rick told us all about his days as Pacquiao’s trainer in the early years of his career. He was instrumental in his early success before the ‘Pacman’ hooked up with Freddie Roach in North America, and was in his corner when the Filipino legend beat Chatchai Sasakul to win his first major world title in 1998. I remember asking Rick if he recognized the potential in Manny early on and he answered with a resounding yes, telling us we hadn’t seen anything yet.

Another conversation I had more recently about Manny’s early days was with veteran referee Bruce McTavish who is widely revered as an officiating guru among many of the most respected referees around the world. A veteran of over 150 world title bouts, McTavish has been the referee for many of Pacquiao’s early bouts and he echoed the sentiments we heard from Staheli (who as chance would have it, is a good friend of his).

“Yes it was very easy to tell there was something special about him right from the start,” McTavish told me earlier this year in Cebu, Philippines. “But it was really the development of his right hand during his time with Roach that really put him at the next level.”

No one hammered this point home for me more so than Manny Pacquiao himself. After a January 2010 invite to attend one of his training sessions as he prepared to face Joshua Clottey, Pacquiao recounted the key factor in his recent evolution as a pugilistic marvel.

“Knowledge + power!” Pacquiao repeated that day like it was a mantra. “First the power is there but now there is knowledge!”

It was a validation of all the hard work he and trainer Freddie Roach have put in during the last five years developing Pacquiao’s right hand to be nearly on par with his deadly left. An exercise in training and strategy that can clearly be seen evolving from 2005 onward along with his graceful and cunning footwork and much improved defense.

Knowledge + power… sounds familiar. Or how about HARD WORK and DEDICATION!


Again I’m not looking to take anything away from Mayweather, or to pass judgment on his demands that Manny Pacquiao submit to random Olympic style drug testing leading up to their proposed fight that the world wants to see.

I do feel that Floyd is entitled to his opinion and if he’s truly suspicious that Pacquiao or anyone else could potentially be using performance enhancing drugs I think it’s his prerogative to request that anyone who faces him submit to additional testing.

I don’t approve of his direct insinuations that Pacquiao is a PED user without any proof or (as I feel I’ve indicated above) his poor logic to back that claim up. I understand, in turn, why Pacquiao was upset and initially refused.

At this point I hope above all else that Manny will make good on what he always points out to be his number one objective of making the people happy. If I could tell him one thing it would be: “Please Manny, take the test and kick his ass!”

As for Floyd, who I admire inside the squared circle just as much as I do Pacquiao, I just pray that when and if negotiations resume for a potential 2012 super fight against Pacquiao that he will move forward (should Manny agree to the testing) without further issue. It’s time to shine Floyd and if you’re truly better than Manny as you are very adept at pointing out, get in the ring and shine!

Ace Freeman is the head writer at FightFan.com and can be reached at ace@fightfan.com

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251 Responses to “Enhanced Performance: The NATURAL progression of Manny Pacquiao from Light Flyweight to Welterweight”

Disclaimer: FightFan.com will NOT be held responsible for ANY of the content appearing in the following discussion, but will do it's best ensure that the discussion stays relevant, beneficial, and acceptable to the readers of this site.

  1. Noho Says:

    Take the est.

  2. Mike Says:

    Thank you Ace for this great analysis.
    Now if someone could forward this article to Floyd, that would be awesome!

    Im definitely sharing this on Facebook. Have all the doubters read this and have their minds opened and brain Focked!LOL

  3. spot_on Says:

    Fair and good article! back-up with facts! I for one seen and followed Manny Pacquiao’s fights when he was still basically a kid like me as were almost at same age. Seen him in Blow by Blow program Philippine TV, I was a kid then and I already knew he will be famous. Years later wasn’t surprised he made it big! He got talent and he is a thinking fighter.

  4. lpg Says:

    Wow! what a good observation. I just hope that mayweather will be man enough to fight pacquiao. But from what is emanating from mayweather’s camp, he is not keen on fighting pacquiao. From “manny, you’re next! claim of floyd, it is now “I don’t need pacquiao,I earn big money just by fighting anybody!.
    So, it is sad that fight fans will never see the fight we are all craving for.

  5. francisco Says:

    man thanks for makin this i just hope this spreads out to all them pacquiao haters who keep sayin he on steriods so they can shut tha fuck up cause mayweather and him basically came up the same weight and none of these talks of him being on steriods came up till mayweahter and him were fighting in the same wieght class hopefully floyd reads this and see how dumb he looks please try to get an interview with him and bring it up i wanna see what his responsse is.

  6. Tired of Alibis Says:

    May i request the officials of this website that this article be sent or published to the mayweathers and their fans so that they may stop their bs reasoning and alibis….

  7. irie cebu Says:

    someone in here said “take the test”. get a life… USADA can’t even give us proof that the testing was conducted up to the last hour of the fight. since mayweather is cleaning up the sport, all fighters under his stable should also undergo OSDT for all their fights… i’m getting dumber now.. can’t differentiate between idiots… noho, can you help me? update yourself dude…

  8. Guest Says:

    Floyd by his own statements from time to time admits that Pacquiao is indeed beyond equal.

  9. stilios300 Says:

    Phloyd ducked Margarito, Cotto back when these guys were the top dogs, Packy brutalized these big welters….now why would mayrunner fight packy? no amount of money or strict olympic testing would get this coward in the ring with the Pacman.

    Get over it people..we’re not seeing PAC vs Puzzy boy..unless the mafia people do their thingy and force puzzyboy to fight.

  10. kentox10 Says:

    Hardwork and dedication . floyds line when he trains.

  11. arckey Says:

    Boss it was all started with the comment of uncle Roger that paquiao i using anting anting or A-Side Meth then the story goes further and further and the A-side Meth turned into PED..

  12. eugenio siason Says:

    ric, you have made good comparison between Manny and Floyd,their attainment inside the ring, there ring savvy and what they did for boxing this decade are all praises from all media and adoring world wide fans of boxing. In fact, being a filipino i personally admire Floyd ring IQ. what i don’t like with the Mayweather’s of there insistent that Manny is using PED without the benefit of the doubt, false accusation more often lead to bitter confrontation.Hatred and jealousy has overcome what supposed to be the greatest fight of our generation.

  13. BRIAN Says:

    Hope this will clear all things.. No more same excuses.. mayweather, just tell Pacquiao that you are afraid.

  14. Oracle Says:

    Ace…..Pac has recently mentioned that he has no problem with the type of drug test that Floyd is requesting from him that means he’s saying that he has no real issue about it now except for the purse split…..Now I would really want Pac to call for a press conference with all the US media and inform us boxing fans that in his part of this drug test drama, that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make this fight happen ….I guess once his fight with JMM this November 12 is over that this third negotiation should take place with the confidence of both Floyd and Manny will make this work for all of us…..third time’s a charm right ?

  15. idmorps Says:

    I can still remember back in 90′s when pacquiao was still fighting in the elorde sports center in paranaque, there will be lot of posters on the streets along sucat road. His moniker back then is “dinamita”. Although I haven’t seen him fight during that time, my uncle says that he is a very good fighter.

  16. mark d Says:

    Yes, this is very true and the article is good with facts. I used to watch blow by blow Phil. TV because my grandpa love’s the sport of boxing. He actually predicted that “pacman” can be a great boxer and he highlighted “especially if coached well”. That’s why he always say’s that pacman’s family name “pacquiao” is just right for him coz it’s sounds like “pakyaw” which means “package deal” in (southern language called bisaya).

  17. rene Says:

    great article! and great analysis! thank you very much for writing factual and fair. it’s refreshing to read articles like this written by non-filipinos and read by fans all over the world. it would be interesting how floyd fans would react on this!

  18. Burnoksan Says:

    Liked and shared on FB. Great article!

  19. Joe Bruiser Says:

    Team Pacquiao, and Manny himself, haven’t helped the situation help the situation with a string of ever changing excuses for not agreeing to testing.

    That said, if he he was truly insulted/offended by the idea at first, I believe that enough time has passed, as well as the fact that Floyd and his last two opponents have done the testing, that he should be more open to the idea now.

    It would be a real shame for this fight not to come off in the next year over the refusal of Pacquiao to agree to extended PED testing.

    It will be interesting to see what comes out of the “next” round of negotiations., but I sure hope they end with the fight signed.

  20. Jcer Says:

    fuck that! that’s what I mean! what a great article! great research fuck you man! I mean! grats man! best article that I’ve read for PacWeather!

  21. Jamesville Says:

    Ace….the greatest article ever written! VERY OBJECTIVE! VERY SMART! VERY TRUE!!!!!

  22. toni Says:

    very nice article.2 thumbs up!

  23. michael Says:

    bookmarked! a good source for a debate..

  24. jojo Says:

    Bravo!!! A great applause to a great writer for this great article! two thumbs up! You’re the man!

  25. Winston Says:

    Now this is what we called a true boxing article, since a lot of boxing articles today are garbage. This article tells it all. Unfortunately, blind followers will always be blind to believe Floyd’s words.

  26. bigdawg Says:

    @noho – did he say he won’t?

  27. Nogar Says:

    How many times they (Arum & Pacquiao) said testing is no longer an issue but Fraud Mayweather keeps on insisting the same issue over and over again. Floyd the fraud will not fight Pacquiao ever. Boxing world must go on even without the greatest asshole of the year (quoted from Floyd Sr.).

    Floyd future will be like this.

    Multiple cases of attempted murder, homecide, domestic batteries or even rape. He is truly a lunatic person.

  28. -kyo- Says:

    noho, from where cave have you been? test is no longer the issue. pac agrees in every hilarious thing floyd demands just to entertain the fans. but he just won’t fight.

  29. Bhopaxes Says:

    fuck mayweather he claims to be the ambassador of “cleaning the sport of boxing” yet he uses his elbows and cheap shots his opponents. he’s just a ignorant, hypocrite bastard, and a embarrassment to boxing.

  30. Norberto Says:

    Ace, you have done a comprehensive factual comparative analysis of something common between the two top boxers; a great piece, the more it could boost the court case filed by Pacquiao against Mayweather accusing him of taking PED.

  31. kurap Says:

    There was also one article that made a statistical analysis of Pacquiao’s KO rate at the lower weights as against that at the higher weights. It showed that, contrary to Floyd’s assertion that Pac’s punching power increased as he went up the divisions, he was actually more devastating at the lower divisions.

    However, no factual analysis can suffice to quell willful ignorance.

  32. jondope Says:

    great article, it’s near impossible to read an editorial on this topic that isn’t biased one way or the other. fantastic writing, i’ve forwarded this on to so many people. true boxing fans everywhere should be reading this, not the mindless herds that follow one camp or anothers words without analyzing the facts.

  33. Lanski2000 Says:

    Simple common sense, how can American knows Pacquiao when he used to fight here in Philippines? Check out those recent fight videos of Pacman for you to understand how relentless he is and so powerful until today. The NO FEAR attitude is always present! So stop ducking Pacman floyd, fight like a true champion.

  34. special hit Says:

    @ Ace,

    Thank you Ace! I take my hat off on your article, good job. Very well thought of and fair, this clears the air until 2012 and it gets going again.

  35. francside174 Says:

    very well said… Great article!

  36. toring toring Says:

    Forget the sick man of his undefeated record. Even thought the price will reach up to $100M both of them Pacquiao still this guy is nowhere to find. He is already considered himself KAKAK like a Hen that always running. The COWARD boxer of all time but the best mouth talking boxer. He is bullying on Manny because Manny is not an American Citizen. He is a shameless in the society the most arrogant the most cheaters the most looking for a un-sportsmanship advantage.

  37. adoggz Says:

    strong work Ace. non biased article many reference with substance. I’ve been a mayweather fan for the longest. I admit i was a mayweather fan 1st, but have become more and more of manny’s fan ever since the by best bud introduced me to pacman by watching the barrera fight (i was a fan of barrera too). we tend to always have these arguments and mayweather supporter claim manny is on PED without referencing anything real. i get real irritated how the all mayweather camp says they can beat manny easily from their observation of manny’s fights. so which one is the answer? manny can be beat or PED is an issue. And please understand the principle of the psychological fight of pre-fight agreements. a fighter cannot give in too much of the other fighter’s request ie: non sanctioned olympic style testing. i will bet the farm that manny will easily fight floyd even he’s requested to submit to olympic style testing if mandated by any boxing organization. peace

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Ace, you aced it!

  39. nikolas Says:

    Very good article; Also noteworthy is that Pacquiao has 58 fights total to Floyd’s 42.
    On a tangent, I watched some of the older fights of Floyd and find is really a DIRTY FIGHTER (uses elbows, etc.this is clearly explained on this article i saw on the web- http://www.fightsaga.com/news/item/1310-Floyd-Mayweather-Crafty-or-Dirty

  40. rasec Says:

    terrific article. the only issue you didnt answer was floyd’s claim that pac takes on his “leftovers.” well, let me answer this for you: it should just be logical for floyd to take on the welters ahead of pac since he has been in the division 4 or 5 years ahead of manny. besides, pac, in between his bouts against floyd’s “leftovers,” took on other welters like cotto, clottey and margarito. 2 of which floyd, on record, avoided! so the “leftovers” thing doesnt really hold water like the rest of his arguments. peace:)

  41. Nick Says:

    I remember watching Manny in the early 90s and I told my wife that this kid will be famous someday.. Floyd just doesn’t know what he is talking about!

  42. wbox Says:

    Floyd is popular of his sins, Pacman with his accomplishments & good deeds.

  43. Stro!!!! Says:

    This was a article we call “reaching” lol reaching for a reason just to bring up there names because honestly nobody cares about any other fighter but manny and Floyd. everyone keeps bashing Floyd but everytime he fights all eyes are on him….and manny fights ehhh his last few fights where less than Stellar although I do respect him as a fighter. As a true boxing fan at the end of the day my money is on mayweather….flat out.

  44. ramil Says:

    I love this article dude.Keep up the good work.To Mayweather,if you’re from America the land of the brave,be a man! all you have to do is step on the plate and take the fight.No more silly alibis.

  45. nikolas Says:

    Would be interesting to see what will happen with the defamation case against Floyd. Will he show up in court? What if Pacquiao wins by default, how much will Floyd be penalized for? this is the fight that will happen definitely, not the one in the ring.

  46. dekahana Says:

    To add to this great article backed by facts, let me add also that Pacquiao did not suddenly become “great”, nor did he also suddenly begin knocking out his opponents from out of the blue. Fact is, Manny has been doing it even before he became known to the American boxing audience. Consider that by the time he fought Barrera, Manny was already a two weight world champion (WBC) and a lineal champion at the light flyweight and super bantamweight divisions.(He copped his third lineal title at featherweight when he defeated Barrera, the Ring Magazine champion at the time). Manny’s record at the time he first fought Barrera was 37-2-1, with 28 KOs/TKOs or a KO rate of 75.6% (meaning, of his wins, this is the percentage of KO win). Counting that first Barrera fight until his recent fight with Mosley, Pacquiao’s record, as he ascended the scales, is 16-1-1, with 10 KOs/TKOs, or a K0 rate of 62.5%. So Pacquiao’s KO rate actually dropped as he faced much bigger opponents, which belies Floyd’s claim that Pacquiao suspiciously began knocking out his opponents when he began fighting bigger opponents. One last thing: Pacquiao did not become the toast of the American boxing audience until he defeated Dela Hoya. BUT SO WAS FLOYD, who also only became a STAR when he beat Dela Hoya. Thus, when you come to think of it, there’s really not much fundamental difference about how Floyd and Manny progressed and developed in their respective careers. As usual, it is proven by facts, that Floyd talks pure non-sense.

  47. Noho Says:

    This was a great writing except the author failed to mention one important detail. Floyd went from 106 to 147 using natural methods and Pacquiao went from 106 to 147 using HGH and steroids.

  48. Noho Says:

    an another thing I want to add is that Floyd knocked out Ortiz who had a 14 pound weight advantage. I find it very difficult that Floyd managed to drop a much heavier man so easily and am now suspicious that both he and Manny are both using steroids because they both knock out bigger men.

  49. Feel Brandnew Says:

    A very objective analysis. But with Floyd and his Flawed logic, I wonder if he can even spell objective???

  50. Inok Says:

    Great article and valid points. Thanks for the well written information. ESPN would do well to learn from this stuff

  51. Leo Bermudez Says:

    great article….let every boxing fan read this…

  52. Leo Bermudez Says:

    great article..let every boxing fan read this…

  53. Beo Lermudez Says:

    great article..let every boxing fan read this…

  54. dekahana Says:

    @NOHO: If you did not notice (hello!), Mr. Freeman was offering reasoned arguments based on FACTS, not mere speculations or surmises, fueled by hatred or ignorance. So, NOHO, where is your proof that Pacquiao went from 106 lbs to 147 using HGH and steroids, and not by natural methods? [Incidentally, the whole world is waiting for Floyd to give proof and evidence to back up his claims in a court of law, but he has refused to give his deposition!] Who was it that said: “Wise is he that knowing that he is a fool opens not his mouth in order to avoid giving evidence of the fact.” My friend, you are a fool indeed!

  55. hehehe Says:

    floyd wont stop bashing on pacquiao, they are about the same size and no one ever accused floyd of peds.. oh thats right he is not a ko boxer, he is more of a defensive..

  56. dennis angara Says:

    uhhm, great argument, so for that, as we respect for others opinion, we may conclude that mayweather will just back up his allegations about Pacman’s PED in a wrong way as they have the same body built. Which means, he just don’t want to fight Pacquiao as he really scared to face Pacquiao in the squared ring. Beside, Pacquiao has already agreed to his demand about OSDT, yet, this moron (mayweather) still talking about drug testing and insinuating that Pacquiao is on PED, always stating some comparison. So, what do you think about the alibis of mayweather? Are they going to fight or not? For me, mayweather never, never dace with Pacquiao in the boxing ring, cause he’s so scared of Pacquiao.

  57. joeym Says:

    nice article, back-up with facts.
    floyd’s related articles, back-up with non-sense and alibis with no evidence, just pure bullshits.

  58. projeckz Says:

    another genius in the making,kudos man!

  59. pacfan Says:

    Floydiots claim that Manny is afraid to take the tests just because Lil Pu**y Floyd allege he is on something. This article explains why all Lil “Want-a-level-playing-field-but-sucker-punched-Ortiz-and-cheat-Marquez-on-the-scale” Floyd’s claims are all based from a poor logic.

    Now, we Pacman fans claim that Floyd is afraid to take the fight because Lil Floyd is just plain scared to fight Pacman. Any great article from Floydiot fans to explain that we make no sense?

    Nice article.

  60. sadf Says:

    Scared person makes a lot of excuses just like what floyd doing.

  61. Kamoteking Says:

    Wow as in Wow…great article ace…thank you very much!!!!

  62. Noho Says:

    dekahana, the fact that Pacquiao has provided zero evidence that he did not rise from 106 to 147 by natural means is reason for suspicion that he used HGH and steroids for his sudden weigh gain. What is he hiding and why hasn’t he shown us the proof that he did not put on weight by natural means?

  63. monching Says:

    This Article says it all!The writer is truely a journalist….write more…so that we, the boxing fans will be guided by facts..2 thumbs UP!

  64. arckey Says:

    I hope they feature Manny’s early Fights in the US so that they can see what manny is during 90′s.. so sad manny is asian RACIST Mayweathers and other people pulling Manny down…

  65. gambit Says:

    All these mayweather riders are so annoying.. they only got 1 thing to say when they are loosing in an argument.. take the test.. Pac already agree to his crazy demand ant still they will say take the test..! these people are so stupid as shit..! Manny will take the test even during the fight.. will Maynaver take the fight? or just make another issue just to duck Pacquiao.. last 3 fight for Pac to without maynaver. Timothy bradley @147. Saul Canelo Alvarez @ 150, Sergio Martinez @154..

  66. 901 Says:

    I’ve seen most manny’s fights during the days of Blow By Blow.. Great kid indeed!

    yeah, manny kick his ass, go take the test and lets prove this mayweather guy what’s what like to be hit with a manila ice hahahaha.

  67. Wong Fei Hung Says:

    Mayweather knows that Pacquiao will turn his “0″ into “1″. Also, Mayweather knows that he can not “buy” Manny to take a “dive”. Mayweather is fully aware that Pacquiao’s aim/business is to change his “0″ into “1″ and money is just secondary. These are some of the reasons why Pacquiao-Mayweater fight will never ever going to happen because Mayweather is banking on the “0″ status for the Hall of Fame.

  68. DOC Says:

    Good article. Me and my cousins always watch Blow by Blow back in the 90′s. We love to watch Manny because of his power. We knew then that Pacquiao is going to be a World Champion.

  69. Tango Says:

    Only a stupid, biased and racist people will believe this lies peddle by Mayweather Jr. So if he is telling that Pacquiao’s rise up to welterweight is not natural, so he is guilty of the same crime he is accusing Pacquiao. Its just a smoke screen so he could cherry pick the fighter he wants to fight if those fighter agree to this so called OSDT.

  70. duriandragon0427 Says:

    All I can say is that this article drops an A- bomb(by facts) to F.Mayweather Jr’s countless and non-stop ranting, false accusations and attention-seeking jargons towards a humble and great fighter like the Pacman.

    Since the Mohammad Ali era, fight-hyping by word wars is not uncommon, however, Floyd’s way of doing it now is rather more like a racket done by a chicken laying eggs, very lame and all but just to say something (most of the time senseles and not backed-up by facts),no wonder in the next generations to come in the sweet science, F. Jr will land a job as a boxing commentator/analyst but I should say with minimal followers.

  71. arckey Says:

    And now mayweather is demanding fo a TIME MACHINE hahaha!!! whata coward….

  72. arckey Says:

    And now mayweather is demanding for a TIME MACHINE hahaha!!! whata coward… i smell pee in floyd pants…. hehehe

  73. boy astig Says:

    manny will surely take the blood test. hope floyd will also take the psychological test.

  74. John Says:

    Hi, Ace eversince I’ve always liked to read your article because of your neutral views which just show what kind of a boxing writer you are and you did your homework pretty well! KUDOS MR ACE FREEMAN on a well-written article presented w/ FACTS! GOD BLESS YOU AND MORE TO COME FROM YOU! :)

  75. arckey Says:

    TIME MACHINE Please….. can someone donate a time machine to Mr. Mayweather… hahaha!! Another demand of scary floydi.

  76. sug Says:

    stop this bs about manny ang duckwayther.. they will not fight! end of story..manny should forget bout mayweather and just fight sergio martinez because martinez is willing to go down on 150…and it will be more entertaining than a fight with duckwayther….

  77. MARCEL Says:

    Mayweathers just can’t believe that a fighter like Manny Pacquiao fought all the fighters that Floyd Jr fought as well as those fighters that Floyd Jr AVOIDED.

    The big difference between these two fighters is “HUEVOS”

  78. sug Says:


  79. kircy76 Says:

    Its a great article! I’ve been reading a lot of Pacquiao – Mayweather articles but this one I think it finds me more interesting.

  80. james Says:

    Very nice article. Based on facts not in opinion.

  81. Gintong Lahi Says:

    Ace Freeman, your analysis is magnificent. You are the ONLY Sports writer in the USA who really put all goodies and trimmings in one shot deal. Your article is well analyzed; the facts are factual; and everything seemed very, very fair, indeed! Hope America will read and understand that enough is enough for the Money Man. He ran out of alibis. He ran out of reasons, whether good or bad reasons. Simply – HE IS AFRAID TO FIGHT THE SMALL MAN. Period.

  82. Donato C. Solano Says:

    This is a very well thought article. I hope Pachaters will be able to read this. More p[ower to you!

  83. Anonymous Says:

    At the end of the day you took this whole week to prove a point that doesnt matter what so ever.

    If Pacman had taken that test the first time during discussions – negotiation of Mayweather and himself fighting each other. This wouldnt even be a daily discussion at all.

    Secondly you wrote this big ass article probably for 50 bucks lol. Now we can believe you or disagree with you. Your writing can be bias, pictures can be misleading and deceiving.

    Lastly your not a doctor and dont have a PHD nor credentials in the medical field your a “writer”. Pictures, cute little Graphs, What he say’s she say’s, evidence – information doesnt mean anything.

    Though Keep everyone entertain because thats your job your a WRITER. What a writer writes is not always credible.

  84. boxingfan Says:

    @noho…. you are simply an idiot….

  85. acgarcia0804 Says:

    best analysis ever made… spread the word.. ty for you in depth analysis.

  86. boxingfan Says:

    anonymous is another idiot who doesn’t know how to appreciate a highly intellectual and unbiased article.It does need a doctor or a doctorate degree to gather and compare simple facts. But it takes a highly intelligent person to fully comprehend and appreciate an article like this. Sorry, I think you don’t have this quality.

  87. boxingfan Says:

    a very nice write-up indeed. let all the boxing fan know this. spread the word…

  88. weekeeps Says:


    obviously still in denial after all the facts have been presented to you…


    and at the end of the day you still remain oblivious to the fact that pac’s stance on the drug test is no longer an issue.

  89. Gandalf Says:

    1997 (18 yrs old) : Oriental & Pacific Boxing Federation Flyweight Champion

    1998: Lineal & WBC Flyweight Champion

    1999: WBC International Super Bantamweight Champion (defended & retained 5 more times till 2001)

    2001: IBF World Super Bantamweight Champion (defended and retained 4 more times till 2003)

    2003: The Ring World Featherweight Champion (defended once till 2004)

    As shown above, prior to the first fight with Morales in 2005, Pacquiao has already won an Asian title and FOUR WORLD TITLES IN THREE WEIGHT DIVISIONS and has TKOed future hall of famer Barrera and had a controversial draw with Marquez (despite 3 knockdowns in the first round).

    Pacquiao did not “suddenly become great” as Mayweather claims, he was just a Filipino boxer still under the radar of American fans unlike Jordan, Woods, etc. (which Mayweather cited as examples) who all have tremendous exposure in American TV and print media.

    Floyd is just making excuses not to fight Pacquiao. He has the track record of doing so: ducking Cotto, Margarito, in-his-prime Mosley, also Williams – all champions of Floyd’s era and weight who were calling him out.

    Even the “take the test” rationale is still being repeated by Floyd and his rabid fans (also writers like Pedro Fernandez) despite very recent interviews and videos of Pacquiao and Arum saying they now agree/have no problem/no issues with the tests. Also, if Floyd is really serious about “cleaning the sport and leveling the playing field”, as co-promoter of his fights, why is he not requiring random tests to all the undercards of his fights as many have pointed out?

    In my opinion, Floyd thinks he can still earn millions without risking his “0” and serious bodily harm from Pacquiao, by duping boxing fans with his hand-picked fights. Pesky interviewers like Larry Merchant can be done away with by attacking their person (“you don’t know sh__t about boxing. HBO should fire you, you don’t give me a fair shake”).

    Unless he runs out of money or his future picked fights are not bought by gullible fans (look how they sold everyone on the naïve/huggy-bear/kissing Ortiz), Floyd will not fight Pacquiao. Ever!

    His “Pacquiao, your next” pronouncement was said just to promote his last fight as he has already backtracked in subsequent video interviews: “I didn’t say that, don’t put words in my mouth” & “that’s what you wanted to hear, so I said it” to that effect. He has no gumption in telling lies as he himself admitted.

    Ace, you respect Floyd’s right to his own opinion. But in the exercise of that right, when he steps on/besmirch the reputation of others (without logical proof), then we should question that opinion. To a large extent, you have done that in this article.

    50/100 years from now when we look at Mayweather’s boxing record, his undefeated legacy will be tainted by the champions of his era which he did not fight. And Pacquiao is the biggest name, aye the most important name, missing in that resume!

  90. ko Says:

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    Excellent!!! Bravo!!!

  92. mon Says:

    what do you say about this idea: floyd would fight pacman if only he’d lose to victor. Because, by that time, there would be no more zero in his record to protect.
    And the fight purse would still remain the biggest. Money needs Manny to earn a rewarding retirement bonus.

  93. dekahana Says:

    @NOHO: Why should Pacquiao be the one to prove that his rise from weight is by natural means, not through the use of HGH or steroids? I mean, it’s the Mayweathers and people like you who accuse him of wrongdoing, therefore, the burden of proof is on you to prove your accusation. [In fact, there is already a forum for Floyd to prove it in court; yet, he won't or can't.] In a civilized society following the rule of law, the burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused. We follow the rule: presumed innocent until proven guilty, is it not? By the way, haven’t you heard Pacquioa is now amenable to unlimited Olympic style drug testing, so that is no longer be an issue. If anyone is hiding anything, it’s not Pacquiao, but Floyd. Yeah, Floyd is hiding from Pacquiao, ha ha ha!

  94. chris Says:

    Lets share this fact to the whole world…especially Mr. Ben Thompson @floydhype.com to tell his boss or his partner to at least think before talking, so that he understand why he never get all the praises other great fighters got..if he doesn’t want to want to fight, just shut up.

  95. Alex Says:

    brilliant analysis ACE…thanks for sharing this information.

  96. theSorrow Says:

    “Now ask yourself, a fighter just don’t get to 25 years old and all of a sudden he becomes great…”

    –not if that fighter is a Filipino. It’s in the blood, it’s all natural. I bet mayweather won’t last a week living on the slums without money and shelter.

  97. Alex Says:

    brillant analysis ACE. thanks for sharing this to us.

  98. Noho Says:

    dekhana, just like in any game or competitions, the winner will bring home the beckon. Manny is from a foreign country. That automatically raises red flags as to his level of fairness and immediately is cause for his willingness to cheat. Next thing you know, Pacquiao is gonna want to be tested in The Philippines so he could cheat the blood test too

  99. toni Says:

    @Noho beckon wahahaah!!! LMAO!!!

  100. weekeeps Says:


    he already agreed to the blood tests so your argument is redundant. why don’t you accompany floyd to court to prove your accusations then?

  101. marvs Says:

    good article, fair but firm,este not that with joe cortez, this article breakdown the equality of the two most feared boxing icons in this generation, i would love to see them fight next year, no more excuses li’l floyd go out and be a man, not just trash talking, it is a shame on your part for not fighting the man who people from all over the world loves to see and idolizes..

  102. Noho Says:

    weekeeps.. If Manny is the best, then he should just take the test. thats all she wrote.

  103. marlon nacitavem Says:

    One of the best articles I ever read. I hope the fraud and his follower may read this.

  104. R. Sarino Says:

    Very nice article. Very informative.

  105. special hit Says:

    @ Noho,

    You are a “ho” the way you talk, your boy is the cheat…taking a cheap shot! Weekeeps is right all the way, why don’t you go with fairy boy to court and prove your accusations? Thats what we thought!

  106. marlon nacitavem Says:

    @joe bruiser: what test are you talking about. the pacman has agreed. it is the fraud who should take the test. a brain test. quak! quak! quak!! bruiser is a losser!! lol

  107. Chris Brownlee Says:

    I like the article but you have to understand that Pacquiao needs to take the test and get this on and that is the bottom line. This fight will be won by Floyd on pure skill and also why wasn’t Pacquiao trying to fight Floyd in the early 2000′s. Floyd skill level is higher and Pacquiao cannot kick his ass because he does not fight off of jabs. He is a busy power puncher who does not rely on jabbing to corner Floyd. He can’t corner him and thus the skills will pay the bills and this angle motioning fighter will beat himself against a defensive master such as Floyd. When they do fight, Floyd in 8 by KO.

  108. dg Says:

    nice article…thumbs up dude!

  109. Craig Says:

    The only problem with this article is that the author actually believes Mayweather listens to logic! I don’t think Floyd is intelligent enough to understand the article, but go ahead and send it anyway. Haha.

  110. eric Says:

    WOW! one the greatest article in boxing ever written. I admired you Mr. Ace for this wonderful facts you mentioned. thanks. Hope that people around the world waiting for the fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather read this. I do know that Mayweather is really scared to be Hattonized. Because Pacquiao has ill-feelings towards Mayweather.

  111. whitesoxeagle Says:

    No more alibis floyd your afraid of manny!!!

  112. Anonymous Says:


  113. frkind Says:

    Well said Mr. Ace Freeman.

  114. dad Says:

    let pacquiao take the test with a condition that mayweather should take a psychiatric test

  115. dad Says:

    if mayweather is found to be suffering from mental illness he should be thrown to a mental institution

  116. Daniel Joven Says:

    Thanks Ace for sharing this fabulously great and awesome article! I for one have seen manny fight in his early years as a boxer. In fact I have seen one of his fights when he was still an amateur boxer (he was only about 12 or 13 then) when he forced his much older opponent to surrender before the end of 3rd round. This fight I’m telling you about happened in our place and his opponent, a “champion” boxer in town, I’m referring to here is one of my neighbors.

  117. dekahana Says:

    Noho: You say that because Manny is from a foreign country, it automatically raises red flags as to his level of fairness, and suggest that it “is cause for his willingness to cheat”. WOW, since you don’t have evidence (meaning, hard facts) to prove that he is juicing, you say that he must be cheating because he is a foreigner, a Filipino to be exact!. That’s the best you can come up with? WHAT KIND OF RACIST CRAP IS THAT!

  118. whitesoxeagle Says:


  119. Gandalf Says:

    Another favorite line of Floyd is that Pacquiao is fighting his leftovers. Let’s look at Floyd’s last 12 fights:

    Victor Ortiz – leftover of Maidana

    Mosley – leftover of Cotto and Winky Wright (twice)

    Marquez – leftover of Pacquiao and Chris John

    Ricky Hatton – undefeated in light welterweight but Mayweather fought him at welterweight. After Hatton’s only loss, he won two times again as IBO & The Ring Light Welterweight Champion against Lazcano & Malignaggi before fighting Pacquiao also at his undefeated light welterweight championship.

    Dela Hoya – leftover of Mosley (2x) & Trinidad

    Baldomir – leftover of Cortes

    Judah – leftover of Baldomir

    Mitchell – leftover of Tszyu

    Gatti – leftover of Ward & Dela Hoya

    Bruseles – leftover of Mike Jones

    Corley – leftover of Judah

    N’dou – leftover of Campbell

    Floyd’s “leftover” argument goes against him when he fought a bloated lightweight in Marquez who is already Pacquiao’s “leftover”.

    Floyd is not yet a “leftover” of anybody simply because he has taken less risky and fewer (42 vs 58) fights than Pacquiao. Who knows, if he took on the challenges of in-his-prime Mosley, Cotto, Margarito, Williams & Pacquiao – he could have been a “leftover” by now.

    Rocky Marciano retired undefeated. But Ali who has five losses in his career and Sugar Ray Robinson (19 losses) still ranks higher than Marciano as all time greats.

  120. EXLAX Says:

    Teddy Atlas should read this article to Floyd, Jr., Floyd, Sr., Uncle Roger and Ellerbe so they can have an understanding of the facts that parallels between Pacquiao and Floyd ascent from flyweight to welterweight.
    Otherwise give each one of them a copy of this article and have them shove it up their asses if they continue with their claim that Pacquaio is on some PEDs.
    Even Stevie Wonder can see it clearly.

  121. Down Under Says:


    Great article!

    Would Floyd Jr bite the bullet and take up the challenge?

    If his ego doesn’t stand in his way and do it like a fist warrior, then we can roll.

    If not, then Floyd’s the World’s Boxing Welterweight COWARD!!!


  122. Bo Ratmo Says:

    Floyds keeps babbling “Just Take the Test”. Manny already agreed. If Floyd indeed wants to fight, he only needs to confirm what’s being played in media but he’s not listening. Put up or shut up! What’s up with that arrogant ducking moron?

  123. Anonymous Says:

    nice article Mr. Ace

  124. aquil Says:

    Very nice article. Congrats!

  125. arj Says:

    spot on. nice article.

  126. Supercalifragilistic_20 Says:

    Great article! Mayweather is an Ambassador of none…and an embarrassment to everyone!!!

    Looking at the two sides of the coin, FM (Floyd) is so delusional that no one can beat him, but on the other hand MP (Manny) just want what the people wants, to fight his ass and make good entertainment!

    God bless everyone!

  127. Affleap Says:

    Well done and unbiased analysis. Thanks.

  128. ja juelar Says:

    a very good observation and analysis. next is how to get this to floyd. but a close mind such as floyd’s is deaf even to the best of arguments.comes the problem.

  129. Ray Says:

    Nice in depth article. All this Floyd making stories about Pacquiao taking in medication is complete bull.

  130. joel Says:

    A+ article!

  131. joel Says:

    nay, make that A+++!

  132. KingYoki Says:

    Well said! This article is an answer to everyone’s question on how the PacMan reached this far. No cheat in him, but purely hardwork and dedication.

    How about Mayweather fighting Oski north of Welterweight? did he use something to weigh that much? Fraud would you please answer this? If you’re answer is hardwork and dedication, yes! and so does Manny Pacquiao! Put simply, just accept the truth that PAcquiao if not your equal is a lot better than yourself. You keep on saying you’ve been in the sport for ages, but what you achieved and what PAcquiao achieved even though he is behind in the sport is beyond compare. You are simply envious of his achievements. Grow up yourself and stop all this excuses!!!

  133. Gandalf Says:

    The next demands of Mayweather before fighting Pacquiao:

    1. Larry Merchant removed as HBO commentator

    2. Joe Cortez again as referee (so he can sneak in some sucker punches and a few elbows)!!!

  134. floydiotkups Says:


  135. floydiotkups Says:


  136. lilachy Says:

    IF VICTOR can take the test why manny can’t?please Manny take the initiative..DO SOMETHING TO WHOOP FLOYDS BUTT!!

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  138. canuto Says:

    Fightfan.com / Fighthype.com
    inteligent writeups / Moronic Writeup
    fair to all / Fair to Floyd

    know the difference my friends..

  139. Daniel Says:

    Great!!!!well done Ace…..Thanks

  140. marlon alejos Says:

    Excellent research ad explanation..it’s easy to understand the why pacquiao climbed naturally from 105-154. It showed on the graph that pacquiao is naturally a welterweight during fight night night!…

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    A media man using his God-given talent to illustrate what responsible journalism is all about. Congratulations! God bless

  145. leo Says:

    you cannnot trust floyd….. you can expect him to come up with another demand or raise one more issue one more time…. manny has already agreed to take the test then what… floyd is asking for a 70-30 split!!!…. see?….. if you really want something there is a way, but if you don’t really want it, you will always find some reason or excuse not to have it!

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    what a…high class article!!!!unbiased, impartial, fair article..ur the one should be writing in ESPN, Yahoo Sports…fighthype??-),,the ring??-)..two thumbs up men!!!

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    Greatest article I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen similar observation by other writers in the past but Ace’s explanation is clearly the most informative one. Excellent job!

  149. Yeoj Says:

    This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read that covers the true situations of Pacquiao and Mayweather. The former will always be considered an “ATG” while the latter will only be known as the undefeated fighter who ducked Pacquiao at all costs to get into boxing’s HOF.

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    Fantastic work Mr.Ace Freeman! This is a masterpiece. This isn’t just a plain opinion like the most sportswriters or boxing writers share. Anybody could dish out his own opinion that’s why talks become so cheap. Your article is complete with facts and figures as evidences that even Floyd fans could base on with objectivity, unless they are like their idol who dish out illogical statements. More power to you!

  154. boxmeister Says:

    Ace..wish everyone who loves boxing and Pacquiao skeptics read this resounding article of yours. Facts, not fallacies and biased opinions are the very foundations of true journalism. Kudos to you and Gandalf’impressive comments. Hopefully, both of you opened the eyes and hearts of the skeptics and the deceitful Mayweathers who from the beginning knew that their boy is just making barriers to avoid a clash with Manny Pacquiao. They call him the midget but in reality, both of these skilled fighters are identical in builds and just a difference of one inch in height. Sad to think that because of ignorance or a lack of better word, vanities of Fraud Jr. he resorted to the lame excuse and accusations of PED use that are unfounded with malice. I hope the lawsuit permeates the distorted logic behind this fiasco that could or may be the end of many who still think the fight is going to happen. It is impossible simply because one of them adamantly refuses to put his claim into action and put closure to the dispute of who is really the best fighter of this era.

  155. what Says:

    if this is true take the test then pac an how we no this artical is true anyway just another pac dick rider something he made up if they do fight maybe pac will headbutt him to like he’s boy ortiz deed.these fighters talk all this shit about what they going to do to floyd when they get in the ring an none of them don’t do shit mayweather is the best fighter in the world hands downs an pac is going to be no different just another win to his unbeaten record.

  156. Bigkat Says:


    You’ll probably never read this post, but in the event you do let me say that this was and absolutely excellent piece you’ve written. I think you’ve captured an voiced the thoughts and sentiments of many of us, regarding Floyd’s illogical arguments, rantings, and false accusations. And, all the facts and information you’ve collated and presented to illustrate your point makes for a rock solid argument, which I happen to completely agree with. Yes, scary, I know!

    I also agree with your hopes regarding the “super bout” : Floyd will agree to the bout if Manny agrees to the test. However, if Manny submits to testing I still fear/suspect that Floyd will offer some other reason(s) or arguments to excuse himself, although I certainly hope otherwise.

    The last sentence in your article sums it up perfectly. However, I would add that it’s “long past” time to shine. This is the fight we’ve all been waiting for; the fight the world wants to see. It’s time to make history.

  157. leo Says:

    the only thing floyd needs to do is becoming totally honest and totally fair… just say, “well, i’m already 34 and he is at his peak so there is a possibility that i might lose and i don’t think i could afford to take any risk at this spoint of my career. what he has done is unbelievable! i wouldn’t accuse him of using something illegal because i have no proof to back up my claim… i’m done with boxing!”

  158. simon Says:

    Nice article! very well said…..

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    very balance article! good job…

  160. AXLR* Says:

    ..AWESOEM article – now this is science and facts, n BS, may we request to post this to main media chqannels & to the mayweather clans for all the figh fans & public to check & balance. No more hearsays, lets face the facts. AI also believe this weight management, I myself weights the same as PAC & MAY do, as I’ve aged, our weight also increments,I also keep myself in the gym, and correctly maintains weight. i started fom 106 at age 17-18 then now at 145 at aged 35.
    Great article by the way, SUREHIT!

  161. .r Says:

    It’s not about moving up in weight that’s the problem…it’s the power, stamina and ability to takes punches all of a sudden….manny could always punch but not like this…you can’t get stronger and more stamina at the age of 29…if manny is clean then why did he duck the test….why did manny want to know when USDA was coming to test him..what day”s ..what time….at the end of the day…when it’s all said and done…manny won’t beat Floyd….so pactards can talk all they want….

  162. .r Says:

    The fight didn’t happen because manny didn’t want to take the test period….if you clean take the test….manny wanted all these cut-off dates…for what….? Floyd offered 14 days and manny still said no…

  163. Noho Says:


    everything you just said about Pacquiao, your suspicions and conspiracy theories no longer and never had any merit. Ace’s article used the weight gain conspiracy as an example of how ridiculous and silly you lizard people have become.

  164. mar Says:

    The fairest article i’ve’ ever read in the sports of boxing. Brilliantly made. Well-researched information. Congrats…to the author!

  165. Anthony Says:

    This article is bs because Mayweather started his pro career at 131 lbs at 19 yrs old at that time Paquiao was only 113 lbs for his fight in 1996. That is an 18 lb difference between the two of them. This blogger is slanting to numbers an awful lot to favor the fighter he likes. Do some research and stop believing everything these bias bloggers make up.

  166. pain killer Says:

    two thumbs up ACE (Brilliant)….very clear for those blindfull fans (“,)

  167. pain killer Says:

    well said also to Gandalf… the answer for nonsense accuses, good work buddy

  168. Ace Freeman Says:

    Thank you for the kind words all, I appreciate you taking the time to read my write up.

  169. Ace Freeman Says:

    Anthony said: “This article is bs because Mayweather started his pro career at 131 lbs at 19 yrs old at that time Paquiao was only 113 lbs for his fight in 1996. That is an 18 lb difference between the two of them. “

    Anthony I took care to do some fair and unbiased research and suggest you do the same.

    In October 1996 when Floyd turned pro at 19 years old at 131 lbs Manny Pacquiao was seventeen years old. As is clearly pointed out above when Floyd was 17 he was 114 pounds fighting at the Golden Gloves.

    You are failing to take in to account that Floyd is nearly 2 years older than Pacquiao. Floyd was born in February of 1977 while Manny was born in December of 1978.

    You can’t take a single year and point and say look how different they were at that time… because they are nearly two years apart in age.


  170. Anthony Says:

    Well lets go to 2001 which is four years later and Manny still only weighs 120lbs so by your theory Floyd at 19 was 131 lbs and Manny at 21 was only 120 lbs still and 11 lb difference so like I said before you just slanted the numbers to fit your overly bias article.

  171. Noho Says:

    I agree Anthony. Ace’s article is overly biased and his bias leans towards basic truth and reasoning and discards the conspiracy theories that Pacquiao is a shapeshifting reptilian bastard

  172. Ace Freeman Says:

    As is mentioned in the article, the difference is that Pacquiao elected to cut weight to fight in a smaller weight division(s) in his early 20s.

    If you feel that is indicative of a natural size disparity between the two – despite the fact they weighed the same at ages 16, 17 and again through out their mid 20s to present day – you are entitled to your opinion.

    But I think the mass of evidence spanning their entire careers clearly suggests otherwise.

  173. weekeeps Says:

    @Soho & Anthony

    this article doesn’t show any bias at all, as the author encourages manny to take the blood test (which he already agreed to, so no argument there). but if you haters are so sure that manny is truly juicing then show proof then.

  174. Anthony Says:

    There is no mass evidence only slanted numbers and theories used by a blogger.The problem with people who blog what they feel is right based on there theories and beliefs is that they can turn an unintelligent audience into believing rhetoric. I have more respect for someone who just says that Manny doesn’t have anything to prove than I do a bs analogy created by a bias blogger. Anyone with any true boxing knowledge knows Mayweather has always been fighting 10 or more lbs heavier than Paquiao. These two fighters aren’t the same size and with todays steroid era it is only right that some type of random blood test be taken by both fighters to make sure its and even playing field. Random Drug Tests benefit both fighters and doesn’t give either fighter an advantage over the other. That being said your article,theories and beliefs are totally biased in the favor of the fighter you favor.

  175. Anthony Says:

    @ weekeeps

    I have a problem with you calling me a hater. First I attacked no one in my response so leave your feelings at the keyboard. I am not on either fighters payroll so I could careless because both stand to make millions from the fight. My only issue with this blog was it is not accurate and it is based on the bloggers theory. Steroids is rampant in all sports and believe me everyone sport should be blood testing.

  176. Noho Says:

    Anthony, I did not know they allowed bloggers to bring their cameras into the post fight press conference of a Floyd Mayweather fight

  177. Anthony Says:

    @ Noho

  178. Ace Freeman Says:

    That just isn’t true Anthony. The research and dates speaks for themselves when you take in to account not just the weigh-ins but their fight night weights (which is clearly indicative of natural walk-around natural weights). Especially when looking at it over the course of their lives to date… and not just trying to isolate a few years to suit an agenda.

    But that is really only one part of what is being discussed in the piece.

    There are several instances of failed logic and ignorance that Floyd is using to support his unfounded accusations about Manny using PEDs.

    I have written many pieces supporting Floyd in the past and will continue to do so. If you notice that this piece is slanted against him it’s because it’s taking issue with three instances of what I (and many) feel to be flawed logic and ignorance with regards to the finger he’s pointing.

    By taking issue with just the weight (and doing so by looking at a very limited window of time) and trying to use that to discredit my entire piece (when there are many instances of ignorance pointed out above) it is my opinion that it is you who is put off as a result of favoring one of these fighters over the other.

    There just isn’t an excuse for the amount of ignorance Floyd is spouting in attempting to convince the public that Manny is using PEDs.

    He would have been much better served to just mention his suspicion, reiterate his demands testing of all his future opponents and left it at that. Ranting for ten minutes trying to prove to people that Pacquiao is on steroids by using terribly flawed logic just made him appear ignorant on the matter and that is all I intended to point out.

    If you feel that I am somehow looking to start a witch hunt because I like Pacquiao and dislike Mayweather you are mistaken.

  179. Ace Freeman Says:

    And before you bring it up, I agree that Manny should submit to the tests and I have been quite vocal about this even mentioning it in this piece.

    I believe he has conceded that he will do this and I will definitely fault him if he doesn’t should negotiations resume in November.

    Not because I believe he has anything to prove, but because he often talks about his responsibility to ‘making the fans happy’. It is clear how much the public wants this fight so it is my hope he will submit to the test showing that he has nothing to hide and wants to pursue the fight for the boxing fans.

  180. Noho Says:

    You keep calling the author of this article a blogger when he is an internationally recognized and respected boxing writer who used this article to use cold hard facts to disagree with the absurd logic Mayweather that the author documented himself at the post fight press conference. I seriously doubt they would allow a “blogger” into an event of such magnitude.

  181. weekeeps Says:

    @ anthony

    and if you have a problem with this write-up then go make your own presenting evidence that manny is juicing or going up in weight using illegal means to convince us otherwise.

  182. weekeeps Says:

    many of us are getting tired of floyd insinuating that manny is juicing without showing definite proof, then back-tracking on his statements and contradicting himself.

    the REAL TEST happens INSIDE the ring, not outside of it.

  183. Anthony Says:


    Escuse me if I offended you by refering to this blog’s author as a blogger. But he can spin it however he wants to its his blog but it clearly is his theory. He has not stated factual weights and the fact that Mayweather was fighting for gold at 125lbs. His use of early pics to try and support his embellishment of the truth is epic. I’m not easily influenced by someone’s theory. Finally, yes a blogger can get into a post fight press conference if they register as press.

  184. Anthony Says:


    Manny ain’t the only fighter that people think is using an illegal substance. Hopkins and the Klitscos are real stinking of possible ped use. But it is only a blood test that both fighters will have to take and RANDOM is not knowing when it will happen. I hope the fight gets made so people build the next opponent for Mayweather after he gives a boxing lesson to another fighter not on his level.

  185. Noho Says:

    Anthony, the only thing I am offended by is your refusal to accept that the article is backed up with a solid, well researched case. I am sorry if the truth interferes with the absurd logic you are desperate clinging on to

  186. weekeeps Says:

    @ anthony

    and as such, manny has already agreed to take the random blood testing so this is no longer an issue. if he truly is juicing then he wouldn’t have taken this case to court. and like i said, the real test is INSIDE the ring, not outside of it.

  187. Anthony Says:


    I have already discredited much of this article with facts that were not disputed. The authors only explaination was his theory. I didn’t go down the article and attack each point just the factual ones that he used his analogy on. If you think that anything that I used is flawed feel free to investigate on your own. When you read something with bias in your heart you make yourself suceptable to anything.

  188. irie cebu Says:

    Anthony, anthony, anthony…. how did manny weight at fightnight? tsk tsk tsk… okay lets go straight to the point coz i know your riding floyds testing demand… can you send me a link for a video showing ortiz & mayweather underwent such ridiculous testing? USADA can’t even go public about the results… and if they were tested, it should also be noted that all fighters under that card also underwent the testing… he’s cleaning up the sport right? he’s the ambassador of an even playing field right? so whenever he fights, all fighters should also be tested and the results should not be kept from the public. did vargas under floyd’s flomotion also underwent the ped testing? can you show me a proof?

  189. Mad Hatter Says:

    @ Anthony

    Lol bro thats funny shit. you stated your opinion that a few years manny choose to reamin at 122 – 126 while floyd started and stayed at 130 wrote off the blogger’s entire case which consisted of many facts. u didn’t discredit anything. you stated an opinion and think its dispelling a lot of facts and it just ain’t.

  190. Anthony Says:

    @ Mad Hatter

    My statements are facts and saying someone chose to remain at a certain weight is theory and his analogy. He also responded about Floyd being older by two years so I went close to five years beyond that. Its really a slam dunk on my behalf because even you try to use theory in a weak response.

  191. Ace Freeman Says:

    Anthony the first thing you did was try to point to 1996 and insinuate because there was a difference in weight between them in that particular year that it rendered my entire piece (which encompasses many topics beyond their weight) biased.

    I pointed out they are two years apart in age, and you responded by saying Floyd turned pro at 130 and that Manny stayed at 120 for several years.

    Again, I mentioned that fact straight up in the blog itself.

    You are confusing what is fact and what is opinion.

    Fact: Mayweather and Pacquiao have spent the majority of their fighting careers (from their amateur days to the present) very close to one another in their walk-around weights.

    The fact they decided to campaign in different weight divisions for a window of time in their early to mid 20s does not change the fact they have walked around at the same weight for the majority of their adult lives.

    You are entitled to your opinion saying that window of time they spent campaigning in different divisions proves Floyd is naturally a bigger person. I think that is a flawed suggestion and that my extensive research proves otherwise.

    But once again, beyond that contention about their weight classes during just a few years there were several other points the article focused on, and in no way does your disagreement about the weight excuse Floyd’s ignorance on those other topics.

  192. john ungab Says:

    maxbe floydmayweather’s logic is based on his personal experience.

  193. irie cebu Says:

    in short, floyd has just made himself a complete idiot!

  194. Jess Says:

    At last.. a non-filipino who doesn’t buy Mayweathers’ roids issue.. great article Ace!

  195. SlyGuy Says:

    Ace, Did Manny not unequivocally declare that he will take the test as per Mayweather’s demands? Mayweather and his fans seem to think that he won’t take it. You ended your article saying “should Manny agree to the testing”, suggests that you yourself are not convinced that Pacquiao wasn’t sincere when he said on SportsCenter (2weeks ago, I think) that testing is no longer an issue.

  196. Ace Freeman Says:


    I personally believe that Manny will submit to the testing, but as I’ve mentioned before (and for the sake of remaining neutral) all I have heard him say is that “The testing is no problem” or “The testing is no longer an issue”.

    I have not heard him say “100% random Olympic style drug testing right up to the fight itself”

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to cast suspicion on him or to doubt his word… I just don’t think it can be spoken of as a confirmed fact until it’s said officially (and in detail) during the next negotiations if and when they pick up again.

  197. SlyGuy Says:

    Ace, point taken…thanks.

    Arum has suggested that Mayweather will force Pacquaio to train exclusively in the States in order to be tested by USADA. If Mayweather were to do just that, how would it be perceived? Let’s not forget that Manny’s routine for the last few fights is to train in the Philippines first then ends training in the States…and he’s a congressman.

  198. James Says:

    There is reason to question whether Mayweather actually wants to fight Pacquiao. And you can hardly blame him.

    Here is what happened to some of Pacquiao’s last seven opponents:

    Antonio Margarito, pummeled repeatedly, broken orbital bone, sent to hospital. Miguel Cotto, pummeled repeatedly, TKO, sent to hospital. Ricky Hatton, knocked out cold, sent to hospital, hasn’t fought since. Oscar De La Hoya, pummeled repeatedly, TKO’d, hasn’t fought since. David Diaz, pummeled repeatedly, TKO’d, sent to hospital.

    The other two (Joshua Clottey, Shane Mosley) essentially refused to fight, covered up for 12 rounds and accepted lopsided losses by decision.

    Pacquiao doesn’t just defeat opponents; he punishes them right into an ambulance. Mayweather, attempting to spin the argument, notes that he beat most of those guys before Pacquiao and claims he “softened them up.”

    Perhaps. It’s also possible Mayweather sees the destruction Pacquiao can do to a man’s health, reputation and career, and wouldn’t mind avoiding him completely.

    Only Floyd knows for sure. Mayweather and Pacquiao fight will never happen.

  199. Ace Freeman Says:

    Slyguy if Manny does agree to the testing on record during the next negotiations and Floyd creates more hoops to jump through (like suggesting Manny can’t train in his home country) I would think that would be as disappointing and questionable as it would be if Manny went back on and refused the testing.

    I would be extremely disappointed if Floyd tries to insist Manny can’t train at home and would find that to be an outrageous demand.

  200. SlyGuy Says:

    Thanks Ace…hopefully everything comes to fruition and we get to see the fight of the century! Until then, Mayweather will still be selling his “Take the test” T-shirts…

  201. weekeeps Says:

    @ Ace Freeman,

    it seems like floyd and his team wants USADA to handle the entire OSDT, which means that manny would have to spend the entirety of his training in the US for their bout because USADA has no jurisdiction except in the US.

    that’s why Manny and his team wanted WADA to handle the testing, as well as people from the NSAC to supervise the procedures.

    we all know manny trains in the Philippines due to his congressional duties during 1st month of his training then at the wild card gym.

  202. Ace Freeman Says:

    Well I have heard that bantered about but there are a lot of people involved who toss out comments on both sides…

    I am going to hold off from speculating about Manny agreeing or disagreeing to take the tests as well as any additional demands Floyd might make until they actually sit down and have some sharp minds like Al Haymon, Todd duBoef and Richard Schaefer hash it out.

    I’m hoping that they can sit down and hammer things out quickly and without a pissing contest in the media.

    Fingers crossed. I know a lot of people doubt the fight will happen but the fan in me believes it’s destiny and that we will see it. =)

  203. brainless Says:

    Excellent research work, Ace, keep it up a good work done.
    …but i was amazed, truly amazed, the number of replies involved, WOW more than a couple of hundred, your making history Ace.

  204. .... Says:

    and the thing is Pacquiao knock most of his opponent ever since he have this punching power! :)

  205. tymikeson Says:

    great article ace! IMO it really puts to rest any misconseptions about mannys legitimate rise in weight over the years.

    also, Regarding manny maintaining power while climbing in weight, he has never been a one punch ko guy as you mentioned. As well, when he does knock someone down its usually because he hits them at such an unorthodox angle that the fighters dont see it coming, like hatton, marquez, cotto for example.

  206. NoHowAnt-lonely Says:

    1. If mayweather demands test, then he should also get tested, and for that matter, every fighter should be tested before they fight, or during the fight! You want fair right?
    2. Why is Manny’s weight an issue, or the cause of suspicion? Anyone can get to 100 lbs to 300 lbs in just a year! :P
    3. If Manny’s power punch is the proof of his PED use, then how come mayweather KO’s opponents bigger than him also? mayweather is also on PEDs? :P
    4. If mayweather claims he is a great fighter, then why don’t he just fight Manny even without the test? coz if he demands test from Manny, then It would only be fair that they both undergo test at the same time before the fight. A great fighter can defeat opponents even bigger than them, or even with PEDs. :P
    5. Why should Manny be the one to give proof that he is not on PED? Who accused? he prove it! :P
    6. Ace, this is a very nice piece of work you got here. Don’t mind the haters. :P

  207. jamesb Says:

    But this doesn’t prove anything because Manny still wont take the test, Therefor he’s obviously taking something….

  208. master Says:

    its been proved that pac never used that drugs and this observation is surfaced before and it was 100% accurate… the only thing floyd not minding this obervation is because he is soooooooo jealous and he knows he will not win to manny… and his fear to pac is known now… he is just backing himslef with this issue

  209. Ice Says:

    According to jamesb: “But this doesn’t prove anything because Manny still wont take the test, Therefor he’s obviously taking something….”

    If it doesn’t prove anything, can you prove that manny is taking something? If it’s so obvious, care to enlighten us? Maybe you’re the type of person that will believe anything you hear. If I tell you that your dad’s a fag, will you believe it? Simple logic dude…

  210. CK Says:

    This is a down ass article! Thanks for that…but you know…even with cold-hard facts, the floydiots will find another excuse just like their idol mayweather…

  211. Anonymous Says:

    floyd haters… still, can’t get over…

  212. t.Young Says:

    Floyd is the best stop hating pacriod only fights wash up ex champions . even at light weight barrera and morrales were pass there prime.and marquez beat em twice if you dont like mayweather that means you probably dont know shit about boxing

  213. t.Young Says:

    How can this article be fair if the writer is a pacriod fan that hopes floyd losses !

  214. SlyGuy Says:


    This proves that Mayweather conjured up his “take the test” campaign as a smoke screen for the real reason…that he’s been injecting himself with KFC deep frying oil (he’s chicken)

  215. sportschick Says:

    Pacquiao already agreed to being tested. Yet, Kentucky Floyd Chicken has another demand on HOW THE TEST should be taken. Enough already. This is getting to be unfair to Pacquaio and the Philippines.

    “Manny is from a foreign country. That automatically raises red flags as to his level of fairness and immediately is cause for his willingness to cheat. Next thing you know, Pacquiao is gonna want to be tested in The Philippines so he could cheat the blood test too” — RACIST! So because Manny is a Filipino, that raises red flags?! WTH? So the only good people in the world are those who live in the United States? Americans don’t commit crimes? Americans don’t lie, cheat and steal?

    On another note, since Manny agreed to the testing already, he has found another way to duck the fight, by asking some ridiculous amount of money to fight the Pacman.

    I can’t wait for that dream fight, but in the end, Manny doesn’t need Floyd. Floyd needs Manny. After that classless act and win against Ortiz, I don’t even think Manny should fight this idiot. Now SIR, that is what makes FILIPINOS different, that’s what makes Manny different from Floyd. CLASS. We may be a third world country, but we have class, dignity, honor and respect. Values that are passed down generation to generation.

  216. 3star&aSun Says:

    bravo! bravo! bravo! calling the Mayweather clan, please learn how to read this article with eyes wide open…then check your Lil Floyd’s history, compare the data…then check again! You’ll see it’s a BIG check ahead! scary huh! hahahaha

  217. Danury V. Obcena Says:

    to all sports writer specifically boxing, I would like to recommend Ace Freeman be recognized as one of the best boxing writer of the year… good work mam

  218. engine Says:


  219. Gil Simmons Says:

    i’m American and i’m with PACMAN! good article.. Floyd stop making excuses!

  220. Me Says:

    Don’t be ridiculous… this article is bullsh*t… If I was Pac-Man I take the drug test and don’t complained… Mayweather has never back out of the fight, he just said If you want to fight me, you need to do a drug test… Floyd Mayweather is the champ, he decides the rules of the fight if anyone it’s going to take him down he should do it under Mayweather rules! Now ask yourself is Mayweather is a chicken or Pacquiao is just afraid that the test comes out positive? My opinion is that Pacquiao is afraid… just saying!

  221. Ace Freeman Says:

    I’m not sure what your issue is with the piece. It says at both the beginning and the end that if Floyd Mayweather believes Pacquiao is on steroids he’s well within his rights to demand the testing should the fight be made.

    There is no denying that is the reason the fight fell apart the first time it was negotiated in December 2009.

    Some feel it’s entirely Pacquiao’s fault for not agreeing to the testing. I understand that to a degree but as I’ve mentioned before, Floyd’s problem initially is that he basically said “You need to take the test because you’re a cheater”. He has since gone on and made slanderous unfounded accusations and racially insulted Pacquiao and Filipinos in general.

    I can understand Pacquiao’s reluctance to jump through any hoops for Floyd after he behaved that way, but I have since moved on to feeling that Manny needs to just bite his tongue and submit to the testing so the fight gets made. Not for Floyd, but for you and for me and for all the Fight Fans everywhere who want to see this historic fight.

    The problem I have with Floyd (or posters like the one above) when they parrot “Take the test” and “It’s his fault for not taking the test” is that by all indications Pacquiao IS willing to take the test and has been since the supposed 2nd set of negotiations in the summer of 2010.

    You can say you don’t believe that, but the problem with that is according to Floyd there WERE no second negotiations.

    So how Floyd and some of his more overly loyal fans can continue to insinuate the fight hasn’t happened because Manny currently isn’t agreeing to take the test – when he now keeps saying that he is – it just doesn’t make sense.

    The only credible argument Floyd can stand on with regard to the testing is that he demanded the random Olympic testing in Dec. 2009 and Pacquiao refused.

    So then what? Pacquiao didn’t refuse last summer because according to Floyd there were no talks. So we have Manny unwilling in the first discussions almost two years ago… and no official word on the matter since then.

    Unofficially (as in away from the negotiation table that was apparently only visited in Dec. 2009) all Pacquiao has said since then is several comments during various press conferences that he IS willing to be tested if it comes up again.


    Now again, until he officially has Todd DuBoef sit down and say this to Al Haymon on the record, I really don’t think it’s worth tirelessly arguing about one way or the other.

    But I just don’t understand anyone who repeats “Take the test” like it’s a trump card.

    What we have now (should Manny beat Marquez) is the need for both fighters to realize that despite their feelings that they’re the bigger name who doesn’t need the other… the PEOPLE need (and want) the fight. So it’s time to put some of the pettiness and disdain for one another aside and for both of them to make the necessary concessions to make the fight happen… for the people.

  222. Mc Says:

    Lets get a good referee in there when they fight!

  223. ladyboxer Says:

    well said boss very good article…

  224. Teknisyan Says:

    Like all people… everyone gain weight… I have not known any person who weighs that same weight when he was 18 years old and now that he’s 30 years old.

  225. TaxxJames Says:

    Pacman is so great… the self proclaimed great boxer thinks he is on roids.

  226. Gus Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Floyd’s speech on the youtube above is a plain and simple contradiction. When Pacquiao fought de la Joya, Hatton, Cotto, Margarito and Mosley, despite of their previous matches before they fought Pacquiao and their age, they were in their best shape. They had to because they know that their going in the rignt with the best pound for pound in boxing. Floyd’s entourage excuses of these great boxers that they were washed-out and old are just big time excuses. The boxing world knows that. Even people that are not into boxing knows that. Common now, despite of this legitimate and on point article by Ace Freeman, the story remains the same and more excuses will arise from Floyd’s corner just to avoid Pacquiao. Sorry fans, PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

  227. Floyd PED Says:

    stop this steroid bs. floyd is using xylocaine drug to numb his hands and hit harder with it. thats a fact. so to hit harder and to feel nothing at all shows that he is using xylocaine as a PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUG. ring a bell. its banned at some states but its legal in vegas. how can u become a boxer when you got brittle hands. imagine if pacquiao used xylocaine against marquez the first fight, he shouldnt have felt the pain in his overused left hand and continued to pummel marquez relentlessly. so basically we wont be having marquez 2 and 3.

  228. steroid Says:

    i was 115lbs when i was 16 years old now im 180 im 26 yrs old.. im definitely on steroids

  229. kfc Says:

    haha…i like the abbreviation “K.F.C.”—kentucky floyd chicken….

  230. kfc Says:

    the question on my mind is..why does mayweather sensationalize pacman’s alleged usage of PED’s..is it because nobody is left for him but pacman that’s why he needs to do this non sense comparatives??come on..if you are a true champion..fight the best…besides..we Filipinos grow bigger generally when we are older..go pacman..a true professional P4P king..

  231. special hit Says:

    Yes, floyd misses boxing thats why he back to fight Victor after 16 months lay-off.
    He also came back to fight because Manny is already scheduled to fight Marquez in November. So nobody can bring up for him to fight Manny. He will never sign to fight Manny, no matter what kind of test they offer…Manny will pass all of those test.

  232. special hit Says:

    Two things that Floyd knows:

    1. Manny will pass the test.
    2. Manny will knock him out!

  233. Anonymous Says:

    If floyd wants to be the best, he should fight the best!

  234. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Floyd, If you want to be the best, Fight the best!

  235. a Says:

    take the test!!

  236. Hepalog Says:

    @ a

    u take the test….an eye test. go read the thread, please.

  237. a3live Says:

    wtf. you people keep on commenting without knowing the facts. of course pac is taking the test and he never been guilty on PED. the only thing he doesnt like is the olympics style of drug test as floyd demand.common let d NSAC do their job..

  238. jesson lariba Says:

    floyd is good but sometimes his arrogant can be sense inside the ring. his knockout to ortiz seems to be not sporty..sometimes dirty game he does can be seen there….im sorry to comment this one but im not convince on ortiz’ lose.

  239. siyak Says:

    Floyd knows Pacman is not on steroid. He has to go with the PED thing to downplay Pacman’s achievements. The key word is jealousy. Floyd is from a boxing family. He’d been groomed since he was a kid to be a good and skilled boxer. He lives in the US and has all the privileges and luxury all his life to be where he’s at now. He has all the means and tools to be successful in boxing. And now, Pacman’s taking all the credits and honors. A boxer from a third world country who’s the antithesis of everything that Floyd represents. Floyd just can’t take it that someone who has nothing from the beginning can have so much, almost everything right now. Someone who almost didn’t make it as a kid, has not a trace of boxing in his blood and doesn’t have the means, tools and resource like Floyd to make it to the big league. Floyd thinks only the privileged has the right to rise and be recognized and become successful. When you think of it a little deeper, there’s a racial tone associated with it. Only Floyd is black and blacks have been victims of racism themselves.

  240. Teknishen04 Says:

    I think both men are terrified of losing what the have. Both are at the peaks of their careers and are making a ton of loot. Why would they risk losing it all? A close friend of mine once said he wouldnt be suprised if both camps are secretly meeting behind closed doors discussing strategy on how to make the most money while avoiding each other in the process. Im a fan of both men, but both sides are completely wrong. I dont believe a word that Bob Arum saysdue to his criminal past and the same can be said about Floyd. If you ask me, both sides are an embarassment to the sport. There are way to many fighters that are hungry for their shot to wait on these two.

  241. MONEY TEAM, NJ Says:


  242. Manny Says:

    Ace, what’s your nationality ?

  243. MARK Says:

    To the boxing fans,

    Don’t be fooled by Floyd..he call himself “MONEYMAKER”, therefore he is more of a businessman than an entertaining boxer and not even a FIGHTER and a WARRIOR. Floyd Jr. is very good in playing with people’s mind.

    He uses every boxing fan to hate him to enable him to generate more $$$ in his fights. So before you spend your $$ to Floyd Jr. think wisely.

  244. ryan Says:

    thanks for the great article dude, this is the true comparison without bias..

  245. Eric Baldwin Says:

    Man oh man, it will be great watching mayweather hit the canvas with his eyes swollen and blood spilling from his lips. but i wonder if manny should punish him? it would be a big risk. There is so much racial tension over this that it is highly likely to spark violence in the crowd not from mannys supporters but from mayweather. BITTER LOSER = MAYWEATHER & HIS FANS!

  246. Eric Baldwin Says:



  247. R Carlos Says:


    Floyd? Is that you? LMAO :D


  248. Sean Says:

    @some poster : I believe during the early days of Manny Pacquiao, his monicker is “Destroyer” not “dinamita” as I believe. Because he destroys every opponent atop the ring.

  249. Anonymous Says:

    wayweather is a coward boxer if he think he can beat manny so prove it to the world…..

  250. reusal reuse recycle gogreen go green enviroment energy crisis solar power Says:

    Fantastic website. Plenty of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks on your effort!

  251. Boobs Says:

    You took away all credibility from yourself when you made this comment “At this point I hope above all else that Manny will make good on what he always points out to be his number one objective of making the people happy. If I could tell him one thing it would be: “Please Manny, take the test and kick his ass!”

    You are biased. Floyd will kick Manny’s ass as proven by Manny’s trouble with a counter puncher (Marquez) recently. Now the only camp making excuses is Pacquiao’s camp (Arum). Goodnight.

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