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Full Fight: Steve ‘The Dragon’ Claggett TKO 3 Jose Mendoza!

By Ace Freeman (16-Jan-2011)

Don’t miss this exclusive footage of Canada’s Steve ‘The Dragon’ Claggett capturing the WBC light welterweight Youth Intercontinental Title via third round TKO of previously unbeaten Jose Mendoza last night in Calgary, Alberta!

Claggett TKO 3 Mendoza Pt 1:

Claggett TKO 3 Mendoza Pt 2:

Special Thanks to: Jake Louie and Gary Louie, Greg Claggett, Eric and Carly de Guzman, Duncan Keith, Ron ‘Crouching Tiger’ Gabriel, Ed Maric, Joe Bruiser, Jordan Wenzel and the rest of Team Teofista, Shirley Stunzi, Adolfo Perez, Big Joe Miranda, Dr. Ed de la Vega, Roger Mayweather, Cornelius Boza Edwards, Mayweather Promotions, Urbano Antillon, Zab Judah, Marshall Enzer, The Universal Boxing Hall of Fame, and the World Boxing Council.

It was freezing outside but there was no shortage of fire inside Calgary’s Chinese Cultural Centre last night in Alberta, Canada where Teofista Boxing staged a double-header featuring some of Canada’s fastest rising talent.

In the main event, Steve ‘The Dragon’ Claggett (11-0-1, 6 KOs) battered previously unbeaten Mexican Jose Julio Mendoza (7-1, 3 KOs) to capture prestigious WBC light welterweight Youth Intercontinental Title. Claggett started out very quickly and boxed well as he took the fight to Mendoza with his pressuring style. The Calgary native scored two knockdowns in Round 2, one from a right cross and the other from a left hook. A gallant Mendoza beat the count but was sent down again in the third by a debilitating left to the liver. The Mexican showed a lot of courage in getting to his feet but the referee waived the bout off at the 2:54 mark of Round 3.

In the co-main event big punching Canadian middleweight and super middleweight champion Adam ‘A-Bomb’ Trupish (8-0, 5 KOs) scored a spectacular second round knockout of Montana’s Matt Palmer (2-3) that electrified the local crowd. Trupish looked poised and polished as he picked his shots early, scoring two knockdowns in each of the opening two rounds. As time was running out in the second, Trupish connected with a blistering uppercut that lifted Palmer off his feet. It was another exciting KO win for the former Canadian Olympian who now looks poised to fight for the NABA junior welterweight title in March.

On the undercard, heavyweight Ken ‘One Tough Indian’ Frank (4-1-1, 2 KOs) rebounded from his late 2010 loss to Tye Fields with a clear and concise seven round unanimous decision victory over Edmonton’s Sheldon ‘Prime Time’ Hinton. The big men exchanged knockdowns early in the bout but it was Frank’s busier work rate that carried the way on route to a points victory by scores of 68-64 (x2) and 67-65.

Red Deer, Alberta’s Jarred ‘J-Rod’ KilKenny (3-0, 2 KOs) made quick work of Winnipeg’s Chad Thrun (0-3) in preliminary action, dropping him several times in the opening stanza with right hooks to the body on route to a first round TKO win.

In the opening bout of the evening, former Alberta amateur standout Brad Soanes was impressive in winning his pro debut when he stopped a rugged Max Gagne at the bell to end Round 1 with a well placed body shot.

The pro bouts were sanctioned by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission and the event took place at the lovely Chinese Cultural Centre in downtown Calgary.

Visit Teofista.com for more information.

  • Smiling_Wolf

    Wow. This is probably the best fight I’ve seen from Steve to date – he’s so much tighter now technically, and the way he completely dominated an undefeated prospect shows it.

    Also like how he thuds with that left hand; it’s got a Cotto-like styling to it and he knows how to set it up well. Definitely a punch that’s going to carry him up the ranks.

    Way to go, Steve – Chinese Canadians are definitely coming out. Can’t wait to see you KO McGuiness!

  • Pacfan #1

    Very nice contrast between tight defense and a pessure offense.

    I like the looks of this young fighter…

  • Johnny

    Chinese Canadians stand up!!!

  • Angel

    Bring this guy down to Cali!

  • eyeswoleshut

    let him fight Saúl Álvarez..

  • Ed Guapo

    I seen Steve fight twice, this one and Abdou Sow, both times I’ve been impressed. Watch his footwork, especialy the KD right near the end, very smooth and powerfull. I’ve also seen sparring footage and other fights on youtube and what really impresses me is the learning curve, how much better he is each time. I don’t think Logan McGuiness would last 5 rounds.

  • Blackeye 84

    I used to think that Steve and Logan would be a toss up fight, now after watching this fight, I do not think Steve can handle Logan. Not impressed yet!

  • Well…like…that’s just your opinion man!


  • Tony T

    Blackeye not sure where you get that line of thinking from broski.

    Did you see Logan’s last fight? He got beat up by some Mexican guy. He struggled an looked discouraged and confused as he faded and back peddled late in the fight. Same thing happened when he fought Estrada.

    Clagett looked really good in this fight. His defense was tight, his footwork looks very good for a prospect, and his offence is really coming together with 4 KOs in his last 5 fights. That left hook to the body is looking really good.

    Logan’s smaller than Steve and he has one game plan. Come forward. He’s wide open down the middle and a very one dimensional fighter.

    Not sure how you watched their last couple fights and come to that conclusion.

  • Blackeye 84

    You gotta realize that Logan is fighting more seasoned pros. The guy Steve fought looked like a novice. Both camps are chatting it up, so let’s see what happens!

  • Tony T

    I’m not sure I agree with that either. That last Mexican guy Logan fought was very similar to this Mendoza guy Clagett just fought. Only Logan got really touched up by his last opponent and started back peddling where as Clagett dominated his.

    I also think Sow (whos now a Canadian champ) was a more dangerous opponent than Buzz Grant who look like he laid down in with McGinness.

    The most seasoned opponent between the two was definitely Walter Estrada, but again Logan got touched up badly and was running at the end and many people feel he escaped that fight by getting a draw.

    Either way, I don’t see how you watch this fight here above and draw the conclusion that Clagett wouldn’t test Logan. Clagget looked very polished in this fight while Logan really struggled in his last outing so I don’t agree with that logic.

    I think Clagett finishes Logan off when it gets to the point Estrada and that last Mexican guy got to where Logan was agressive for 3 rounds then started running when his opponent didn’t fold. Just my 2 cents.

  • Larry Merchant

    I am not defending Black Eye but he makes some valid points.

    Also I want to give credit to Claggett he is improving and looked very good against Mendoza. But Mendoza was a very limited guy with a built up record he could have easily been 0-7, if he had to fight in the U.S or Canada.

    There is no question Claggett would give Logan all he could handle, but Logan has been in with alot tougher guys than Mendoza offers and in tough fights those rounds are in valuable.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with Tony T, Logan and steves record is actually really similar. i would actually say steve has the best win of the 2 when he beat adou sow. i would actually give sow the edge if he fought logan. it would be a hell of a fight!!
    i am excited about the fighters we(canada) are producing these days.

  • Alex Ariza

    first time watching this kid and i gotta say, im not impressed… he has all the time to improve though…..

    he remind me of Maidana, lets hope he becomes more of a boxer

  • AK

    I think steve has the upper hand in all of canada’s lightweight boxers, ive watched most of his fights and seen a few live and his defense is amazing, he always comes out winning without ever really getting scored much on and on top of that he has great offense. I think to really understand it you have to see him fight live, and to all the people who dont see him as a prospect in world boxing, theres alot more to him than most people think. I know he’s going to win big.