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Mosley and Mayweather agree to terms for May 1 clash!

By FightFan News Wire (31-Jan-2010)

According to ESPN.com and several other sources, both Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley have agreed to terms to clash May 1 in Las Vegas. A formal announcement is expected early this week.

Shane Mosley has agreed to terms to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a super fight this May and according to ESPN.com he signed off on the contract on Friday. Leonard Ellerbe, representative for Mayweather, also confirmed Floyd has agreed to terms and is in the process of signing the official contract.

“All of the deal points have been agreed to,” Ellerbe told ESPN.com. “We still have to put pen to paper, but everything is agreed to. It’s with the lawyers. Shane is a great fighter, one of the best of his era, and so is Floyd. It’s going to be a great fight. It’s a fight fans have wanted to see for a long time.” It is expected the deal will be made official early this week with a full press tour to ensue.

  • Ivan “LatinoPorVida” Montiel

    This is good news, this is what I’ve been waiting for just can’t wait till May!

    I believe Mosley will give Mayweather plenty of trouble all Money can handle when Shane applies his pressure. Mosley has great hand speed, he’s slightly taller than Floyd and carries power although many seem to not credit Shane for his KO power just look at his record it speaks for itself 46 wins 39 KO’s enough said

  • FloydDealerSr

    No doubt Floyd was pressured into this fight from both the media and fans in light of the Pacquiao fight disintegrating, but who cares – as long as the fight happens. . I was pissed that bitch ass Floyd decided to ‘retire’ even though he had signed to do Mayweather/Delahoya II. If Floyd pulls another coward stunt, I don’t see how anybody with half a brain can back him.

    As for Shane, he MUST win – period! Beating Floyd puts him directly in-line for a Pacquiao/Mosley matchup in the fall. Right now, all roads lead to Pacquiao, and NOT Mayweather as he so claims.

    Mosley is a gentlemen both in and out of the ring and I can’t wait to watch him take Mayweather’s precious zero. If this happens, a Pac/Floyd matchup looses it’s luster and puts Shane Mosley front and center for a showdown with Manny – which is hands down a better fight than Pac/Mayweather.

    GO MOSLEY! Train hard and put it on the line. Your legacy will be defined by this moment and I’m confident that you will prevail. And not because you deserve it, but because you will have earned it!

  • Anonymous

    Mosley is one of the most elite fighters in boxing..all he needs to do is to train hard in cathing mayweather..we all know that all mayweather does is run and win the fight..

  • Smiling Wolf

    Mosley is a classy, gifted fighter, and I can’t wait to see him prevail over the cocky, materialistic (and stuttering) Floyd; he’s got a modern Sugar Robinson vibe that I’d like to see come back to the top of this sport, and he has the hand speed and KO percentage to get him there.

    Stay gold, Shane – just don’t juice up and spoil it us.

  • Ivan “LatinoPorVida” Montiel

    I’ve always said if it’s one fighter who could beat Mayweather it’s probably Mosley.

    I got a feeling Mosley could be spoiling the Mayweather vs Pacquiao future fight.

    My money is on Shane although it won’t be easy because let’s face it Floyd is a dam smart fighter yet I still believe Mosley has all the skills to give Mayweather big time trouble.

  • Floyds Fan dot com

    floyd has never used a substaance to win,,,never cheated,,,never done nothing illiegal hes one of the cleanest fighters these days,,,,floyd and his camp are smart ppl,,,,good to see floyd steppin up to the plate though,,,buh could u silence the world that been hatin on floyd,,,,hope to see it on may 1st

  • Shocker

    Until the training for the fight begins, I still don”t wanna count the chick! Mayweather may still duck this fight!!!

  • hehehe

    this is good news but look at the comments, not the usual mayweather, appeared at the same time as crazy face pacquiao post, then everyone notice pac and not this post xD



  • Twanaz816

    Wow I think its funny that all the Mayweather passionate haters are not saying anything. 9 comments to this point, and I dont want to hear that no body cares, because when Roger said Shane couldn’t beat Floyd it received over 100 comments, where are all of you at, you know the ones that said Floyd wouldn’t fight him??? where are you at???

    This is going to be a great fight, I think better than the Pac fight would’ve/will be.

    PEACE OUT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bout time these 2 gonna fight Sugar Shane is a great fighter, only problem is Money Mayweather is gonna live up to his name and beat Mosley.

    Floyd is gonna silence all u hatin critics when he beats Mosley

    And Big ups to shane for not actin scary like Pacman and actually taking the fight

  • Dreamliner

    I think in terms of revenue it will be up to Shane’s draw, but it should be almost equal to what couldve been with Manny. Shane is already saying he getting about 15 Mil.

    Plus he beat Oscar twice and KO’d Margarito and Paul Williams couldn’t hurt Marg.

    My only concern is that Shane needs to set his feet before throwing his power punches, and the jab kills Shane every time…the Great Vernon Forrest did it, so did Cotto.

  • aV

    so thats it? no random bloodsest bullsh**? thats wierd.. wasn’t sugar shane the one guilty of using PED in the past? and yet floyd’s not asking for random testing in this fight.. oh well goodluck to shane, hope he shuts floyd up

  • aV

    so thats it? no random bloodtest bullsh**? thats wierd.. wasn’t sugar shane the one guilty of using PED in the past? and yet floyd’s not asking for random testing in this fight.. oh well goodluck to shane, hope he shuts floyd up

  • The Truth

    nahh actually shane isnt a bitch like Fannypac n agreed 2 the random blood testing. hes has nothing to hide and to prove it hes taking the test.(not filing a law suit hahaa). n as 4 the fight no doubt mayweather is the better boxer n has the skills to beat shane, but its boxing,one punch can change a fight, so i mean its really hard to predict a winner in a sport where anything can happen. so i think alot of you shud juss shut up n keep ur biased PBF hating comments to urself, n get ready 2 see a great fight between the true two best welterweights of this era.

    lmao n which ever bandwagon fan said all roads lead 2 pacquaio is a str8 dumb fucc. Lmao 2 out 3 of pacroids last opponents were already beatin by PBF. n clottey is comin off a loss to cotto. so once again hes fightin a chump. and he still aint takin no blood test!. hahahaa so come on fam.. pass me watever ur smokin!.

  • Anonymous

    mayweather news gets no love compared to pacman, look at the comments…

    ppv buys gonna reflect the same LOL

  • FightFan10

    Any boxing fan should be really happy this fight is getting made. Not only is this a great fight since you can make an arguement either fighter can win, but it opens up the doors for even bigger fights like a Pacquiao-Mosley or a Pacquiao-Mayweather. I say pacquiao becasuse I think he will beat Clottley. Clottley tends to fade in the later rounds and his work rate goes down a lot. He doesn’t move a lot either. He stands there put his arms up and tried to block everything. He will be a punching bag for Pacquiao to hit on. As for this fight I see Floyd winning a decision. I don’t believe Mosley can outbox Floyd since Shane throws his power punches flat-footed and just won’t be able to catch the defensinve Floyd with those killer power punches. And his jab really isn’t good and he doesn’t even use it. But that’s the beauty of boxing you just never know. One punch can change everything and Shane has that 1 punch power that can change a fight.

  • treva

    now THIS is more like it!! cannot wait for this one!

  • Anonymous

    People talk about PPV’s, why dont you compare how much each fighter got versus like opponents.

    Did Mayweather get more money versus Oscar…yes

    Did Mayweather get more money versus Hatton..Yes

    So now they wanna compare a super fight and say Clottey will draw more than Shane…GTFO

    Yall dont know boxing!

  • hehehe

    ppl buy the ppv cuz they want to see mayweather lose but he never loses. heh happens

  • Anonymous

    all mayweather does is hit and run..the guy just doest want to fight..im counting on shane to pull up an upset againts mayweather..the fight that i want to see is pacquiao vs mosley..

  • Anonymous

    panghilom no oi!!!!!

  • Shocker

    This fight is not going to happen. As of this late, mayweather hasn’t signed up to the deal yet and Schaeffer is a bit frustrated and don’t understand why…don’t count the chick yet! However, I wanna see this happen and see how Mayweather pulls up against Mosley!

  • Twanaz816

    Contract signed