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Mayweather vs. Mosley clash a strong possibility now

By Ace Freeman (18-Jan-2010)

Now that Andre Berto has pulled out of his January 30 fight with Shane Mosley, a super bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mosley seems like a logical option for both fighters next.

After the news broke earlier today that Andre Berto has pulled out of his January 30 bout with Shane Mosley to focus on family and relief efforts after last week’s tragic earthquake in Haiti, many sources are now reporting that negotiations are underway that may see Mosley move on to a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.. It has long been speculated that a Mosley fight would be the next best option (both in money and standing) for Mayweather after his proposed mega fight with Manny Pacquiao imploded. Monday’s events appear as though the door has opened to see that bout come to fruition. While there is no official comment from Mayweather, Golden Boy Promotion’s Richard Schaefer did acknowledge to ESPN’s Dan Rafael that a proposed clash between the two super stars is now atop his priority list.

“(Mayweather vs. Mosley) is a super fight, and now my next order of business — to see if we can put it together,” Schaefer told ESPN.com. “That is what I am going to be doing in the coming hours. The sooner the better if we can get this potential fight done. With Shane now being available and Floyd being available, that’s a fight all fight fans and sports fans would embrace. This would be a huge showdown. Shane has wanted that fight for a while. That’s what I am going to try to do.”

Golden Boy Promotions promotes Shane Mosley and have recently co-promoted Mayweather. It is expected that will make the in-house negotiating an easier task. While it has been speculated Mayweather would keep his March 13 date and look to go head to head with Manny Pacquiao’s pay-per-view against Joshua Clottey, it now seems more likely (and financially feasible) that a bout with Mosley would be pushed in to April or May. More details are expected in the coming weeks.

  • Anonymous

    put it on the same date as pacquiao clottey and see who has more ppv, lol

    i dont think they ll actually do that tho, its more probable they use pbf to replace berto and fight on that date, hope so, cuz if they fight later shane will be over trained and thats an excuse if shane loses

  • Well there’s no way Mayweather’s fighting Jan. 30… that’s less than two weeks away.

    And even though they have threatened to run head to head with Pac vs. Clottey, that’s money out of everyone’s pocket.

    I think they’ll probably shoot for early May.

    Shane’s a vet, he’ll be fine to stop training and start up again in a month or so.

  • money

    exactly no way floyds gunna jump into a fight wont happen if this fight gets worked out will end up seein it in april early spring

  • Anonymous

    it shouldn’t be done right away. They should just wait until May 1 to give the fight the promotion it deserves. mayweather and mosley are elite athletes and being in shape won’t be any trouble

  • Anonymous

    i hope so, i wouldnt mind this fight for may or jun, would be the best…

    1 month or 2 after pacquiao clottey …

    then the winners clash !!!

  • Anonymous

    Anybody now that says anything about floyd ducking opponents or cherry-picking should make the same arguement for pacquiao also then since he hasn’t fought the best in any division recently either. Looks like he’s protecting himself so he doesn’t lose. Looks like floyd will fight mosley who has a real chance of beating him.

  • Anonymous

    well pacquiao going for the glory with the bigger guys, pacquiao cnt bother with the smaller guys anymore, otherwise he would kill marquez in the 3rd clash i say

  • duke

    I don’t blame Berto for pulling out of the fight. The earthquake is a tragic calamity. I’m sure Mosley understands, meanwhile the fight with Floyd and Mosley can materialize somewhere around early May like Ace Freeman posted. I hope it happens!

  • idoubtit

    I doubt it. This fight is not going to happen. Mayweather has a thousand and one excuses to avoid a fight with Mosley because he’s protecting his record. No way. This fight is not going to happen!

  • adam from Auz

    i really hope this fight happens next theres no reason why it shouldnt both guys r kooking for opponents i think if this fight comes off it could be a tough fight for floyd, i can see mosely getting up big time for this fight.

  • Anonymous

    Mosley is gonna beat this guy up for sure. He’s got all it takes to do that…in the end it’s gonna be Pacquiao and Mosley…man, this is a more exciting duel!

  • Smiling Wolf

    Floyd/Mosley was a longtime coming – it better happen! I’ve heard there’s been some bad blood, so it could get epic.

    But what does old Mosley have to use against Floyd? I know he’s fast and has a good jab, but will it be enough against Floyd’s slick defense?

  • Smiling Wolf

    thats a good fight right there, pacman would have yi rwgret signing a fight with clottey so hastily

  • Anonymous

    i hope mosley beats the fuk out of mayweather tho, if he beats overrated mayweather he can fight pacman next without all the bullshit bloodtest things.

    and also would b a way more exciting fight i think, not 1 sided, not boring… both are good in offensive

  • NaS

    Pacman will never fight mosely as mosely is a risk for him…Recently pacman learned his ducking strategy from floyd

  • gakiis47

    I can almost here FLOYD shivering in fear. Too bad BERTO had to pull off. Now FLOYD will never have enough time to make a valid excuse.

  • Floyd will back out of Mosley fight also, he knows how sharp Mosley is. Floyd’s back is against the wall on this one again! If he doesn’t take this fight, I guarantee that his stocks will plummet down rapidly.
    I don’t think he can take Mosleys pressure and power? Floyd will retire and keep his undefeated scared record.
    We will see within 2 wks what he does?

  • Anwar Jamison

    For anyone who thinks Floyd is somehow overmatched against Mosley, I shake my head in disbelief.

    These are two great fighters, but I go back to Cotto/Mosley. I was surprised at how much Cotto outboxed Mosley when the fight was on the outside. If Cotto can outbox Mosley from the outside, I don’t see why a quicker Mayweather can’t.

    Also, in that same fight, Mosley dominated Cotto when the fight went inside. That was when I first noticed that for all of his skills and ability, Cotto can’t fight inside at all. His trademark body punishment always comes when he’s backing someone up.

    Floyd Mayweather is just as comfortable fighting inside as he is outside. Ask Ricky Hatton how it worked out trying to simply maul Floyd on the inside.

    That being said, heart, chin and determination can never be overlooked and Shane is still a monster when it comes to those attributes. Not to mention, he still has fast powerful hands.

    I look forward to a a great fight, but for those saying Floyd is overmatched, I don’t see it.

  • Ceddybaby

    This will be an easy fight for Mayweather…..Also remember, Cotto beat Mosley and Clottey!

  • the expert

    This is the boring fight dude Mosley is old he will look like ODLH who became retard after Pacman dismantle him- an example of retard is “He was just fast,I can take his punches” then after some time “those punches, like Berto and Shane now I start to wonder” ahahaha

    Mosley is too old to fight Shane that would be boring fight Paul Williams if he’s that good and not a coward ahahaha…

    And I bet dude, for sure there will be no blood test coz it’s an easy opponent remember it ain’t no pacman dude it ain’t no PACMAN, instead it’s sugar Pacman can eat him easily…

    Duck Floyd Duck… FLoyd ain’t no chick he’s a Duck he loves to Duck… Duck Floyd Duck…

  • the expert

    Let’s Pray that blood test is required coz Shane the sweet Sugar, who cause Diabetes ahahha has admitted and has tested positive on PED’s Go Mayweather Duck Quack Quack Duck …

  • Dreamliner

    Hey Expert, I just checked in here to find someone has decided to hijack my name and go back and forth with you…the last comments I made were on January 16th, 2010 at 1:27 pm.

    Everything I said was true, and in all reality they don’t need each other at all, it just would be good for boxing.

    You and I are on different sides of the fence when it comes to blood testing so I wont even discuss it anymore.

    The guy who’s hi-jacking my name needs to get his own, and I’m the guy that helped build the Dreamliner, I’m not Dreaming bro!

    I dont understand why you would say Mosley vs PBF would be a boring fight? There the top 3 fighters in a popular weight class right now, and Mosley is coming off a KO against Margarito.

    Gakiis47, Floyd wanted Mosley a long time ago, what type of excuse do you expect. GBP co-promotes Manny, Floyd, and Mosley, so it would make sense for them to find a later date.

  • Anonymous

    GET IT ONNN !!!!


    I love this match.
    Come on Mr Floyd, show your guts, show to all of us that you have balls.
    …But in my own, Floyd will give many alibis just not to make this fight happen. Floyd is a coward. He is very selective to his opponent, because he want a fight that he is the sure winner. But for Mosley, who is a skilled fighter, i doubt if Floyd will dare him.

  • shocker

    I agree with you Ariva-ariva. I Imagine Mayweather clearing the lump in his throat when Berto backed out against Mosley (for a good reason). Mayweather orchestrated a masterful exit with the PAC but it looks like destiny doesn’t wanna give up on him__to fight the best there is. Let me tell you, there is no way he ducks this opponent again without an obvious implication against him. His back against the wall plus pride will undo him this time…in the end, it’s Pacquiao and Mosley ( a more exciting fight).

  • shocker

    Expert I agree with you: Mayweather will make this fight a boring one because of his style__ which he perfected throughout his career. What’s his style: tire and frustrate his opponent by jabbing and running. I don’t know why most of the PBF fan here truly enjoy him. I just hope that Mosley will redeem the excitement of this fight by knocking the PBF with a 2nd round knockout’ otherwise, it will go for twelve in a boring, boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz way.

  • kentox10

    if floyd looks good and win on this fight, he will be the number 1 WW at this time,

    it depends on how pacquiao perform for his bout with joshua clottey, remember clottey has an iron chin, and imagine if pacquiao knock him out, but if not, the spot goes to floyd.

  • the expert

    dude I have to say Clottey has an iron chin to knock him out means, a great risk coz energy will be needed pacman just need to show a good fight and win by a decision, you know the in and out killing off and accurate rumble style…

    But i hope Manny can K.O. Clottey coz his has fast hands and great foot work… You know Pacman is strong but the secret behind all the K.O. is you never know where his punches are coming from and “the one you don’t see, hurt the most, specially when you think you must defend on this part but he hits you on the other part… the my friend is the secret of pacman..

    you never know where he will punch, even ODLH post interview admitted it the Pacman has great speed, David Diaz said that also, Erick Morales, Cotto…

    Speed Kills, what’s being strong if you can ride on it… you know what i mean>>> you get what am saying>>> ok…

    Pacman via decision, but the goal of team Pacquiao is to KTFO Clottey so I will wait for Pacman Training and see what’s my prediction…

    and also on Clottey it’s going to be a good fight I tell you that…

  • Anonymous

    speed kills but the greatest fighters of all time weren’t necessarily the fastest. They say speed can be neutralized

  • The Shicker

    Mayyweather has his back against the wall now and, I read it somewhere here, if he ducks Mosley this time around then you’ll all know what he’s made of…a silly sissy baby who wants to go down in boxing history with a no loss record who came out to fight smaller opponent but evaded fighters of his own size! he will be known as the boxer who brag about being the best ever and yet was quick to demand a drug test from an opponent who has the potential of knocking him out. Aint that silly?

  • The Shicker

    It’s been days now and looks like the Team Mayweather is unusually silent. Are they now having a hard time deciding who to fight now that there are more choices on hand with the availability of Mosley? or that they’re in a close conference concocting some formulaa, magic formulas to avoid a fight with Mosley like#how they ducked the Pac?

  • They are probably negotiating the fight.

    People need to stop assuming that fights are negotiated through the press.

  • Dreamliner

    Its funny how the AVERAGE boxing fan assumes so much. throughout the whole mess with Manny you never heard PBF on a daily basis bashing anyone, then you come on to a site which is talkin about a fight between Mosley and Mayweather and talk about how hes ducking Mosley.

    How do you figure hes ducking Mosley, or ever ducked Margarito, or Cotto, show your proof…Expert???

    If PBF request Olympic style testing for Mosely, it would be seen as someone taking the proactive role in regulating boxing, instead of just living with it.

    In all reality you just hate Mayweather, no matter if he wins, he will lose in your eyes, because your blinded by hate. You actually think Mayweather has never beaten anyone of caliber in all his 40 fights!

    That’s how much you hate Mayweather. news for you, if you hate Mayweather you cant be a fan of boxing.

  • The Shocker

    Dreamliner, you want proof that Team Mayweather ducked bigger opponents? it’s either you’re blind or has not really followed PBF’s entire career.

  • Anonymous

    the shocker:
    floyd never ducked bigger opponents. he fought corrales when he was on top of his game undefeated. he also fought oscar when he was still oscar. When people talk about floyd ducking fighters they usually mention mosley,margarito, and cotto. Mosley chose not to fight floyd years ago and chose to move up in weight to fight de a hoya and I don’t blame him for that since the payday was significantly better. Margarito is not a great fighter at all and floyd chose not to fight to fight de la hoya who is a wayy better fighter than a margarito. And cotto is top rank and i’m sure when floyd was on top arum never even tried to make that fight. And on the other hand pacquiao himself chose not to fight yuri foreman because of the size disadvantage. Pacman himself said that and freddie roach also.And people talk about pacquiao fighting bigger opponents that is not necessarily true. pacman fights are all at catchweights. Look at his muscle defintion in his chest shoulders and arms. He’s stronger than these fighters so in a way he’s the bigger fighter.

  • Shocker

    Anonymous, the bigger fighter, humbug!

  • Anonymous

    So what about USADA? Seems evryone’s got amnesia now..

  • lets see whos the number ppv king

    mayweather-mosley welterweight 147lbs

    pacquiao-clottey welterweight(coward) 143 or 144lbs

    c’mon pacquiao you can’t score a knock-down without the cach-weigh..

  • Anonymous

    Number what? Look who’s not following here.. Pacquiao-Clottey is at 147lbs!

  • Anonymous

    Radio Ga-Ga?

  • true boxing fan

    Aw C’mon, Floyd does duck top welterweight fighters. Don’t mix up stories with fighting Oscar who was already going down hill. And by the way, Yuri Foreman is jr. middleweight. That’s not a reasonable answer. Some writers here are trying to mix up fans. Let’s see if this fight with Mosley will happen with Floyd. Floyd has to step up and fight him.

  • SD

    mayweather will spnk him silly.woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.yehwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • SD


  • Anonymous

    If your a true boxing fan, than you would state your facts that you think Mayweather a certain fighter. Who did he duck? when and why? keep in mind promoters, scheduling, and draw!

    Cotto – he wanted to fight when both were signed to Bob “the new Don king” Arum, Bob also stated that mayweather was the best hes seen since Sugar Ray, NOTE: “I dont think so, just stating facts”. Point is Arum said he was too green.

    Margarito – they offered Floyd 8 million to fight, floyd turned Arum down, and chose Oscar for 25 million, plus afterwards Margarito got beat by Paul williams.

    Mosely – Hes turned down Floyd on numerous occasions, now that hes on his way out he wants floyd, Floyd is only giving him a “what goes around comes around attitude”

    Floyd is undefeated, and until someone beats him, you cant take away his accomplishments. Anyone has a chance in a boxing match, because one mistake and its over.

    Check Floyds fight with Chop Chop Chorley he was hurt twice, its not how hard a fighter punches, but the accuracy of the punch. I remember thinking Floyd was gonna lose vs The great Diego Corrales and he Superbly outclassed him.

  • JB

    Just a few comments. We will see, if PBF takes the fight with Mosely then he is doing the right thing for boxing. PBF sgould be going thru the Boxing commission if he wants testing changed. Rules are rules in any sport, if you want to change them go to the authority who can. We the fans and the commission need to take back the sport of boxing. All fighters should be fighting the top ranked fighters as voted by the commission and the fans. If you as a boxer dont want to fight the best at the top then lose your belt and get out of the sport. We want the old days back where the best had to fight the best. The only thig the boxers need to worry about is the purse. We need to say when and where. We fans need to unite and take back the sport of boxing and give it the punch we had in the past. Have a great day …..

  • Gene

    Your 1$ to win 3$ if Mayweather would fight Mosley.

    I doubt PBF would have the balls to fight Mosley.

  • It could be more entertaining compare to pacquiao-clottey fight coz this both fighters seem to be so eager to win the fight and go after with pacquiao match which have a big possibilities of money making fight.