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Paul Malignaggi vs. Juan Diaz set for Aug. 22 in Houston!

By FightFan News Wire (10-Jun-2009)

DiBella Entertainment and Golden Boy wrapped up negotiations today and tied up all loose ends clearing the way for Paulie ‘The Magic Man’ Malignaggi to face ‘The Baby Bull’ Juan Diaz at an agreed upon catch-weight of 138.5 lbs.

“I told Paulie to lay off his Grandma’s pasta and eat one less cannoli,” said Lou DiBella about Malignaggi dropping an extra pound or two. “Paulie is confident of his speed and boxing ability and is prepared to win in the lion’s den of Houston.”

“This is a fight between two guys looking to prove something. We are both coming of losses in big fights and we are both coming in hungry. Expect fireworks,” said Malignaggi.

  • jessebob

    no disrespect but malignaggi is gonna get a hell of a beating

  • the kid

    Paulie has looked very bad in his last few fights. Personally I would have preferred seeing Diaz go against some else. Maybe Casamayor, Joan Guzman or Anthony Peterson.

  • Ivan “LatinoPorVida” Montiel

    I will be loving this fight, boy is Malignaggi in for a long night or should I say a short night LOL

    I just cannot see Paulie Malignaggi being able to absorb Juan Diaz’s relentless pressure.

    I am so glad this fight is taking place, I just can’t wait for August 22nd!

    Vamos Juan Diaz!

  • terminatorh

    who knows juan diaz has 2 defining loses im not sure hes a 100% well both fisical and mentaly.and then again paulie is damaged good’s also so it should be a good scrap lets see if the houston fans still back up their man despite his failures.

  • Buttababynuknuk

    The jab is da most underestimated punch of boxing and yet da most important. Countin my man paul out is a mistake because ova lookin Malignaggi is like ova lookin da jab. Domestication of da bull has yet to begin!

  • go magic man!! ur my idol!!!! prove to the world what you can do!!

  • Paul M fan

    Go Pauli

  • oscar

    butta is right about the jab.ivan is right about the pressure.

  • Mike

    Malignaggi takes a good punch, just cannot give them out, Diaz to win

  • redrobin

    i just watched the fight. the so called PRETTY BOY didnt win.DIAZ kicked his ASS.he ran the entire fight.

  • redrobin

    jessebob u r right diaz DID kick the hell out of paulie.

  • Angelo

    Malinaggi got robbed. This would not happen in a neutral venue.

  • Patty Escobedo

    Paul was robbed!!! Just goes to show that boxing is still the same old boys and the same old corruption. Daiz has no power in his punches. I felt the judge that was so biased for Diaz probably received more money than the fighters. Ho