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Vitali Klitschko batters Peter in a one sided affair

By FightFan.com Staff (11-Oct-2008)

Vitali Klitschko TKO 9 Samuel Peter

Photo: Klitschko Management GroupVitali Klitschko managed to put the injury bug behind him and looked sensational beating Sam Peter to the punch winning every round of their WBC heavyweight title fight earlier today at the O2 World Arena in Berlin, Germany. Vitali was simply more active with his punches and Peter, looking exremely sluggish, had nothing more than an occasional power-jab to offer in return. As each round went by Klitschko continued to bust up Peter’s face. While Peter took the shots well, he’d had enough after eight rounds and quit on his stool much the same way Vitali was critisized for doing years back when he lost his first title to Chris Byrd (retiring while ahead due to a shoulder injury). In this case Peter simply didn’t want any more and shook his head “no.” The bout was stopped by the referee before the ninth round started, giving Klitschko an eighth round TKO victory. With the win he recaptured the WBC title.

  • LeftJab

    Well,I am eating my words about now. Peter proves once and for all that he is just another in the long line of heavyweights that we hoped would propel the division back into the spotlight. I had expected a lot more from Sam. Although his up and down performances had planted seeds of doubt in my mind,I still thought he might just have the stuff to get the public excited. Turns out he has virtually nothing. He did enough against Wlad to give some hope(flooring him 3 times)but Wlad has a glass jaw and Vitaly does not. To quit in the fashion he did..virtually destroys his career. He will be nothing more than a gatekeeper for up and coming heavies if he chooses to keep fighting. Vitaly had his hands at his waist and was breathing with mouth open from the first round on,yet Peter could not manage to land anything flush. While Vitaly is far from a great heavyweight,he is the closest we have at this point and that is a sad state at that. Once again we search the ranks of the young heavies and hope that the ONE is out there. Johnson,Solis,Povetkin,Dimetrenko,Haye,Arreola,Platov and Boystov are just a few of the names out there. Will any of these guys be the spark that the division needs? Only time will tell..we can at least scratch Sam Peter off the list.

  • Ivan “LatinoPorVida” Montiel

    LeftJab from the heavyweights you just mentioned I like Johnson, Povetkin and Arreola.

    David Haye well I guess we must see how he does against Barrett.

    Peter I don’t know why many thought he would be the next big thing?

    Once again I will say so what if Peter KO’d Jeremy Williams? After that really who did he beat? After beating Williams the only time Peter looked good was against Toney in their rematch. It was only a matter of time before Peter would lose once again.

    Now it’s both Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko who have exposed Peter’s! I guess Vitali learned from his brother how to fight and beat Peter.

  • Anonymous

    Look… Give the Brothers some cred! Just cuz they are big, caucasian, europeans don mean we have to discredit them… They are the best and deserve cred… Lennox Lewis retired after his brawl with Vitali and if not for the cut or if there was a rematch we all know(or at least should know) Lewis would of fallen… Just the facts kids… Lewis was one of the greatest hw’s of all time and Vitali was gonna dethrone him if he didn’t retire… The brothers got some skills for big men… bottom line. Great fight.

  • LeftJab

    I give both of the Klitschkos credit,especially Wlad,who has learned how to hide his glass jaw very well. That is what boxing is about..capitalising on the strengths and hiding the weaknesses. Still,I think the word “GREAT” is used much too often these days. While I think Lennox was a damn good fighter,I dont put him in the class of Ali or Holmes..no way. There is a big difference between real good and great. Lennox was a real good fighter but you stick him in the 70’s he would have been just another contender but in the 90’s and since..he is great compared to most of todays champions. In my book great fighters have to do more than have a good record or dominate a weak field. Peace fellas.

  • LeftJab

    As for who I cheer for..it has nothing to do with race,religion or nationality,it depends on style,talent and charisma. Peace.

  • LeftJab

    Johnson sure has the physical gifts,good handspeed and while he has been ripped for lack of power,I think he has a little more pop than most imagine. He has a great jab..now if he can develop a deadly right cross to go with it..watch out. Arreola has the come forward crowd pleasing style and has looked good thus far,still his defense is very suspect. I would not mind seeing a Johnson/Arreola matchup.

  • Ivan “LatinoPorVida” Montiel

    LeftJab love what you had to say, I agree with you 100%.

    As far as Lennox Lewis goes your right he was a good boxer not a great. Lennox Lewis would have been no match against Ali, Holmes, Liston, Foreman and even a prime Mike Tyson.

    Also in regards to Kevin Johnson I love his style, the man has a great jab. Your right he also has great hand speed for a heavyweight yet lacks some power.

    Arreola you got to love his style of fighting always coming forward, always looking for a knockout. Again your right Arreola needs to work more on his defense although I must say he can take a punch.

    I guess we shall see how Arreola does in his next fight against Travis “Freight Train” Walker. If Arreola can beat Walker maybe we will see both Arreola versus Johnson although I am not so sure since they are friends.

    I say why not have Kevin Johnson fight one Klitschko while Arreola fights the other brother!

    What you think about that LeftJab?

  • LeftJab

    That would be awesome Ivan! I think Arreola will have a tough time with Walker. Walker lacks stamina and has suspect defense as well so it should not lack fireworks. I think technically Arreola may be ahead of Walker,still,it should be a good one while it lasts. I cant see that one going the distance can you? Peace bro. Great comments Ivan. See ya around.