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Emanuel Augustus: Living the good life!

By Ace Freeman (23-Mar-2008)

Photo: Sandra Augustus

FF: FightFan.com here with fan favourite Emanuel Augustus. Emanuel what`s good?

EA: I’m just chillin down here in Australia man, doing my thing.

FF: You’ve been down there a while now man, is that a permanent move? Tell the fans how you ended up down under?

EA: I married a wonderful Australian girl and I’m living the good life. It’s a beautiful place down here in Sydney and I’m liking it a lot. I’m in the gym all the time and keeping in shape. I’ve got a regional title fight coming up on April 12.

FF: Where and when is the fight?

EA: Its set for April 12 in Wellington, New Zealand and is supposed to be for a regional title.

FF: You had that tune up fight that ended in a body shot KO recently, tell us about this next fight…

EA: I’m supposed to be fighting this dude from Africa named Badru Lusambya. He’s undefeated at 17-0 but all his fights have been in Uganda, so I don’t know too much about him. He’s got 16 knockouts in those 17 wins, so I know he’s a strong puncher. I’m just doing my best to be prepared and ready for anything.

FF: You`re pretty excited to be getting back in the ring?

EA: It’s not the big fight I want, but I’ve got to get through it to make something happen, so you best believe I’m focused on winning. I don’t know a lot about this guy, but I am a fighter who always adapts in the ring. I’ve had notice for this fight and I’ve been in the gym. I’m going to get in the ring and see what he does and adjust. That’s the kind of fighter I am.

FF: Tell us about your recent training and how you’re feeling?

EA: I’ve got a new team and it’s a perfect fit for me. It’s a great joint called Grechy’s Pound 4 Pound Gym and I’m working with the best trainer I’ve ever had, with the exception of my first trainer who’s passed on now. I feel great. We’ve been working towards fighting comfortably at 147 pounds, and I’m feeling strong. I’m just happy to be in the gym man. This is what I do, and for me to be able to continue boxing as a happily married guy living in this beautiful city… it feels good.

FF: Will you be back in the USA, or do you think you’ll be staying down there?

EA: Never say never. It really depends on what happens. If a TV or big money fight is available you best believe I’m on it. But for now life is good. I’m training for a fight and doing what I love. I’m just trying to get a few more fights in and hopefully get that big payday and then get out while I still have my wits about me.

FF: There’s been a lot of setbacks and hardships in your career, but are you still happy doing what you’re doing?

EA: I love boxing and I’m a true fighter. I can’t say how much longer I’ll be fighting, but I love being in the gym. Of course I’d like to get that big payday and get out still being able to speak properly, but boxing is in my blood. I like working with younger fighters and helping other fighters and I’m sure I’ll always be involved.

FF: Tell the fans about your current promoter.

EA: Man Sin City boxing is out of Vegas in the US and we’re hoping for big things in 2008. Nick Sampson and Macke Roberts have been real good to me and I hope we can make things happen this year. I just have to get ready to do my thing April 12 and beat this undefeated African dude. I’d love to be back fighting in the US on ESPN or something else that’s televised. I always look to give an exciting fight for the fans and hope I can still do that a few more times.

FF: You’re no stranger to going in there against undefeated fighters…

EA: I’ve been in there with all kinds of fighters, and I get a lot of these guys putting me in these fights just to lose. They give me no time to train and I’ve seen some bad bad judging, but this time I’m ready. I’m going to go in there and make adjustments and hopefully come out on top. The good thing about those regional titles is that if I get one that could lead to a bigger fight.

FF: Emanuel what do you want to say to all the fans out there who still ask about you and want to see you fight?

EA: Man I appreciate that so much. You have no idea. I’ve had rough luck with my record all through out my career, but the response by the fans still wanting to see me fight means a lot. More than you know. Please tell all the fans out there I love them and that their support means the world to me. I’m just down here doing my thing and trying to keep happy in life, and to have people looking out for me is a true blessing bro. I hope there’s more to come in terms of people getting to see me fight, and I’ll do my best.

FF: Fans are always emailing us about you, but now that we’ve redesigned FightFan.com, they can post comments to you right here at the bottom of this interview.
EA: They can?

FF: Yes sir.

EA: Hey everybody, how are you all doing?

FF: Emanuel thanks for taking the time man. Give me a call again soon and let me know what the deal is with the fight in April. If you can get anyone to send us some video or photos, the fans would love to see it.

EA: I’ll try, and thanks Ace I appreciate it man. Holler at all the fans for me.


Watch recent video of Emanuel in training:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VxHqYUI8kQ 400 330]


Floyd Mayweather & James Toney on Emanuel Augustus:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TLbrAYP_Fw 400 330]

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15 Responses to “Emanuel Augustus: Living the good life!”

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  1. Cronin19 Says:

    Finally! More Augustus video please.

    Sounds like Emanuel is doing good. Can we see this upcoming fight anywhere? Hook us up guys!


  2. Ithinktheylikeme Says:

    Hell yea, what up Emanuel! Everytime I see your fights and stuff on youtube I think of Ali “I’m dancin sucka! I’m dancin!

  3. Onekrazyrican Says:

    Emanuel! im glad youre doing fine! youve been an awesome warrior and have allready earned a lot of people’s respect. Thanks for all those great fights!

  4. Big dog status Says:

    lol gotta love that puppet dance

  5. Tanner Says:

    Emanuel is the definition of a fighter not getting enough credit.

  6. Bully969 Says:

    Emanuel Augustus your fight with Micky Ward was my faviorte fight of all time man!

    Get that guy in April man, I wanna see you back on TV!!!!

  7. AnewDay Says:

    Whats up Emanual! Do your thing bro. Much love!

  8. Travis@RGB.com Says:

    Sweet, I was wondering what he’s been up to.

    Glad to hear he’s fighting soon. I wish we could see it.

    Go Agustus!!!!!

  9. J_in_Cali Says:

    Congratulations on getting married, I wish you all the best.

    Watching the sparring clip, you’re looking sharp. What’s with the sparring without headgear? Be careful.
    Hope to see you in a big tv fight soon after you embarrass this dude from Uganda.

  10. Esther Says:

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments!!! I am Glad to see that you have fulfilled most of your dreams. I am happy that you have finally found Happiness in your life. Never give up…. God Bless YOU Always……… Brownsville, TX

  11. alex la rocca from australia Says:

    looking forward to seeing some of your fights against australia’s best. hopefully against rob medley or someone in that category

  12. emanuel augustus Says:

    i want to thank everyone out there for the kind words. i have been in deep training since the lost to omotoso about three months back. i have something to fight for and i need it like i need air to breath. i am known for giving it all that have even though i may look like i’m have fun(which i am) but i am getting kinda too old to keep playing around in the ring, so the next you see me and just about every time after that, i will be about my business.

    I want to take this time to thank all of the people that follow my career and look forward to me doing great things that will rival all of the things that i have done up until this point. I’m coming and won’t stop until i’m there… again THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!!

  13. ed Says:

    I have grown up watching boxing … without a doubt EA is my favorite. True fighter, somewhat of a boxing genius in my opinion.. His fight with mickey ward was one of the top 10 fights I have seen in my life. Props to EA and much much respect.

  14. Andrew Says:

    Really do wish to see this man fight again he’s got the most entertaining style in boxing I’ve ever seen…

  15. John Foster Says:

    Lamont Peterson’s recent win over Amir Khan reminded me of Emanuel Augustus style. I’m wondering if he caught the fight and what he thinks about it.

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